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End The Hate (Gay Rights Poem)
I was walking with my husband,
During the month of May.
His name is Bobby,
And I'm Adam Galloway.
We were holding hands,
We were happy as can be;
And then we met a stranger,
And he said to me:
"Look here at the faggots!
You're ruining my path!
I hate you gay ass fuckers,
Now you'll feel my wrath!"
The man pulled out a gun,
He aimed it at my head;
Bobby jumped in front of me -
Poor Bobby is now dead.
I caught his falling body,
As the stranger ran away.
I lost the love of my life,
All because we're gay.
He risked his life for me,
For Adam Galloway.
His name is Bobby G.
He died for being gay...
I was eating with my wife,
We were on a date.
Her name is Sarah,
My name is Deven Kate.
We got kicked out for kissing,
So we approached our car;
And what we both had seen,
Was pretty bizzare.
Our tires had been popped,
Our windows had been smashed,
The back seat was on fire;
So we both had dashed.
We didn't get that far,
When a girl got in our way;
She said to us, "Now burn!
"We don'
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