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Heavenly Spheres by Majnouna Heavenly Spheres :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 77 6 Egocentric System by nell-fallcard Egocentric System :iconnell-fallcard:nell-fallcard 121 10 20160103-Magical-Blue-Yarn-v25 by quasihedron 20160103-Magical-Blue-Yarn-v25 :iconquasihedron:quasihedron 16 20 Epicycles by Sersys Epicycles :iconsersys:Sersys 6 4 Geocentric Equestria by CogWeaver Geocentric Equestria :iconcogweaver:CogWeaver 13 3 The Geocentric Theory by Luigi1up The Geocentric Theory :iconluigi1up:Luigi1up 13 3 Middle Ages Solar System Model 2/3 - Detail shoot by Irwen Middle Ages Solar System Model 2/3 - Detail shoot :iconirwen:Irwen 3 0 Middle Ages Solar System Model 1/3 - Beauty shoot by Irwen Middle Ages Solar System Model 1/3 - Beauty shoot :iconirwen:Irwen 3 0 mirror symmetry by NaMaSatis mirror symmetry :iconnamasatis:NaMaSatis 2 0 CERTAIN-T shirt graphic by feadil CERTAIN-T shirt graphic :iconfeadil:feadil 0 0 Geocentric Theory by TheFaller Geocentric Theory :iconthefaller:TheFaller 1 6 Geocentric Theory by FlatColor Geocentric Theory :iconflatcolor:FlatColor 0 0 Luna Supermond EN by SmilodonKahn Luna Supermond EN :iconsmilodonkahn:SmilodonKahn 1 0
Geocentric System
Something in the air today
made me want to stay inside;
I can't put my finger on it
but it just seemed... impure,
to say the least. But I had
to go to work so I just
shrugged it off and left.
Everyone seemed to be feeling
the same way as I was. Every
single thing seemed lethargic,
begrudgingly removed from its
home to be forced into a hostile
world. But I shrugged again, drew
my scarf around me a little tighter
and went on.
Have you ever had one of those
days where everything seems to
be veiled with fog even though
the weather is perfect?
Work was the same as usual, and
this made me feel a little safer.
Seeing the belching smoke of the
factory and the sweating brows
of the workers actually calmed me,
you ask? In a sick way I suppose
it did.
But the air was not cleared: I guess
forgetting about it is not the solution,
I thought as I walked home. And then
I realized- I left my scarf and jacket
at work, and yet was not cold at all.
In the middle of January? How could
this be? I looked up
:icontomorrowcrusader:TomorrowCrusader 1 3
ellipse by NaMaSatis ellipse :iconnamasatis:NaMaSatis 0 0 Geocentric system by VitaZheltyakov Geocentric system :iconvitazheltyakov:VitaZheltyakov 0 0
Two Sides
Heliocentric, Geocentric, Egocentric,
It all blends together,
What you think becomes you,
So when I think of you do I become you?
When time runs out, it grows longer,
Just as the moon gains its place,
In the winter.
Hourglass losing sand.
Your faults, my strengths
no difference.
Regally we hold our heads high,
When the day and night hold no difference.
:iconkuonrada:Kuonrada 0 0
EarthSigns (lol) (hny) by NaMaSatis EarthSigns (lol) (hny) :iconnamasatis:NaMaSatis 0 0 3D Flat Earth Model by 3denvironmentmodels by 3denvironmentmodels 3D Flat Earth Model by 3denvironmentmodels :icon3denvironmentmodels:3denvironmentmodels 0 0 I Am Very Smart by dziadek1990 I Am Very Smart :icondziadek1990:dziadek1990 0 4 Negative Gains, Scott Richard 2013 by scottrichard Negative Gains, Scott Richard 2013 :iconscottrichard:scottrichard 0 0