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Gator park TG
Shadow was  doing his afternoon run through the city. He was getting tired, but saw no resting point in sight. “Awww man! I need a place to rest.” he said and keep running. Soon he reached a park. There were a few kids playing there. Most were boys and only about two or three were girls in the group of about thirty kids. It was hard to count for they were running all over the park playing. Shadow sat down on a bench  by the parka and watched them play while he rested.  He though it was a nice looking park, but something bugged him about it. Al over the place were these creepy looking wooden alligators or cockatiels. He sat there for about half an hour before he got up ready to star running again. Just as he was about to leave however, he heard a yell and when he looked at the park one of the kids were sitting on his knees crying as he held his crouch. Shadow ran over and looked at him for a second “Hay kid you ok!?” he asked. The Girl l
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Seeing Red
Seeing Red - Buford/Baljeet
Disclaimer: I do not own anything/anyone mentioned in this work of fiction
Prompt: 86. 'Seeing Red'
Rating: T
Length: 1080
Couple: Buford/Baljeet
86. Seeing Red

He was furious, livid, shaking with anger as he allowed the shattered remains of his new calculator to slip between his fingers.
The attack on his property had been completely unwarranted, but Buford couldn't help himself.
He loved to see Baljeet mad.
He wasn't sure why, to be honest. Perhaps because it was a side of the small Indian boy he rarely got to see, his usual retaliation was a meek whimper or feigned indifference. He had to work hard to get the boy angry, to get him to actually stick up for himself, but it was well worth the effort.
Anger looked good on the boy. It was a shame he resorted to it so little.
If he did, they'd probably be on even footing with one another. Baljeet, while not quite as intelligent as
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