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Gentle Touch (Alphonse Elric x Reader)
    Your coffee cup sat abandoned and dirty on the night stand. Black dregs of grounds smeared the insides, leaving some trace of the caffeine you had guzzled down. Your bed looked odd for two in the morning, seeing as if was untouched and uninhabited.
    Edward snored on in it's twin across the room, his metal arm glinting in the moonlight that streamed in the open window.
    "I'm not tired." You yawned, feeling yourself lean towards the cold comfort of his metal. "Quit telling me to go to bed."
    "You need some sleep." Al insisted with a faint smile in his voice. "I'll be fine by myself. I'm used to it."
    You voiced a mumbled complaint as you shifted further. Al knew that if he had a human body, he would be blushing blood red. You were practically snuggled against his side. He couldn't feel the wonderful experience, though he liked to imagine that he could.
    He paused, moving one large
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