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He's A Vampire: Nick Knight
He was brought across in 1228
When he met a man who's name was LaCroix
He was brought in by a girl named Janette who gave him the thought of eternal life
Now years have gone by and he's a good guy and would like Natalie to be his wife
But the curse that he fears brings her tears as she stares cause they cannot be together or she will die
And he knows it
His thirst for blood overpowers their love and the Raven is the only place for him to hide, him to hide, cause he's still alive
He's been here, for a long time, undead and sleeping in the day
And at night, he awakens, and the cross that you bare makes him run away.
He's, he's, he's a vampire
All seemed very well, Toronto was peaceful
But then Schanke got killed, and Nick was very sad
So he went in his car, and he drove very far, listening to the Night Crawler on the radio
And Schanke was replaced by this girl they called "Trace" and Vaschon was the new vampire in town
And, hey, did you see the one that was fun with Janette becoming huma
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Forever Knight Senryus
The night club, Raven
Music pulses from inside
Denizens of the night
Nick and Natalie
Detective and coroner
Divided lovers
Fangs bared, eyes golden
Lacroix in a bad temper
Poor Nicholas Knight
Radio station
Listen to the Nightcrawler
Lacroix’s monologues
Nick and Natalie
Vampire and a mortal
Divided lovers
The sun over Toronto
Caught in the open
Quick! Into the trunk!
Whispering voices
An endless, aching desire
Oh, the hunger!
Nick, a vampire
Eight hundred years of roaming
Searching for a cure
:iconfirestorm-the-poet:Firestorm-the-Poet 3 0
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