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Obligatory Pokemon AU
((Oh c'mon you know I gotta do this one. I don't own Pokemon or TAL though, show your support for the webtoon on Naver to let Kang Im know you love it~!))

Maru fidgeted, scooting back as the two trainers turned their heads in synch to look at him. "Oi, Lang look! It's another trainer! You waiting in line for the shop to open too?" The blond haired one asked, grinning cheerfully with bright green eyes.
The brunette trainer shyly standing behind them nodded silently as the other twin looked him over with vibrant pink eyes. There was a long line of Pokemon Trainers currently standing outside the pokemart, as today was the day everything was said to be fully restocked. The twin trainers in front of him were both fairly built, wearing tastefully matching outfits that said they were definitely aggressive battlers in dark grey and light grey khaki shorts and dark red and dark green tank tops. The darker twin, however, had a long black glove on his left arm, and Maru could s
:iconforestchick501:forestchick501 2 9
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