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Reborn: A Special Story for a Special Friend (ABDL
Joe had just gotten offline after talking to some of his friends there. They were really some of the only friends he had, outside of a few at school. He was quite tired that night and wanted to get some sleep. Not that he had anything to look forward to the following day. Tomorrow was his birthday, but his family didn’t have the financial means to have a proper party for him. This year, he wouldn’t even be getting any presents. It was almost like they didn’t even acknowledge his date of birth to begin with. His birthday was one of the loneliest days of his experience. The most he would be getting for his birthday at that point was some gift artworks from his friends at DeviantArt, which was always a very nice gesture, and he always appreciated it very much, treating those artworks like they were real presents. But as nice as they were, and as happy as he was with them, deep down in his heart, he had always longed for something more. Something much, much more, fulfilli
:iconshaneysqueeboy:ShaneySqueeBoy 56 149
Falling for a Friend
I have a confession that I just have to make
If I do not say it, I fear I'll go insane.
I have a feeling that I cannot fight
It is eating at my insides
It is playing with my mind.
I really have to say this
Because you have a right to know
I feel this friendship is growing
Into the unknown.
I'm feeling something different
That I wish I knew.
I never knew I could feel this way
And feel this way for you.
I hope you don't get angry
I hope you don't get mad
Because I don't want to lose you
Forever I'd be sad.
I just wanted to let you know
This feeling that continues to grow
That I'm falling for you
Into this world called love.
I hope you aren't upset with me
Because I don't want to lose a friend
But I have this other feeling
Like I would never feel this way again.
So tell me what you are thinking
Yes, I know I'm scared.
But maybe if we hold on together
We can find a love to share.
So tell me what is going on
In that mind of yours
Because I don't want to drive myself crazy
Dancing on the sho
:icondoorfromheaven:doorfromheaven 51 16
For a Friend
I haven't been the best friend
But I hope I haven't been the worst
I hope that you'll remember me
Even when all we know is gone
You'll always be in my mind
I'll never forget all the paths you helped me find
Please forgive my past mistakes
And I'll remember you had none
No matter where you are you'll be here
I'll never forget you, nor your tears
I'll always help you if you only ever asked
No matter how weak you think you are
In my mind you're always stronger
Even if you can't hold on or fight much longer
Then just stay to hear me say my last goodbye
I can't blame you for anything
Please don't have any regrets
You're life is your own to live
But I ask you live it well
I'll always remember the stories you'd tell
But I have one last thing to say
Before I say goodbye
I have to tell you that I love you
Like only a best friend could
So please remember that about me
I hope you give life another chance
Before you think death is what's coming next
Life sucks
That's the way it goes
But sometimes
:iconstuff7:stuff7 47 33
The Mooneater by Sunima The Mooneater :iconsunima:Sunima 312 116 Lay Down by BrokeNL Lay Down :iconbrokenl:BrokeNL 850 67 Yeeessss, Master. by ThisTeaIsTooSweet Yeeessss, Master. :iconthisteaistoosweet:ThisTeaIsTooSweet 504 125
I will listen even when you're silent.
When you told me you dream of silver
I thought you meant mercury,
how to change your life or open your mouth,
talk to people and let them learn to breathe you
because you are so much more than just a sigh.
When you told me you dream of heaven
I thought you meant clouds,
learning how to fly or fall without breaking at the bottom,
swim in vapor and keep from dissolving
because you are far too sublime to ever truly despair.
When you told me you dream of oceans
I thought you meant horizons,
how to close your eyes and watch the sun set in orange,
see people for who they are and love them for everything
because you care more deeply than anyone will ever know.
It's not your fault you see the world with shadow eyes;
it's not your fault your eyes are so deep everyone
thinks they're black;
you've seen more than anyone should ever have to
and you still keep feeling anyway.
There's a price to pay for knowledge
but it's priceless to know you.
When you dream of silver
you mean the stench of chemical
:iconthe-parallelist:the-parallelist 12 2
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My prayer for a brother
This prayer is for a friend in need...
Oh dear father please hear my plead!
His heart brakes, his soul shakes, and his pain is very much awake.
He longs for the truth, but knows not what to do.
First i ask you, guide him father.
Show him that you will not let go.
For it was you who died for his very soul.
He needs a Friend by his side, show him it is on you he can rely.
That you loved him so much that you would lay down your life.
Let him know there is no need to be shocked, You know it all,beginning to end, every last drop!
You hold his heart within your grasp, Holding tight to what evil wishes to posses.
Even though some evil will touch his mind, it will only be so he will find, the father who freed his soul from it's crimes.
To strengthen what you want to see, sore high through the skies beyond what mere man alone can't be.
Remind him that when this pain begins to hurt Beyond belief. You will squeeze tightly to give him relief.
So father... Guide this broken brother.
For it hurts me
:iconthaddman:thaddman 14 19
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To a friend
Fighting, losing,
You feel the world falling around you.
Everyone gangs up to bring you down.
Crying, feeling weak.
Not knowing,
how amazing you are.
Strength radiating from every pore.
Brilliance flowing in every word.
Beauty glowing around you.
Everyone sees it.
But you are blind.
Blind to the wonders you bring to life.
Blind to the smile you put on their faces.
Blind to just how much life would dim without you.
Pain has clouded your vision.
Making you think,
we would be fine without you.
But in reality,
we couldn't possibly survive.
Pull through,
remember the pain eventually fade.
But any scar you allow to form,
will last forever.
:iconprince-poison:Prince-Poison 14 11
Avatar: Desperate Search by Mattierial Avatar: Desperate Search :iconmattierial:Mattierial 98 57 incredibly sexy and thrilling by GoddessTina incredibly sexy and thrilling :icongoddesstina:GoddessTina 101 25 Blue Ice by Endber Blue Ice :iconendber:Endber 90 14 Tattoo Design by Inchukalns Tattoo Design :iconinchukalns:Inchukalns 128 17 Anything for a friend by c-plaus Anything for a friend :iconc-plaus:c-plaus 216 94 Sweet Hearts by ZeldAlice Sweet Hearts :iconzeldalice:ZeldAlice 131 46
For A Friend
Consumed by hate,
Blinded by fear,
You're dying inside,
I can feel you,
You act so tough,
But I see right through you,
I hear you crying inside,
I see the rage in your mind,
I could help you,
But you wont let me,
Your thoughts are consuming you,
You're going insane,
You're lost to me now,
Overcome by your pain,
Tempted by death,
You can't see the light,
I wanted to help you,
I put up a fight,
But I couldn't save you,
No, not this time,
I saw right through you,
I knew you weren't "fine",
The darkness has finally consumed you
:iconhi-im-a-sick-fuck:Hi-Im-A-Sick-Fuck 9 1
Love steals us from loneliness by XxMortanixX Love steals us from loneliness :iconxxmortanixx:XxMortanixX 131 77
A friendly message~
I may be just a little boulder
But if you cry then here's my shoulder
I will listen to you and hold you tight
And even do this in the darkest night
I'll be there whenever you need me
Just call and soon you will see me
And I don't need anything in return
Seeing you smile is everything I earn
So smile for me my dearest friend
Smile for all the time we will spend
Be a star and glitter in the sky
And now spread your wings and start to fly
:iconfluffyandsweet:FluffyAndSweet 10 26
goin down to the forest by Rockafiller goin down to the forest :iconrockafiller:Rockafiller 72 28 SPiDER by atmosblue SPiDER :iconatmosblue:atmosblue 234 50 Blob Kitties by HGPainter Blob Kitties :iconhgpainter:HGPainter 115 42
for a friend.
i said i loved you and i didn't want
want what they want
i don't
don't want what they want
boy, is it all you can do?
to keep yourself together
is it all you can do?
to feel alive
late at night i feel you
pouring yourself
but please keep
a word or two inside
because late at night
when you don't think we're listening
we die too
we cry too
i'd do anything i could
to kiss each tear away
and i won't go near your lips
because it's more than that
it's more than that second where
you wanted
i don't
we won't
we don't
give me your hand
and trust me
because the miles break
us at times
but this is love
and this is real
be broken,
but heal.
:iconthatgirlangel:thatgirlangel 12 8
[G]Phoenix by aignavus [G]Phoenix :iconaignavus:aignavus 124 17 Your History Is Mine by Batty-Phoenix Your History Is Mine :iconbatty-phoenix:Batty-Phoenix 18 13 ~ New Team by Anna-Pendleton ~ New Team :iconanna-pendleton:Anna-Pendleton 59 23 Funeral for a friend by visceralNL Funeral for a friend :iconvisceralnl:visceralNL 41 22 Incarnation by Pareogo Incarnation :iconpareogo:Pareogo 35 29 11 : Free:D by BrokeNL 11 : Free:D :iconbrokenl:BrokeNL 31 18 ActionKiddy's ALL STAR Heroes by MOMOpJonny ActionKiddy's ALL STAR Heroes :iconmomopjonny:MOMOpJonny 42 21
Please Smile
I've watched you from afar, the sweetest person I've known.
I've wanted to see you smile for so long, something to treasure.
I've waited to see that happen, yet nothing comes of it.
I've seen you suffer for too long, drowning in broken thoughts.
I've dreamed of healing your wounds, patching the holes in your soul.
I've hoped to create something beautiful with you, something we could cherish forever.
I will be there for you, no matter what others say.
I am not going to let you hurt anymore, never to suffer again.
I'll save you from despair, your light in the darkness.
I would give my soul to save yours.
I would shatter the sky itself to heal you.
I would do anything to see you smile.
Your body is a vessel.
Your heart is an engine.
Your soul is a spark.
I'll be your sun in the storm.
I'll be your fire in the eternal black.
I'll be your hope in the void of pain.
I'll spend eternity to make you smile, just once.
I'll do anything to see it.
Please Smile.
For Me.
:icontheglassemperor:TheGlassEmperor 11 9
With or Without You by Ardail With or Without You :iconardail:Ardail 104 58 .+ChibiNeZz+. by bLuPpErYpUp .+ChibiNeZz+. :iconblupperypup:bLuPpErYpUp 57 27