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Lowering Standards by Morloth88 Lowering Standards :iconmorloth88:Morloth88 489 469 Faestock Expression Stock 8 by faestock Faestock Expression Stock 8 :iconfaestock:faestock 4,081 182 Couples - poses chart by AonikaArt Couples - poses chart :iconaonikaart:AonikaArt 33,537 989
Advice (Avenger!Loki x Avenger!Reader)
-Avenger!Reader, fluff, all Avengers included
"Do you ever wonder why you're so beautiful?"
You grunt as you dodge yet another one of the monster’s attack, quickly rolling to your feet and sending a rush of fire its way. The monster keens in pain and takes a step back, it massive footstep shaking the ground.
"Loki! Shut up and help me!"
"I just a minute!"
You make yet another hard juke to the right, stopping just in time to avoid falling off the roof.
"Loki!" you demand as you briefly glance at him lying wistfully on the ground across the way.
"No, you simply don't understand. This is something that's been plaguing my mind for quite some time now."
"Loki I swear to God...!"
Loki sighs dramatically before swiftly rising to his feet and turning to face the violent beast. With the graceful swish of his hand, the creature is riddled with enormous icicles and it falls lifeless to the tattered Manhattan streets below.
"Oh, now where was
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The Skilled Art of Flirting: Hetalia x Fem!Reader
The Skilled Art of Flirting!
Warning: Hetalia men are flirting with YOU! Also there are a few curse words!
“Ravioli, ravioli!” Veneziano cheered and served the pasta. “Bella, won’t you give me your numberoli?”
“That’s so cute, Veneziano. You made number and ravioli rhyme!” You giggled at his silly pick up line.
Francis sat down beside you and put his arm around your shoulder. His sultry voice mumbled low into your ear. “If you chose him, he’ll make you breakfast every day, but if you chose me, I’ll be your breakfast every day. Je t’aime.”
“Wine bastard! Fratello! Let me show you how it is done!” Romano strolled into the room and locked eyes with you. “Rose are red. Violets are blue. Damn. Let me kiss you!”
 “Blunt, but straight to the point.” You smiled.
The testosterone levels were rising. Why were these men being extra flirty today? V
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