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GENSO SUIKODEN by aribuwana GENSO SUIKODEN :iconaribuwana:aribuwana 583 108 Gensui : Rune of Life and Death by remocholy Gensui : Rune of Life and Death :iconremocholy:remocholy 500 24
See You Again | Genos
[Genos x Reader] 
The voice garnered Genos' attention; he turned around to find a young girl a few feet away, one arm slightly outstretched towards him as if she was afraid to continue any further. Her eyes, misty with tears, examined him as her lips formed a small, close-lip smile. 
"So it is you...." She muttered. 
Genos' eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Then suddenly - memories hitting him like a strong wave - he remembered her; remembered the days spent with her both at and away from school. They were good friends, possibly on the brink of some sort of relationship, until she moved to another city just weeks before the deranged cyborg came and destroyed their town. Genos was thankful she left before the attack, however at the same time he missed her badly. Although, as time moved on, and he devoted himself to training and killing the cyborg, he nearly forgot about her. 
"(name)...what are you doing here?" Genos mumbled as she jumped into his arms. Her sc
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