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Feferi Peixes by CactibeeArt Feferi Peixes :iconcactibeeart:CactibeeArt 232 52
Treated Properly (Feferi x Reader)
You dropped a few fish flakes on the small fish bowl. You had bought a goldfish the other day and… taking care of it is really, really okay, sort of. The fish just swam around in its small container with its mouth opening and closing the entire time.
You propped your elbow on the table and rested your chin on top of your palm looking rather bored while watching the small creature.
Maybe you should’ve just bought a bunny, or a kitten, or a puppy, or a bird, anything but a fish.
You sighed then moved back a bit, making the chair stand or merely two legs instead of four. “Yee— Oof!” The chair slipped and you fell back, hitting the floor. You really should stop doing that, no matter how fun it may be.
You pushed yourself up and put the chair back to its original state.
You stretched a bit then sat back down on the chair, moving the bowl aside to use your laptop. The usual startup intro happened before you typed in your password that was so obvious that
:iconhvasssverdar:HvassSverdar 86 25
Fefbob And Edward by Laughssassin Fefbob And Edward :iconlaughssassin:Laughssassin 73 43 GLUBGLUB by LilacLace GLUBGLUB :iconlilaclace:LilacLace 443 96 Fishy Puns by ToddHollow Fishy Puns :icontoddhollow:ToddHollow 9 0 APH - Ask 2p!France- Fish puns by NoraNecko APH - Ask 2p!France- Fish puns :iconnoranecko:NoraNecko 14 1 Look At Minnow! by SunstarXD Look At Minnow! :iconsunstarxd:SunstarXD 20 6 Meenah Piexes by JordynUnfamous Meenah Piexes :iconjordynunfamous:JordynUnfamous 14 7 Meenah, Horuss and Rufioh by M1R4K0 Meenah, Horuss and Rufioh :iconm1r4k0:M1R4K0 8 0 Bad Fish Puns by restartcomputer Bad Fish Puns :iconrestartcomputer:restartcomputer 10 0 Sunnuvafish... by rifikey Sunnuvafish... :iconrifikey:rifikey 21 0 Comic - Baldur's Gate 32 by R-Eventide Comic - Baldur's Gate 32 :iconr-eventide:R-Eventide 5 4 Commission: )(-EY GIRLFROND by RoguishBard Commission: )(-EY GIRLFROND :iconroguishbard:RoguishBard 5 4 27 by Ask-Meenah 27 :iconask-meenah:Ask-Meenah 8 0 Meenah Peixes by swimming-in-chaos Meenah Peixes :iconswimming-in-chaos:swimming-in-chaos 4 3 Newly completed old fish! throwback thrown forward by spacephrawg Newly completed old fish! throwback thrown forward :iconspacephrawg:spacephrawg 3 0 Humanstuck Meenah Peixes by LinziTaylor Humanstuck Meenah Peixes :iconlinzitaylor:LinziTaylor 7 8 Feferii by flxwerharry Feferii :iconflxwerharry:flxwerharry 2 0 Fresh Finished Fish!! by spacephrawg Fresh Finished Fish!! :iconspacephrawg:spacephrawg 3 0 Faux horrific by PseudoSharp Faux horrific :iconpseudosharp:PseudoSharp 1 0 Fish puns by Inbr Fish puns :iconinbr:Inbr 1 0