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Hundreds of free art e-books
This was originally written by David J.C. Briggs on the forums. (The original post can be found here.) All credit goes to him for compiling this list, I'm just passing the word on.
The Internet Archive is a massive digital library that stores all sorts of material in the public domain, from music and movies to images, webpages and nearly three million books. All of this is open-source and available to the general public free of charge. The books documented below cover all sorts of subjects from different eras, from anatomy to portraiture, fashion to architecture, from the works of Leonardo Da Vinci to the letters of Vincent van Gogh.
And this is only scratching the surface! If you head over to the Archive and search for whatever subjects catches your interest most you can find much, much more. Just select "Texts" in the search box at the top of the page.
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How to ask for free requests (awareness and rant)
[Edit (7.16.15): It's been almost a year since I wrote this, and it's STILL gaining views, favorites, and comments wow! @ w @
OK well, I will be writing a TL;DR for this journal. Here goes:

Step 1 - Go to artist's page.
STEP 2 - CHECK TO SEE IF THE ARTIST TAKES REQUESTS. Can look for an art status box, FAQ box, or little note somewhere. Scroll down on this journal to find examples of what these look like. Yeah I had to provide examples, apparently :/ THIS PROCESS OF CHECKING/LOOKING ONLY TAKES 3-20 SECONDS so don't say you don't have time to check.
Step 3 - Note the artist if they're taking requests OR don't request if the artist isn't taking requests. SIMPLE. Please don't ask when artists don't want to be asked. It's annoying and shows that you don't care about the artist at all.
[Edit (8.10.14): Holyyyy moly I didn't expect this journal to get so many views, favorite, & comments! *^* It's an old journal to me now and I was just
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[CLOSED] Raffle (5600Points/CORE + Art GiveAway)
   Gold trophy First Prize                                 Silver Trophy Second Prize                                  Bronze Trophy Third Prize
- 1 Full Scene (Full body) drawn by me      - 1 Shaded detailed Full body drawn by me     - 2 Shaded sketched Full bodies drawn by me
- 4000Points  / 1 year of Core Logo (Blinking)         
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