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Cleartext for Rainmeter [v5.2 | 13/Feb/2019] by Redsaph Cleartext for Rainmeter [v5.2 | 13/Feb/2019] :iconredsaph:Redsaph 946 1,512 Rainmeter - Encoded v1.2.3 by lilshizzy Rainmeter - Encoded v1.2.3 :iconlilshizzy:lilshizzy 1,823 321 Comfortaa - font by aajohan Comfortaa - font :iconaajohan:aajohan 3,888 1,116
dA Guide: Text Formatting
This is just a quick text formatting guide for dA. My goal was to make a simple html guide for easy reference.  Please PAY ATTENTION to where the codes WILL and WILL NOT work!  (Certain codes won't work in comments and deviation descriptions, no matter how hard you try.)  :'D
I provided "working examples," which might make the codes easier to understand because you can see them in action. (Keep in mind that when you type html tags, the effects won't be visible until AFTER you hit "Preview" on your comment, journal, etc. I only made them visible for the purpose of demonstration.) Enjoy!!!

The following codes can be used in
comments, deviation descriptions, journals, and profile page widgets.

This will make bold text.
This will also make bold text.
This will make italicized text.
:iconsweetduke:SweetDuke 17,744 3,285
Amputa Bangiz Standard TTF by Quiccs Amputa Bangiz Standard TTF :iconquiccs:Quiccs 1,748 417 Fantasy Map TutorialxResources by calthyechild Fantasy Map TutorialxResources :iconcalthyechild:calthyechild 3,692 277 Gravitation Falls FONT (Download Now!) by MaxiGamer Gravitation Falls FONT (Download Now!) :iconmaxigamer:MaxiGamer 331 54 Mega Pack 1280 Fonts by Asunaw Mega Pack 1280 Fonts :iconasunaw:Asunaw 2,222 2,331 Acceptance Letter by decat Acceptance Letter :icondecat:decat 231 52 Project Paintball Beta 4 by JapanYoshi Project Paintball Beta 4 :iconjapanyoshi:JapanYoshi 436 92 Business Card Template by Krzyho Business Card Template :iconkrzyho:Krzyho 489 186 Sunday Morning Garage Sale by Lydia-distracted Sunday Morning Garage Sale :iconlydia-distracted:Lydia-distracted 2,188 347 Rainmeter - Simple Media 1.1 by lilshizzy Rainmeter - Simple Media 1.1 :iconlilshizzy:lilshizzy 2,710 335 Illegal Curves Font by Weslo11 Illegal Curves Font :iconweslo11:Weslo11 952 173 Rainmeter - Elegance 1.0 by lilshizzy Rainmeter - Elegance 1.0 :iconlilshizzy:lilshizzy 1,382 174 advent font by adventfont advent font :iconadventfont:adventfont 3,083 807 Lastwaerk - font by aajohan Lastwaerk - font :iconaajohan:aajohan 705 206 Rainmeter - Elegance 2 by lilshizzy Rainmeter - Elegance 2 :iconlilshizzy:lilshizzy 2,081 339 Textime 1.1 [Rainmeter Skin] by jlynnxx Textime 1.1 [Rainmeter Skin] :iconjlynnxx:jlynnxx 424 152 Genuine Glossy Metal Style by alekSparx Genuine Glossy Metal Style :iconaleksparx:alekSparx 1,162 188 Sliced AB by atobgraphics Sliced AB :iconatobgraphics:atobgraphics 2,442 291 Faux Ancient Vulcan Script by Trish2 Faux Ancient Vulcan Script :icontrish2:Trish2 584 67 Skyward Sword Ancient Hylian - Font by Sarinilli Skyward Sword Ancient Hylian - Font :iconsarinilli:Sarinilli 1,585 732 3D Retro Text Creator Photoshop Actions by pstutorialsws 3D Retro Text Creator Photoshop Actions :iconpstutorialsws:pstutorialsws 230 15