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Origin by AdamBurn Origin :iconadamburn:AdamBurn 550 116 Flint by ertacaltinoz Flint :iconertacaltinoz:ertacaltinoz 651 67 Castle Discordia by VonStreff Castle Discordia :iconvonstreff:VonStreff 190 20 Tasslehoff 2 by PiratoLoco Tasslehoff 2 :iconpiratoloco:PiratoLoco 255 25 The line won't break! by ARKURION The line won't break! :iconarkurion:ARKURION 99 13 Dragonlance ruff line up by PiratoLoco Dragonlance ruff line up :iconpiratoloco:PiratoLoco 143 39 Auran Keeper by Stoskri Auran Keeper :iconstoskri:Stoskri 131 9 Tasslehoff smackdown by PiratoLoco Tasslehoff smackdown :iconpiratoloco:PiratoLoco 150 29 Fireforge Art Test Textures by Vert-Vixen Fireforge Art Test Textures :iconvert-vixen:Vert-Vixen 75 15 bubo by busbyart bubo :iconbusbyart:busbyart 40 3 Dragonlance Chronicles by mistermoster Dragonlance Chronicles :iconmistermoster:mistermoster 147 33 The Twelve Olympians - Game by Anomalies13 The Twelve Olympians - Game :iconanomalies13:Anomalies13 26 24 Stand Ground by ARKURION Stand Ground :iconarkurion:ARKURION 49 3
Lycanthropy of a Kender, 1
The cave that Flint, Tanis and Tasslehoff stayed in was neither deep, nor wide.  Tanis slept precariously between the dwarf and the kender, careful not to toss and turn.  If he rolled too far to the left, he would bump Tas, who was cooing softly in his sleep, somehow managing to stay in one position, though his hands, feet and nose twitched as though he was exploring some fascinating new place.
If Tanis rolled too far to the right, he’d bump Flint, who snored contentedly, lying on his back, his hands laced over his chest.  His beard fluttered with each drawling breath, and occasionally, he would mumble softly about ‘proper dwarf spirits.’
And so, Tanis found sleep between the two Halflings nearly impossible.  He carefully turned left, away from the dwarf’s rumbling snores, and eyed the kender curiously.  He had washed his hair earlier in the evening, and left it out of his beloved topknot to dry.  Tomorrow,
:iconsydneyprimal:SydneyPrimal 13 26
Color Study 14 Refined by PiratoLoco Color Study 14 Refined :iconpiratoloco:PiratoLoco 177 6 Stand Ground BW by ARKURION Stand Ground BW :iconarkurion:ARKURION 32 0 Hephaestus and Aphrodite by 666-Lucemon-666 Hephaestus and Aphrodite :icon666-lucemon-666:666-Lucemon-666 77 27 Color Study 14 by PiratoLoco Color Study 14 :iconpiratoloco:PiratoLoco 52 6 Hephaestus - Vulcan by 666-Lucemon-666 Hephaestus - Vulcan :icon666-lucemon-666:666-Lucemon-666 79 12 Flint Fireforge by mdlillustration Flint Fireforge :iconmdlillustration:mdlillustration 45 11 HALO 3: Team Swat 00 by BUDDHAS-SHADOW HALO 3: Team Swat 00 :iconbuddhas-shadow:BUDDHAS-SHADOW 32 16 Dragon Lance Companions by DanielMead Dragon Lance Companions :icondanielmead:DanielMead 27 7 Dragonlance Flint and Tas by azrael-al10 Dragonlance Flint and Tas :iconazrael-al10:azrael-al10 73 28 Fireforge Art Test Game Model by Vert-Vixen Fireforge Art Test Game Model :iconvert-vixen:Vert-Vixen 35 6 Rocketeer-Boba Fett Movie Poster by fireforgegrafx Rocketeer-Boba Fett Movie Poster :iconfireforgegrafx:fireforgegrafx 39 5 Flint Fireforge by DragonBrushStudio Flint Fireforge :icondragonbrushstudio:DragonBrushStudio 20 10 Industrial Pack - Text Styles by ivelt Industrial Pack - Text Styles :iconivelt:ivelt 21 2 SHORTYMCSHORTSHORTS by Kawee-Kawee SHORTYMCSHORTSHORTS :iconkawee-kawee:Kawee-Kawee 44 18 Hell Layer Styles by revn89 Hell Layer Styles :iconrevn89:revn89 14 0 Forge by DoraTheBrit Forge :icondorathebrit:DoraTheBrit 25 6 Fantasy themed Teutonic Knights by KorNat Fantasy themed Teutonic Knights :iconkornat:KorNat 22 13 Fireforge Art Test Zbrush Sculpt by Vert-Vixen Fireforge Art Test Zbrush Sculpt :iconvert-vixen:Vert-Vixen 13 5 Autobot Approved by crackmatrix Autobot Approved :iconcrackmatrix:crackmatrix 14 8 Don't Touch Me by emeraldfire2065 Don't Touch Me :iconemeraldfire2065:emeraldfire2065 35 32 Gundam Girls 03 by dukkeofdeath-colors by fireforgegrafx Gundam Girls 03 by dukkeofdeath-colors :iconfireforgegrafx:fireforgegrafx 13 7 Dwarven Halls by OuroborosI Dwarven Halls :iconouroborosi:OuroborosI 15 3 Forge Fires by NightsongWS Forge Fires :iconnightsongws:NightsongWS 27 14 Tasslehoff and Flint Go Flying by jimmysworld Tasslehoff and Flint Go Flying :iconjimmysworld:jimmysworld 13 0 Hephaestus Extra: Reaction Gods by Selecthumor Hephaestus Extra: Reaction Gods :iconselecthumor:Selecthumor 19 11 Fire's of the Forge by Animus-Ligatio Fire's of the Forge :iconanimus-ligatio:Animus-Ligatio 12 6 Kindred Spirits by HiddenMutation Kindred Spirits :iconhiddenmutation:HiddenMutation 27 39 Claptrap Thor by fireforgegrafx Claptrap Thor :iconfireforgegrafx:fireforgegrafx 16 3 The Forge by cmalidore The Forge :iconcmalidore:cmalidore 11 10 Hail Hydra by fireforgegrafx Hail Hydra :iconfireforgegrafx:fireforgegrafx 7 0 Smith Superior 2013 by Voxxitronic Smith Superior 2013 :iconvoxxitronic:Voxxitronic 5 6 Flint Fireforge by adlpictures Flint Fireforge :iconadlpictures:adlpictures 11 3 The Disney-Side by fireforgegrafx The Disney-Side :iconfireforgegrafx:fireforgegrafx 12 8 Knight 3 by KorNat Knight 3 :iconkornat:KorNat 11 0