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France x Reader - Sleepy Affections
If there was one thing Francis Bonnefoy loved more than the world, it definitely had to be you.
And also the fact that you were just too cute when you got drowsy.
“You don’t have to stay awake with me, mon amour,” Francis spoke, his voice so gentle you could’ve sworn it was trying to coax you to sleep. “I’ll be finished with all this paperwork soon. Get some rest before me, oui?”
“But…” A yawn broke through your voice, effectively cutting off your sentence. “…I don’t want you to be lonely…”
His heart swelled at your words, a warm smile touching his lips as he chuckled. “Me? Lonely? With someone like you by my side? _____, just knowing that you love me is enough to chase those lonely feelings away.”
“Then… having me physically at your side must chase even more of those lonely feelings away… right?” you pointed out, your voice slowed fr
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L4D - Over the edge by IsisMasshiro L4D - Over the edge :iconisismasshiro:IsisMasshiro 4,541 1,008 PnF - It's a Flynn thing... by sam-ely-ember PnF - It's a Flynn thing... :iconsam-ely-ember:sam-ely-ember 1,124 206 PnF - It started somewhere... by sam-ely-ember PnF - It started somewhere... :iconsam-ely-ember:sam-ely-ember 988 231 How to defeat a Tank by BrokenTeapot How to defeat a Tank :iconbrokenteapot:BrokenTeapot 1,729 686 APH - Dysfunctional Family by mikokume-raie APH - Dysfunctional Family :iconmikokume-raie:mikokume-raie 2,283 231 I Must be the Only Father... by KicsterAsh I Must be the Only Father... :iconkicsterash:KicsterAsh 1,629 242
Hetalia x Reader - Accidental Confessions
Confessions are difficult. That’s a universal truth.
Maybe you can argue that you’re courageous or bold, and sure, that can help make confessions easier – but truth be told, there’s always that split second of panic as you anticipate their answer which can either bring you a sense of elation or send you into the comforts of your home, guzzling down your favorite ice cream with your broken heart keeping you company.
And so, confessions are difficult.
But when they’re unintentional
That’s different.
Whispered ‘I love you’s heard by the wrong ears, heartfelt letters that land into the recipient’s hands a bit too early… there are far too many ways for a confession to go wrong when someone does it by accident.
Although, it’s not so bad when you’re receiving a confession – albeit accidentally – from someone who adores you just as much as you adore them.
Especially when the confession is
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Francis the Mage by Kamirah Francis the Mage :iconkamirah:Kamirah 1,174 112
Shy!Reader x Hetalia - New Girl
You sighed. He was following you for the third time this week. You didn't know exactly who he was, but you did know that he and his twin brother were in most of your classes. He started whistling 'God Save the queen', which was weird because you knew he was American. 'Why would he be whistling my country's anthem?' you thought to yourself. You decided to figure out why. You spun around on your heel, causing your (h/c) hair to whip your face. He stopped whistling and stood still.
"Hi! The name's Alfred F. Jones, and I'm the hero!" his blue eyes glittered with excitement. He grinned like an idiot and continued, "You're in a couple of my classes, but I don't remember your name! What is it?"
"_-_____ ______," you whispered, barely audible. You tilted your head down so that your bangs covered up your blushing face. You've always been rather shy, and no one really talks to you much. You've naturally started bowing your head in shyness when people you're not close to try to have a conversatio
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APH - nice n slow by kuroneko3132 APH - nice n slow :iconkuroneko3132:kuroneko3132 3,236 941
Good Morning | Hetalia x Reader | Discontinued

       The cool evening air hung upon ____'s shoulders. She shivered, but continued to press forward, her sneakers gently tapping on the the sidewalk. Normally, she would avoid parties, her boyfriend typically didn't want to have anything to do with them. She could still remember how much he spited her party attitude. Honestly, it was innocent - she liked seeing her friends drunk. That was all she liked about them. Now that she and her boyfriend were broken up - she could go to all the parties, since she knew he wasn't going to be there. Fortunately, Alfred had actually invited her to his New Years' Party. They didn't really talk much at school, but they surely were friends. He was aware of what had happened too.
     That was good. No ex problems tonight.
     ____ approached the door of Alfred's hose. She gently rapped on it, holding her wrist tightly in her hand. Within the minute, the door had op
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Hetalia GermanyxReader - Stuck In a Box
"Ugh," groaned Gilbert as he downed the rest of his drink. "I'm so bored!"
"Well, this is your party, mon ami," chided his best friend Francis. "We should do something entertaining."
"Oh! I know!" said Gilbert's other best friend, Antonio. "Let's play Hide-and-Seek!"
"Good idea!" Gilbert climbed onto a tabletop. "Everybody! I've got a cure for all of your boredom! We'll play Hide-and-Seek!"
_____, hearing her friend's announcement, put down her drink and smiled. "That sounds like fun!"
"Seriously?" said her boyfriend, Ludwig, with a raised eyebrow. "Games are for kleine Kinder."
"C'mon, Luddy!" _____ took his hand, making him blush. "We all need to take time to play. Loosen up!"
Ludwig sighed. He could never say no to her. "Alright, schatz. I'll play one game."
_____ pumped her fist in the air. "Yes! Hey, Gil! Luddy and I'll play!"
"Awesome! Alright, peeps! You go hide! Toni, Francis, and I'll be it! Go!" And with that, the Bad Touch Trio turned around, covered their eyes
:iconravens-of-rome:Ravens-of-Rome 987 218
Bad Touch Trio X Reader - Hot Summer Day
BAD TOUCH TRIO X READER – Hot summer day.
''It's just too hot…'' You complained.
You and your friends, Gilbert, Antonio and Francis were lying in the garden of Antonio's house. It was summer and freaking 35°C without any wind. Even in the shadow of the big tree you were lying under it was still too hot.
''I'm gonna die…'' Gilbert moaned.
''Maybe if we all get rid of these clothes it'll be cooler, honhon.'' Francis grinned.
''No way, you pervert!''
''Good idea Francis, _____, you do it first.'' Gilbert said with a smirk.
''Seriously guys, sometimes you really are perverts…'' You said as you wiped the sweat off your face.
''Leave ____ alone guys.'' Antonio chuckled. ''Though I'm not denying it's a good idea.''
You sat up and threw your shoe at him, which made him laugh even more.
''I'll get some water.'' Gilbert said as he stood up and went into the house.
You laid down again and stared at the leaves of the tree above you.
''Ah… I wish we could do this more
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APH - the Sex Poll by Daciah APH - the Sex Poll :icondaciah:Daciah 1,302 755 NO GLASSES by Cioccolatodorima NO GLASSES :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 3,065 305 Pirates Of Axis Hetalia by RoxanTrinity Pirates Of Axis Hetalia :iconroxantrinity:RoxanTrinity 3,076 553 APH-Familia numerosa- by vtophya APH-Familia numerosa- :iconvtophya:vtophya 5,875 1,015
Switzerland X Reader (England's little sister)
You smiled as you say down beside your two best friends, Lily (Lichtenstein) and her older brother Vash (Switzerland). Currently the three of you were doing like you did everyday at Hetalia High, sitting together at lunch and just having a great time, well you were that is until your older brother Arthur (England) came and snatched you up and away from the table earning a dirty look from Vash and a terrified one from Lily.
"What have I bloody told you about talking to that bloody frog's cousin?" Arthur asked clearly annoyed that you were with his 'mortal enemy's' family.
"Vash and Lily are my best friends and besides, they don't claim Francis (France) much anyways," you said giving him a dirty look yourself. "Therefore you shouldn't have a bloody problem with my choice in friends, at least my friends don't try and strip me any chance they get."
"That bloody frog is NOT my friend!" Arthur almost yelled and you sighed growing annoyed and tired o
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Superkusokao's L4D Meme by SuperKusoKao Superkusokao's L4D Meme :iconsuperkusokao:SuperKusoKao 850 665 Hetalia: France Versus the 2Ps by ExclusivelyHetalia Hetalia: France Versus the 2Ps :iconexclusivelyhetalia:ExclusivelyHetalia 858 110 Gift: I still love you... by sam-ely-ember Gift: I still love you... :iconsam-ely-ember:sam-ely-ember 779 74