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Stronger Than You (Sans Parody) Lyrics {UNDERTALE}

The above work was made by me. Art by the rest of the community below.
It's a beautiful day outside.
Birds are singing, flowers are blooming...
On days like these, kids like you...
Should be
burning in hell.
Verse 1
Turn around kid, it'd be a crime,
If I had to go back on the promise that I made for you,
so don't step over that line,
Or else, friend, you're gonna have a bad time.
But kids like you don't play by the rules,
And guys like me,
it ain't easy to be played for fools,
So let's go, let the room get chiller...
Go ahead and try to hit me if you're able,
Guess you've figured now that mercy's off the table.
I can tell you're getting really sick of trying,
But I think you're just mad you keep dying.
You're not gonna win, we'll be here together,
Fighting in this judgement hall forever.
I know you just reset each time I
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