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Furry Girl  by Nando-Sky Furry Girl :iconnando-sky:Nando-Sky 15 1 Blitzy Re-draw by Blitzy-Arts Blitzy Re-draw :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 192 16 Cuddling by Blitzy-Arts Cuddling :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 126 22 Cuddling by Blitzy-Arts Cuddling :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 224 21 Kemono Chibi Red Husky Fursuit ~SOLD! by TwerkOnThatShark Kemono Chibi Red Husky Fursuit ~SOLD! :icontwerkonthatshark:TwerkOnThatShark 161 15 Kitchen fun by ForeverKnight Kitchen fun :iconforeverknight:ForeverKnight 238 54 Gumball being cute by Nikonah Gumball being cute :iconnikonah:Nikonah 74 17 Blitzy by Blitzy-Arts Blitzy :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 170 17 Blitzy Dakimakura by Blitzy-Arts Blitzy Dakimakura :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 658 60 Selfie Comparison by Blitzy-Arts Selfie Comparison :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 138 83 The Wedgie Straitjacket by Wedgie-Fox The Wedgie Straitjacket :iconwedgie-fox:Wedgie-Fox 54 35 I'm not what you truly think by ItsDaBlazeWolf I'm not what you truly think :iconitsdablazewolf:ItsDaBlazeWolf 33 48
Tales from TWG: Lets Get Wedgieing (Part 1)
It was early evening. The sun had just started to set over the vast cityscape. In a cafe near the city center a young fox sat typing away on his laptop; of course it was getting close to closing time and the fox wanted to make as much use of the free wifi as he could. The fox was dressed in a pair of tight black jeans and grey short sleeved t shirt with a yellow smiling emoji on the front.
The fox could see two furries about his age sat next to each other giggling with their backs to him at the table in front. At first the fox ignored them and carried on typing away on his laptop. Suddenly the fox was brought back up from his laptop screen as one of the two furries let out a loud fit of laughter.
“No way!” The furry shouted as the other one just kept giggling at the screen of his phone. “I never thought Jocks would be able to pull it off! The guys at least twice his size!”
“Looks like you’re down 700 bucks buddy!” His friend said as he put his
:iconwedgie-fox:Wedgie-Fox 22 11
Trainer Blitzy! Badge by Blitzy-Arts Trainer Blitzy! Badge :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 142 19 Goretober Day7 - Cyborg/Mechanical by Miz-Jynx Goretober Day7 - Cyborg/Mechanical :iconmiz-jynx:Miz-Jynx 125 5 Rocket Gets the Mother of All Wedgies!!! by Wedgie-Fox Rocket Gets the Mother of All Wedgies!!! :iconwedgie-fox:Wedgie-Fox 65 34 Killian Shows Tokky Who's Boss by Wedgie-Fox Killian Shows Tokky Who's Boss :iconwedgie-fox:Wedgie-Fox 63 33 Commission: Haze by Blitzy-Arts Commission: Haze :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 49 16 Spark's cuddle time by Flicker-Show Spark's cuddle time :iconflicker-show:Flicker-Show 61 38 Welcome to Highschool, Freshman! by Wedgie-Fox Welcome to Highschool, Freshman! :iconwedgie-fox:Wedgie-Fox 72 39 Iris by Blitzy-Arts Iris :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 103 13 'Random' Diaper Check by Wedgie-Fox 'Random' Diaper Check :iconwedgie-fox:Wedgie-Fox 31 19 S-Senpai.... by Blitzy-Arts S-Senpai.... :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 149 29 Cozy by Blitzy-Arts Cozy :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 80 15 What's the Worst that Could Happen? by Wedgie-Fox What's the Worst that Could Happen? :iconwedgie-fox:Wedgie-Fox 63 11 The Pantsing Projectile by Wedgie-Fox The Pantsing Projectile :iconwedgie-fox:Wedgie-Fox 63 21 Commission: Flirty Daisy by Blitzy-Arts Commission: Flirty Daisy :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 140 25 Halle the Horse Vore: It's a Horse eat Horse World by AfraArt Halle the Horse Vore: It's a Horse eat Horse World :iconafraart:AfraArt 38 24 Commission: PIZZA TIME!!! by Blitzy-Arts Commission: PIZZA TIME!!! :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 108 21 A furry meme by Pyeshii A furry meme :iconpyeshii:Pyeshii 4 8 Skidderz Poses by Wedgie-Fox Skidderz Poses :iconwedgie-fox:Wedgie-Fox 23 12 Blitzy Pinup by Blitzy-Arts Blitzy Pinup :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 332 33 Lulu by Blitzy-Arts Lulu :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 94 15 Bathroom Bullies by Wedgie-Fox Bathroom Bullies :iconwedgie-fox:Wedgie-Fox 72 268 Commission: Shawn by Blitzy-Arts Commission: Shawn :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 125 39 The cat in the hat wishes by Nikonah The cat in the hat wishes :iconnikonah:Nikonah 11 0 Lacey by Blitzy-Arts Lacey :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 106 28 Kayl 'Helps' His Little Brother by Wedgie-Fox Kayl 'Helps' His Little Brother :iconwedgie-fox:Wedgie-Fox 46 20 The Wedgie Gang Wager by Wedgie-Fox The Wedgie Gang Wager :iconwedgie-fox:Wedgie-Fox 71 37 Commission: Odyssey Wallpaper by Blitzy-Arts Commission: Odyssey Wallpaper :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 95 15 SNOW DOGGY DOGGO by ItsDaBlazeWolf SNOW DOGGY DOGGO :iconitsdablazewolf:ItsDaBlazeWolf 35 10 Watermelon doggosaurus  by LankyLunatic Watermelon doggosaurus :iconlankylunatic:LankyLunatic 5 3 Kurama and Akamaru by SeanOkami Kurama and Akamaru :iconseanokami:SeanOkami 6 0 Commission: Transformation by Blitzy-Arts Commission: Transformation :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 127 1 Voodoo Briefs by Wedgie-Fox Voodoo Briefs :iconwedgie-fox:Wedgie-Fox 45 13 Commission: Band Practice by Blitzy-Arts Commission: Band Practice :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 68 27 Zootopia Vore: Bellwether's Satisfing Victory by AfraArt Zootopia Vore: Bellwether's Satisfing Victory :iconafraart:AfraArt 85 103 It's Time For......NOOGIEEESSS!!!!! by Wedgie-Fox It's Time For......NOOGIEEESSS!!!!! :iconwedgie-fox:Wedgie-Fox 9 7 Ashton Sparx The Wolf by Umbracoon Ashton Sparx The Wolf :iconumbracoon:Umbracoon 4 3 Zach by Blitzy-Arts Zach :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 87 9