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Dark Knight Sandwich by Harseik Dark Knight Sandwich :iconharseik:Harseik 4,248 471 Gravity Falls: Distracted Dipper by Neodusk Gravity Falls: Distracted Dipper :iconneodusk:Neodusk 1,964 314 Kuroshitsuji--Death to Claude by xxx-TeddyBear-xxx Kuroshitsuji--Death to Claude :iconxxx-teddybear-xxx:xxx-TeddyBear-xxx 1,222 213 Loud House -Luna Teaches Leni by RecoverMagic Loud House -Luna Teaches Leni :iconrecovermagic:RecoverMagic 364 38 A Dangerous Combination by SilverSlinger A Dangerous Combination :iconsilverslinger:SilverSlinger 1,091 390
The Surfer and the Merman CH 1
        It was beautiful, sunny day in Cayucos, California. However, even the perfect weather couldn't improve the mood of one of the local residents as he gloomily walked across the sand. Surfboard in his hand, he stared out into the horizon, his natural blonde hair blowing in the wind. He then realized that he was the only person on the beach, which just made him feel worse. He felt so alone lately, ever since summer began. His parents had left him for a whole month to go visit relatives who lived a few states away. The poor surfer couldn't go with his parents because he had to take summer school classes.
       "Fucking Econ...." He grumbled to himself.
        The poor highschooler didn't even have any friends to help him with his loneliness. Besides his good looks and likeable personality, he was painfully shy and only had a few friends. And those few friends happened
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Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll by Jestersdream Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll :iconjestersdream:Jestersdream 514 78 Gravity Falls: The Class War by Neodusk Gravity Falls: The Class War :iconneodusk:Neodusk 915 121 Deathnote: Naughty or Nice? by ilovestrawberries Deathnote: Naughty or Nice? :iconilovestrawberries:ilovestrawberries 1,438 531
Gentle Persuasion - [AU] Levi x Aquaphobe!Reader
“Come on, [First], get your ass in the water,” came the irate voice of Levi, your easily angered boyfriend.
The two of you had currently been in your backyard, addressing the same problem you had been addressing for the majority of the year, now. That problem being…
You were extremely aquaphobic.
Showers were fine, taps were fine – baths were not, pools were not, the beach was not. You didn’t know what it was that terrified you so much about water—no, actually, that was a lie. You were entirely aware of what caused you to live in constant fear. You had almost drowned on your trip to the beach last year; you remembered the suffocating feeling of water filling your lungs. The waves were rough, and they were too strong for you to overpower. The pure terror that wracked your nerves was something that was constantly renewed whenever you so much as looked at a sink full of water.
You shook your head furiously at Levi’s demand. “No, no, I
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Team Sonic - Captions UPDATED by Aerobian-Angel Team Sonic - Captions UPDATED :iconaerobian-angel:Aerobian-Angel 1,530 637
SuperDate Animated Film :iconangelcrusher:AngelCrusher 671 606
Bad Ideas Are Bad by SilverSlinger Bad Ideas Are Bad :iconsilverslinger:SilverSlinger 1,127 239 h a p  p y . v a  l e n t i n e . S N 2 01 3 by usura-tonkachi h a p p y . v a l e n t i n e . S N 2 01 3 :iconusura-tonkachi:usura-tonkachi 412 76 House MD: House Dress Up Game by AquaticFishy House MD: House Dress Up Game :iconaquaticfishy:AquaticFishy 1,165 613 Give him a Pony by RomaniZ Give him a Pony :iconromaniz:RomaniZ 1,165 219 Merman x Surfer 4 by xxx-TeddyBear-xxx Merman x Surfer 4 :iconxxx-teddybear-xxx:xxx-TeddyBear-xxx 683 82 A Princess' Tears - Part 23 by MLP-Silver-Quill A Princess' Tears - Part 23 :iconmlp-silver-quill:MLP-Silver-Quill 733 302 It's the circle of life by IreneMartini It's the circle of life :iconirenemartini:IreneMartini 3,696 166 Prom by Pacthesis Prom :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 3,460 604 JL8, 20 by YaleStewart JL8, 20 :iconyalestewart:YaleStewart 559 50 Supernatural meets Slenderman 2 by xxx-TeddyBear-xxx Supernatural meets Slenderman 2 :iconxxx-teddybear-xxx:xxx-TeddyBear-xxx 358 43 Self Help II by jasinski Self Help II :iconjasinski:jasinski 1,178 66