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ANIMATION: 2P!talia by VIV-I ANIMATION: 2P!talia :iconviv-i:VIV-I 2,396 367 Gatcha by Sblourg Gatcha :iconsblourg:Sblourg 2,766 300 FFVII - That Money is for Marlene by Syrphin FFVII - That Money is for Marlene :iconsyrphin:Syrphin 345 53 Colossus by Syrphin Colossus :iconsyrphin:Syrphin 896 55 Madame de Hyrule by Yseulta Madame de Hyrule :iconyseulta:Yseulta 916 177 La Parade by Sblourg La Parade :iconsblourg:Sblourg 336 24
BTLG- Because He Cares -2p France x Reader
You felt a slight pressure on your arm. “Wha-?” Your [e/c] orbs flickered open as you saw a black cat pawing your face.
*Meow meeeeeow*
When you smiled and said, “Hey little kitty~” The cat’s head cocked to the side. “How are you, cutie?” The cat narrowed its eyes. Undeterred from this obvious sign of dislike, you sat up and reached out to pet it.
The cat hissed and screeched. *Reeeeooww!* Then in a blur of motion it scratched your hand. “OW!”
The cat leapt away from you but its mouth was contorted weirdly; like it was…smirking?
“Well thank you for the scratch you-you pussycat!!” The scratch immediately turned purple and rush of dizziness hit you like a ton of cement. “N-Nuh.”
‘Damn cat’ Your sitting position was wavering that you were now supporting yourself with your elbows. ‘Ugh w
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The Cloudgrabber by bosniak The Cloudgrabber :iconbosniak:bosniak 373 386 PAF by Sblourg PAF :iconsblourg:Sblourg 516 50
2P! France X Shy! Male! Reader - Don't Care.
*When the Reader says that the situation is 'wrong', I'm not saying that I see anything to do with homosexuals, bisexuals, pansexuals ect... is wrong. Otherwise I wouldn't be writing this fanfic. XD*
**Note: Shy! Male! Reader is shy so expect random stuttering, blushing ect. Also, try to use a character that looks and acts a little feminine. You'll see why**
***Also cause you're shy you wear hoodies cause I like hoodies. 'Nuff said.***
****  '___' = thinking  "___" = talking ****
You sighed and adjusted the straps on your (bag of choice), your books for the next lesson clutched to your chest. Your eyes wandered from locker to locker, searching for your number.
'108...109...110...111! There it is!' You put your bag down, fumbled with your keys for a few seconds before opening your locker...
..Only to be met by a huge wave of rose petals that put even the OHSHC to shame...After a few minutes of tunnelling (sp?) you managed to get out of the pile of petals, or rather yo
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