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Ben 10 AF: Forever Knight ... by tnperkins Ben 10 AF: Forever Knight ... :icontnperkins:tnperkins 196 35 Pg 5 chap2 Terms of Endearment by ForeverKnight Pg 5 chap2 Terms of Endearment :iconforeverknight:ForeverKnight 85 64 Page12Chap2 Terms of Endearment by ForeverKnight Page12Chap2 Terms of Endearment :iconforeverknight:ForeverKnight 50 25 I'm waiting for you... by Patritxe I'm waiting for you... :iconpatritxe:Patritxe 151 117 Sasusaku 4EVER by Patritxe Sasusaku 4EVER :iconpatritxe:Patritxe 286 67 No Matter What You Are by JacieNL No Matter What You Are :iconjacienl:JacieNL 75 5 Japan style Forever Knights by 4eknight11 Japan style Forever Knights :icon4eknight11:4eknight11 51 16 Toilet Paper by ForeverKnight Toilet Paper :iconforeverknight:ForeverKnight 55 72 Anode - Anodite Nobody by DivineROAR Anode - Anodite Nobody :icondivineroar:DivineROAR 53 16
He's A Vampire: Nick Knight
He was brought across in 1228
When he met a man who's name was LaCroix
He was brought in by a girl named Janette who gave him the thought of eternal life
Now years have gone by and he's a good guy and would like Natalie to be his wife
But the curse that he fears brings her tears as she stares cause they cannot be together or she will die
And he knows it
His thirst for blood overpowers their love and the Raven is the only place for him to hide, him to hide, cause he's still alive
He's been here, for a long time, undead and sleeping in the day
And at night, he awakens, and the cross that you bare makes him run away.
He's, he's, he's a vampire
All seemed very well, Toronto was peaceful
But then Schanke got killed, and Nick was very sad
So he went in his car, and he drove very far, listening to the Night Crawler on the radio
And Schanke was replaced by this girl they called "Trace" and Vaschon was the new vampire in town
And, hey, did you see the one that was fun with Janette becoming huma
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Natalie Lambert by VerityLaCroix Natalie Lambert :iconveritylacroix:VerityLaCroix 10 6 A Mortal Future? by Anukk A Mortal Future? :iconanukk:Anukk 13 7 A Lucard by dashinvaine A Lucard :icondashinvaine:dashinvaine 12 8 Forever Janette cover by Zal001 Forever Janette cover :iconzal001:Zal001 7 4 Forever Kute: Dark Knight: 1 by silvereelve Forever Kute: Dark Knight: 1 :iconsilvereelve:silvereelve 6 2 Ben 10: Enoch by ttcptsfan Ben 10: Enoch :iconttcptsfan:ttcptsfan 6 0 Divia Two -  Kathryn Long by VerityLaCroix Divia Two - Kathryn Long :iconveritylacroix:VerityLaCroix 7 18 Janette by Chrishankhah Janette :iconchrishankhah:Chrishankhah 10 14 x_. L o v e r s ._+ by ThereIsNoCure4Me x_. L o v e r s ._+ :iconthereisnocure4me:ThereIsNoCure4Me 50 78 Take Me To Your Heart by JacieNL Take Me To Your Heart :iconjacienl:JacieNL 36 4
For Mikey -part2
Hours had passed when Michelle finally found her way to the police station indicated on the card the detective had given her. The building loomed overhead looking more menacing than a place of good. She mused that it looked more like an antiquated library than a police station before  finally climbing a few steps to gain entrance. Inside was a torrent of activity. 'Ok not a library.' she thought. There were officers everywhere and bright florescent lights that flickered obnoxiously. She could hear the scrape of chairs being pushed back and papers fluttering all around her. Occasionally she picked up the threads of a conversation and  seemed almost overwhelmed by the endless chatter. She didn't want to be here. Something about the whole thing was giving her the creeps. But she had to do it, for Mikey. She stopped at the nearest officer.
"Excuse me, can you tell me where I can find a detective..." she stopped retrieving the card and reading the name found on it. "Dete
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Ascalon Prototype by ArtemisPrimal Ascalon Prototype :iconartemisprimal:ArtemisPrimal 8 0