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Happy Mother's Day by camilladerrico Happy Mother's Day :iconcamilladerrico:camilladerrico 349 17 Bonnie Bonnet by camilladerrico Bonnie Bonnet :iconcamilladerrico:camilladerrico 581 18 Polly by camilladerrico Polly :iconcamilladerrico:camilladerrico 273 14 Royal Jelly by camilladerrico Royal Jelly :iconcamilladerrico:camilladerrico 318 7 Solo Stings First by camilladerrico Solo Stings First :iconcamilladerrico:camilladerrico 154 6 Darth Mead by camilladerrico Darth Mead :iconcamilladerrico:camilladerrico 271 12 Galaxy Bee by camilladerrico Galaxy Bee :iconcamilladerrico:camilladerrico 224 8 Luke Skyflyer by camilladerrico Luke Skyflyer :iconcamilladerrico:camilladerrico 188 10 Merbee work in progress by camilladerrico Merbee work in progress :iconcamilladerrico:camilladerrico 106 4 The common Gardener by Bear-hybrid The common Gardener :iconbear-hybrid:Bear-hybrid 146 15 New Fuzzy Bees by camilladerrico New Fuzzy Bees :iconcamilladerrico:camilladerrico 147 2 BeeBee8 by camilladerrico BeeBee8 :iconcamilladerrico:camilladerrico 91 3 Meant to Bee by Queen-Kitty Meant to Bee :iconqueen-kitty:Queen-Kitty 34 14 Walking in starclan as heroes by RainbowBorealis Walking in starclan as heroes :iconrainbowborealis:RainbowBorealis 29 34 Bees on an Aster Flower by Arhythmia Bees on an Aster Flower :iconarhythmia:Arhythmia 7 0 Bee a Changeling by SinjaAussiaAngels Bee a Changeling :iconsinjaaussiaangels:SinjaAussiaAngels 19 2 Peach Fuzz by keitoghostie Peach Fuzz :iconkeitoghostie:keitoghostie 4 1
Speckledpaw's Assessment
Pacing pacing pacing. Speckledpaw paced back and forth in the training hollow, alone, and kept looking at the various trails that lead away from it. Where was she? She needed to be here! It didn't help that he was already nervous, his stomach feeling unsettled and queasy. Was he going to mess up? Was he going to fail? He wasn't very good at climbing trees, or hunting well, or even fighting. What if he got his ceremony held back? What if he NEVER became a warrior?
Whining a little, the white and grey tom sat down in the center of the hollow. He wrapped his tail around his paws- a habit he picked up from watching his father do it- and stared in the direction of camp. That was surely the way his mentor, Fuzzybee, would be coming from.
But what if she never came? What if she already thought of him unfit to be a warrior, and called the assessment off? Or maybe she told him to do it at another time, and he forgot. He forgot a lot of things. His memory wasn't that great. Maybe he was worrying
:icontimidcute:TimidCute 7 11
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