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Safe With You (Makoto Tachibana x Reader)
    The sky rumbled with a haughty authority, the sheer power of the thunder making the ground shake. The sounds rolled in with each quick flash of red hot lightning that back lit the black clouds. Two shadowy figures fled down the streets of Iwatobi, holding each others hands as they tried to keep ahead of the rain.
    "It'll be quicker to go to my house." Makoto decided, glancing up at  street sign.
    You eagerly nodded at the chance to get out of this terrible weather. Fat drops of rain started to drip from the clouds, soon gathering in large silver sheets water. The roads seemed longer than usual in your miserable state. You both stumbled around in the blinding storm, trooping up the steep steps to Makoto's home. He somehow found his keys in his sopping bag  to let the both of you rush inside.
    "Thank goodness. I thought we were going to drown out there." You joked.
    The brunet flicked the
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Sweaters - Sosuke Yamazaki x Reader - Free!
{Name} huffed as she walked down the empty sidewalk. She wasn't to far from her boyfriends, Sosuke's dorm.
But at the moment she was freezing her ass off. She had decided to leave for Sosuke's right after school but not realizing how the temperature had dropped during the day. So, here she was. Walking down the cold street with nothing but her school uniform.
Which of course consisted of a simple plaid skirt sporting her school colors and a thin button up top.
"Stupid school.. Teeny tiny skirts.." She continued to mumble irritably under her breathe, until a certain building finally come into view. "Yes!" she picked up pace and made it to the door of the dorm building. Not before peaking in to make sure no teachers where in her way. After looking threw she stepped inside.
She could feel the warm air surround her. She let out a pleased sigh, yet she couldn't shake the faint cold she still felt. She walked up a few flights of stairs, lucky not seeing any other male students and finally ma
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[Bob] 20 Styles Challenge by Glamist [Bob] 20 Styles Challenge :iconglamist:Glamist 2,143 168
Submerged [Rin x Aquaphobic!Reader]
The water was his home. He moved. He lived. He rejuvinated from the boredom and burdens of everyday life. He unleashed his fullest potential, as if nothing could hold him back.
He only used the surface to receive the oxygen he needed to survive.
Regardless, he truly came alive submerged in the water.
After his fingertips brushed the porcelain walls, completing his final lap, he jolted his head from the water, filling the entirety of his lungs with a rewarding breath. His heart pounded the blood through his veins. His ears canals filled with water. But, the rush of energy could be compared to nothing else.
Well, almost nothing else.
Upon his finish, you clicked the stopwatch.
“You beat your record!” you said with a cheer, reaching your hand out to him.
He smirked, encircling your delicate wrist and greeting the chilly air, which triggered a prickling in his skin. After draping a towel over his built shoulders, you watched him rub the moisture off his face.
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'O-Officer?!' [Sousuke Yamazaki x Reader]
A/N: HAAAAY MY LOVELIES! A Sousuke Yamazaki one shot for you all! I really hope you guys enjoy this! (: Comments and favorites are highly appreciated! 
Walking out of the book store, holding onto the new cook book you had just purchased, you sighed with excitement. It’s been a while since you last cooked dinner. University had been making you live off of cup noodles and convenience store bento boxes for about 2 months. However, today, you get to cook dinner. But, this dinner you were creating wasn’t just for yourself. It was for your prince, your hero, a guy who saved you from a groper two days ago.
You smiled subconsciously to your.... fangirling thoughts of his appearance. His dark brown, blackish, short hair and fierce teal eyes. Oh, the moment your (eye colour), dazzling eyes locked into his sexy and manly ones instantly locked your heart into his. The thoughts of his strong, built arms, shielding around y
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Guilty Pleasure (Rin Matsuoka x Reader)
    You felt close to crying. It was unbelievably frustrating to look into her big maroon eyes and see his. You felt like a traitor. Your heart was so heavy with guilt, shame, anger, depression, you barely felt like leaving your room. You had done the one thing that girls swear to never do to each other under any circumstance.
    The ugly situation of the best friends brother.
    Gou already had a rough idea that you liked someone. It was to no surprise, the all male swim meets left the two of you almost constantly surrounded with boys. The chances of you finding someone handsome and sweet were pretty decent. Unfortunately, your heart had latched onto the one boy you promised not to touch. Rin Matsuoka.
    You wished you could join in on her gossip about who she'd dated or who she'd kissed, adding that your beloved Rin-chan was so cutely protective when you two went out on dates.  Or that he gave you a slow, deep kiss
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Love Bites (Rin Matsuoka x Reader)
“Oh my god Rin! I am so going to kill you” you growled as you looked in the mirror
“Just chill already, it’s almost gone” he sighed, lying on his bed and looking at his phone
“As if that was excuse, we both know you’ll just do it again as soon as this one leaves”
“So what? You love it” he smirked, not looking at you
“No I don’t!” you started, walking into his bedroom “do you know how many bottles of concealer I have used since we started dating? 5!”
“So don’t use so much!” he rolled his eyes
“What? Are you serious? I can’t go out like this!” you puffed, looking back into the mirror
“You take these way too seriously, no one would notice” Rin commented, finally raising an eyebrow to look at you
“Everyone would notice! You’re not that subtitle when it comes to your ‘art’” you mocked, ignoring the smirk he held
Rin got up an
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paparazzi by dreamxxdream paparazzi :icondreamxxdream:dreamxxdream 1,340 154 Free! Render by scamp3451 Free! Render :iconscamp3451:scamp3451 694 0 Swimming Boys by Daniimon Swimming Boys :icondaniimon:Daniimon 669 139
Jealous of What? :: {Makoto Tachibana x Reader}
Ever since you were little you had always been told that green was the color of jealousy but after having known Makoto Tachibana your whole life you weren’t to sure that could be true. When you looked into his green eyes all you could ever see was compassion and unrelenting concern for everyone but himself. In short, Makoto was the most selfless person you knew.
Even when the two of you were little Makoto would go out of his way to share anything he had with you, toys, books, movies, even sharing an ice cream cone or two. You smiled at the memories that invaded your mind your arms clutching the soft fabric of Sham-Sham. You were currently sprawled out on Makoto’s bed waiting for the male to hurry up with his shower so the two of you could meet the rest of the swim club downtown for dinner. You had forgotten how soft Sham-Sham was, Sham-Sham being Makoto’s incredibly large orca plush that he had since you guys were itty-bitty. Out of all the toys Makoto shared with you
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senpai [haruka nanase x reader]
You were probably the only one who fully understood him. His love. His passion. His motivation. All of those feelings, just for the water. The water was a part of his life. It was a part of your relationship. Haruka, you and the water. That's how it always was. That's how it would always be.
When he saw the water, his eyes gleamed. But when he saw you, his heart raced.
Like him, you loved the water as well. Not particularly swimming in it, but just the water in general. It was beautiful, crisp and clear. It reminded you of him. How it simply resembled his blank blue eyes. Whenever you looked into them, you could feel yourself falling deeper in love each passing second.
"What are you thinking about?" Haruka's faint voice broke away your thoughts.
Earlier, he had laid his head in your lap, letting you stroke the short locks of his black hair. You enjoyed the feel of his smooth hair and he enjoyed the caressing of your slender fingers. He shut his eyes midst the quiet solace in his room a
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I love you by Sakura-Rose12 I love you :iconsakura-rose12:Sakura-Rose12 934 41
(Rin Matsuoka x Reader) Manager
(A/N: TLDR: You're great at volleyball and swimming and you go to Iwatobi) 
"Eh?! Momo-kun, I attend Iwatobi, I cannot be a manager for a different team..." You sighed, face-palming at the ecstatic boy in front of you. 
"(F/N)-chan! Pleasepleasepleaseplease!!! I will buy you (favorite snack) every week! I want you to analyze the team with your superpowers!" He whined. 
"They're not superpowers! I just happen to be really good at analyzing and helping athletes..." You muttered. "Plus, I have volleyball practice, then swimming!!" 
"You can come after! Our swimming practice doesn't start till 5:30, and you get out of both practices practice at 5:15!" He smiled cheekily. 
"Damn you..." You rolled your eyes. "Fine! But you have to buy me (favorite snack) every week, and if you miss a week I quit!" You scoffed. 
"YEEEES!!!" Your annoyingly loud childhood friend screamed. "Let's go right now!" 
"Momo-kun, it's a Saturday morning..." 
"We have practice a
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Rin Matsuoka X Reader : T e e n y B i k i n i
“No.. Absolutely not. That is not going to happen!,” you complained, loud enough that the male on the other side of the changing room's curtain could hear you, as you stomp your feet in defiance. You stared at the enemy before you, hanging from a hook in the room. With your hands on your hips and a sigh escaping your lips, you eyed up the teeny bikini that your boyfriend had picked out for you. Footsteps drew nearer, stopping just outside the changing room, and you heard a familiar voice ring out.
“[Name], hurry it up! We don't have all day,” Rin's voice flowed into the small room you were currently occupying. You shushed him immediately, but groaned in defeat when you knew you weren't going to win this battle. Reluctantly, you pulled the bottoms of the bikini on, before tugging your top off and holding the skimpy bathing suit up to your chest. With a groan of detest, your arms dropped down, as you fiddled with the strings of the suit, trying to figure it out.
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Free! ~ (Pirate) Kisumi by Evil-usagi Free! ~ (Pirate) Kisumi :iconevil-usagi:Evil-usagi 1,298 21 Haru Doesn't Care by slave2F8 Haru Doesn't Care :iconslave2f8:slave2F8 981 128
A real date (Rin Matsuoka x Reader)
“I can’t believe this is happening!”
“Rin, calm down, you’re being overdramatic”
“Calm down?! How can you tell me to calm down when I just found out my little sister and my captain are DATING?”
You sighed in defeat. Earlier that day Rin called you over after hearing the rumors of the new couple. When you arrived at his dorm room he asked you to confirm them, and had been bickering about it for about half an hour now after you told him it was true. At first it was funny, seeing your maroon haired friend totally loosing his cool, but now you were tired.
“Rin! Get over it. There is nothing you can do now, it’s been going on for over a month”
“Oh no no, I have to stop this” he began, pacing around his room restlessly while you watched him from his bed “(Name) try to understand! This can’t happen”
“Why not?”
“Why?! Because… he’s older, and in college and she’s
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Morning Troubles [Haruka X Fem!Reader]
Haruka was very hard to pull out of a bath in the morning. It takes Makoto not that long to do so. But (L/N) (F/N)? It takes her forever. She doesn't know why but it just does.
"Haruka, get out of the bathtub." (F/N) scowled at the male who was currently in the bathtub. He didn't pay attention to what she said and simply continued sitting there, as if she wasn't there at all.
She exhaled loudly. "Fine. Don't listen to me." She wondered how she can get him out of the tub and make them, hopefully, not late for school. She looked at her watch. Only one hour left until school started.
She stared at the male who was still ignoring her. She kneeled down on the floor and sighed. "Haru, I'll do anything if you get out of the tub."
He looked at her. "Anything?"
She nodded. "Yeah. I don't want us to be late."
He nodded and got up from the tub, stepping out of it. "Okay."
He kneeled next to the (H/C) girl, thighs just about touching. She blushed. "H-Haru?" she squeaked.
Suddenly he kissed her, ma
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Fish for Free by Naschi Fish for Free :iconnaschi:Naschi 9,719 499 Free - The race by Tenshi-no-Hikari Free - The race :icontenshi-no-hikari:Tenshi-no-Hikari 1,742 124 Against the Rain by nakanoart Against the Rain :iconnakanoart:nakanoart 3,857 110
I Thought we were Friends! (Sosuke x Reader) 2/2
“Care to tell me how we jumped from just friends to full fledged lovers?” You snapped, raising your voice with each word.
“My mom…kept bugging me about getting a girlfriend.” Even while he was nervously averting his gaze, Sousuke still stood tall and proud as if he had done nothing wrong at all. His voice did not waver in the least as he continued his explanation. “Every time she called me it was the same question: ‘Sou-chan, did you get a girlfriend yet?’ and…don’t laugh at that.”
His tone dropped into a snarl while you covered your giggles.
“B-but Sou-chan! That sounds way too cute for a muscular brute like you! Ha!” You clutched your sides and laughed until tears sprung in your eyes. Annoyed city workers gave a nasty glare each time they passed you, but you couldn’t find it in yourself to care.
Sousuke’s shoulders eased up. Hearing your laughter had blown all of his uncertainty away. Now the on
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