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Morning Struggles by HillaryWhiteRabbit Morning Struggles :iconhillarywhiterabbit:HillaryWhiteRabbit 143 5 :: Red+Blue by UwPP :: Red+Blue :iconuwpp:UwPP 17 4 Gorillaz Christmas-Contest by Chuutan Gorillaz Christmas-Contest :iconchuutan:Chuutan 11 21 PMA :: Power Pair Beatdown! by Wiree PMA :: Power Pair Beatdown! :iconwiree:Wiree 7 2 Alsleep by TurboNarwhal Alsleep :iconturbonarwhal:TurboNarwhal 3 0 Mood - Forever tired.  by marikuroro Mood - Forever tired. :iconmarikuroro:marikuroro 1 0
Chapter One
Yuri's Point of View and reflection
    People would be lying if they said they didn't have regrets. They commit crimes against each other.. Hurt each other.. Hurt themselves. I, myself, have regrets. I regretted being unable to protect a man I loved so dearly.. My husband.. He was an Alchemist like I am. He was really gifted with it. Our children loved him so dearly. Our home town was small but we were all so close. It was a wonderful place filled with the laughter of children. Not anymore. The town was raided by individuals who hated both Alchemy and Ishvalans. I'm only half while my children are just quarter Ishvalan. They destroyed all that we had, killing the majority of the people there. At the time, I was just a mere housewife who couldn't do anything. That didn't stop me from trying to protect my precious girls. Gwen was able to hide, but the youngest was too scared to move. I snatched little Hina in my arms
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even ghosts get tired and go home by vampire-moon-101 even ghosts get tired and go home :iconvampire-moon-101:vampire-moon-101 2 2 Blue haired girl  by marikuroro Blue haired girl :iconmarikuroro:marikuroro 2 0 Tierd of the shadows by drawfreak-j Tierd of the shadows :icondrawfreak-j:drawfreak-j 3 2 Honoo - whateveryoumacallit by JadedFomicry Honoo - whateveryoumacallit :iconjadedfomicry:JadedFomicry 0 0 Ushanka by knightmaredesign Ushanka :iconknightmaredesign:knightmaredesign 0 0 soft by coffaefox soft :iconcoffaefox:coffaefox 39 1 I will wait forever by kittara-jaganshi I will wait forever :iconkittara-jaganshi:kittara-jaganshi 0 0 Forever Tired by BAMFmaaaan Forever Tired :iconbamfmaaaan:BAMFmaaaan 1 0 HPM-- Secret Santa 2014 by KittenTrash HPM-- Secret Santa 2014 :iconkittentrash:KittenTrash 3 2
An Actual Dream Part 1
I awoke after an impact. How I got here I am unaware. I can't remember anything leading to this moment. But I'm here...wherever "here" is. The air is dry and warm. The land is dry. The sky has a cloudy and red tint to it. This place looks like a wasteland. As I start to walk I can't help but feel I may be in some form of danger. I continue to move through the deserted plains of this place, wondering to myself if I will find any life. Then again, I may not want to find anything alive here.
I'm not sure how long I've been walking but it feels like forever. I have no water, no food. Only an arid atmosphere, hard ground, and tired feet. the distance I see buildings. A city, perhaps? I force my legs to keep moving, despite the soreness and exhaustion coursing through my body. It is only out of desperation to find sustenance that I keep going.
I make my way into what used to be a city. This place is completely deserted. The buildings are barely standing, worn away by time. The tree
:iconspecwolf:SpecWolf 1 0
I felt the world was broken,
as I watched the bleeding skies,
where darkness had awoken,
and the wanderer now lies,
i turned my back on my friends,
i just needed to get out,
i wouldn't watch my world end,
but who's laughing at who now?
But this silent aftermath,
on an icy frozen plain,
broken from my bitter wrath,
I lay as a wounded stain,
i'm really trying to think,
happens inevitably,
my world is starting to shrink,
falling from reality,
And yet there is some release,
hidden in the dark of night,
folded in a papers crease,
bathing in the verdant light,
a letter from you arrives,
i savor these such moments,
love the stories of our lives,
this beautifully wrapped present,
It isn't the words you wrote,
or even how you wrote them,
just the fact there was a note,
flowers needn't have a stem,
it's beautifully sincere,
i believe every word,
just because you're not right here,
your fair voice can still be heard,
So now I'll sleep silently,
calm, adrift in outerspace,
where horrors fade dream
:iconthat-one-other-dude:That-one-other-dude 5 15
My arm barely lifts
To lay my head down, I wish
To sleep, forever
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