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Beach Kages by Wi-Fu Beach Kages :iconwi-fu:Wi-Fu 103 8 Mizukages by jimjimfuria1 Mizukages :iconjimjimfuria1:jimjimfuria1 27 5 All Kages by AkuretariJW All Kages :iconakuretarijw:AkuretariJW 29 1 Lotus Land Story by ALX-Z Lotus Land Story :iconalx-z:ALX-Z 337 78 Hoozuki Gengetsu by xlordragon Hoozuki Gengetsu :iconxlordragon:xlordragon 4 0 Anko Mitarashi Cosplay by Maspez Anko Mitarashi Cosplay :iconmaspez:Maspez 18 0 WSW- Gensokyo Daycare by TobiObito4ever WSW- Gensokyo Daycare :icontobiobito4ever:TobiObito4ever 42 8 Eastern Supreme Mizukai (E.S.Kai / 2nd Mizukage) by JMBfanart Eastern Supreme Mizukai (E.S.Kai / 2nd Mizukage) :iconjmbfanart:JMBfanart 78 38 The Inevitably Forbidden Game by LiliceKizokuChan The Inevitably Forbidden Game :iconlilicekizokuchan:LiliceKizokuChan 88 43 Gengemuu by Wi-Fu Gengemuu :iconwi-fu:Wi-Fu 53 17 Gengetsu's rape time by TPPR10 Gengetsu's rape time :icontppr10:TPPR10 11 6 Neji Hyuga Cosplay 2 by Maspez Neji Hyuga Cosplay 2 :iconmaspez:Maspez 5 0 kage summit by Wi-Fu kage summit :iconwi-fu:Wi-Fu 58 5 Pool Party Suiton by Wi-Fu Pool Party Suiton :iconwi-fu:Wi-Fu 103 14 Gengetsu by Reef1600 Gengetsu :iconreef1600:Reef1600 38 9 Neji Hyuga Cosplay (closeup) by Maspez Neji Hyuga Cosplay (closeup) :iconmaspez:Maspez 4 0 Forbidden Game by MoonyWitcher Forbidden Game :iconmoonywitcher:MoonyWitcher 14 1 [MMD] Doremy meets Gengetsu and Mugetsu by Totalheartsboy [MMD] Doremy meets Gengetsu and Mugetsu :icontotalheartsboy:Totalheartsboy 5 2 Second Mizukage Cosplay by Maspez Second Mizukage Cosplay :iconmaspez:Maspez 3 1 Collision Box by exfodes Collision Box :iconexfodes:exfodes 9 1 mugen by yandereoneechan mugen :iconyandereoneechan:yandereoneechan 4 0 Life in Touhou Meme~ by Airkey Life in Touhou Meme~ :iconairkey:Airkey 5 9 Lotus Land Story by TraditionalYoungMan Lotus Land Story :icontraditionalyoungman:TraditionalYoungMan 19 2 Happy Cirno Day 2017, I guess? by exfodes Happy Cirno Day 2017, I guess? :iconexfodes:exfodes 14 4 Mugetsu and Gengetsu by Abdul-Galaxia Mugetsu and Gengetsu :iconabdul-galaxia:Abdul-Galaxia 9 3 Mima's Current Location by exfodes Mima's Current Location :iconexfodes:exfodes 26 7 Custom Zanpakuto GenGetsu by DCravens1994 Custom Zanpakuto GenGetsu :icondcravens1994:DCravens1994 13 6
Anarchy Dimensions: Gengetsu Hozuki
Name: Gengetsu Hozuki the 2nd Mizukage
Series: Naruto
Music Theme: The Raising Fighting Spirit
Appearance: Gengetsu is Alive. (Not Edo Tensei)
Default Color: Sky Blue
Element: Water
Race: Human
Age: 35
Height: 6'1
Weight: 211 lbs
Killer Weapon: Water Style
Rampage Attack: 2
360 Degree Attack: Gengetsu slams his palm down and steam erupts around him.
Grab (Front): Gengetsu headbutts the foe so hard, they're head explodes.
Grab (Back): Gengetsu gives the foe a backdrop.
Ground Grab: 1
Meteor Strike: 1
Double-Team Taunt: Gengetsu shakes his head and shrugs before he and his partner attack.
Mutant Finisher: Gengetsu summons his giant clam and shoots a water shot through the mutant, gthe moisture is then sucked back in and makes them explode.
Helicopter Drone Slam: Powerbomb
Touchdown Slam: 2
Superstar Shot-Super Water Shotgun Jutsu: Gengetsu kicks up the ball and points a finger gun at it before charging a water bullet and firing it, launching the ball as a boiling water meteor that harms
:iconbestpony666:bestpony666 1 0
Mima's Confessional (PC-98 Era recap for A.P.) by WBLRevival Mima's Confessional (PC-98 Era recap for A.P.) :iconwblrevival:WBLRevival 11 10 Gengetsu Raep Time by exfodes Gengetsu Raep Time :iconexfodes:exfodes 7 1 Alice Must Die: Part 7.5: Patchouli's Report by WBLRevival Alice Must Die: Part 7.5: Patchouli's Report :iconwblrevival:WBLRevival 15 11 Touhou Life: Bullhammer Edition! by WBLRevival Touhou Life: Bullhammer Edition! :iconwblrevival:WBLRevival 2 13 Walfas: Why Characters Don't Appear Twice by exfodes Walfas: Why Characters Don't Appear Twice :iconexfodes:exfodes 17 4 Group pic XD by Frodse Group pic XD :iconfrodse:Frodse 150 103 Touhou Anime Face - Lotus Land Story by Okuu-chan-Reiuji Touhou Anime Face - Lotus Land Story :iconokuu-chan-reiuji:Okuu-chan-Reiuji 1 0
Game of Touhou- Chapter 30
Game of Touhou
Chapter 30
King's Landing was as disgusting as ever, and Miko couldn't help but feel like all her time spent in the foetid hovel of a city was nothing like worthwhile. Due to the Fujiwara scout party's incompetence, she had yet to find out if House Makai would require Hijiri reinforcements if Luna and Fujiwara were to attack them, and even worse, during this time, their supposed allies, House Moriya and their bannermen, had come under attack.
While Queen Eiki was a justice-driven fool, at the very least, she was taking the vulnerable position they were in seriously, something her own women couldn't claim to be doing. Seiga was merely chuckling at every misfortune that befell them, while Futo and Tojiko failed to comprehend why these setbacks were just that.
The Hijiris had joined the Houjuu forces, and Miko was painfully aware that their tactic of attacking in small parties would only delay the inevitable in the current sit
:iconduwee-davisii:Duwee-DavisII 3 7
TH4 - Gengetsu - CTC Styled Sprites by ABoringGuy64 TH4 - Gengetsu - CTC Styled Sprites :iconaboringguy64:ABoringGuy64 3 0 To die together by Himawari-no-Yuka To die together :iconhimawari-no-yuka:Himawari-no-Yuka 38 3 Mugetsu, Gengetsu by ManaManami Mugetsu, Gengetsu :iconmanamanami:ManaManami 52 17 CM - Catgirldstr11 by fjorgael CM - Catgirldstr11 :iconfjorgael:fjorgael 56 9 Muve by Wi-Fu Muve :iconwi-fu:Wi-Fu 47 5 Sloppy Kisses by Wi-Fu Sloppy Kisses :iconwi-fu:Wi-Fu 61 5 TC Carnation: Gengetu by Hanging-Hourai TC Carnation: Gengetu :iconhanging-hourai:Hanging-Hourai 21 12 Lotus Land Story by Dilaih Lotus Land Story :icondilaih:Dilaih 87 11 Character Sheet5 - Gengetsu by Frodse Character Sheet5 - Gengetsu :iconfrodse:Frodse 20 10 gengetsu by Meowiin gengetsu :iconmeowiin:Meowiin 19 0 Yokai Hijinks by megadrivesonic Yokai Hijinks :iconmegadrivesonic:megadrivesonic 28 15 PERNICIOUS triune by jackcrowder PERNICIOUS triune :iconjackcrowder:jackcrowder 19 6