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We don't want it to get messy [Levi x Reader]
"Geez, you again? Are you planning you to get done before the end of this century, Cadet?" You jumped out of suprise when you heared a familiar voice. Corporal. He caught you finishing your chores ... late. Again. This situation was happening kinda too often to make anyone believe it wasn't on purpose.
"Are you even listening to me?" A growl awaken you from your dreaming and you noticed the older man's steel grey eyes looking stricly down on you.
"Y-yes, sir!" You finally managed to stand up and give him a proper answer.
"Finally. Come to my office after you're done with this, I need to think about your punishiment." You kept your head down the whole time he was talking and only silently saluted to him as he turned and started to walk away.
When you noticed the small figure slowly vanishing out of your sight, you exhaled a deep breath and dropped on the ground. You didn't like being scolded like this. Not by anyone but especially not by this man. You tried so hard to look good i
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Watcher by Nikolaspascal Watcher :iconnikolaspascal:Nikolaspascal 1,332 53 Queen Zelda Support Stamp by Lady-Zelda-of-Hyrule Queen Zelda Support Stamp :iconlady-zelda-of-hyrule:Lady-Zelda-of-Hyrule 345 56
.:Stasis Chamber:. Tenth Doctor x Reader One-shot
That was all. Forty-two minutes and nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
You were trapped. Trapped on a cargo spaceship whose engines had failed. You, the crew; everyone on board was doomed. You were careening into a boiling sun with only forty-two minutes to spare. But you weren't worried.
You had him.
The Oncoming Storm.
The last of the Time Lords.
The Doctor.
"______?" He called out your name in that familiar accent, snapping you out of your trance. "Bring the TARDIS key!"
"Why?" You responded. That key had been your security blanke
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Final Fantasy Seven Minutes in Heaven Sephiroth
        You walk up to where Yuffie's standing in the center of the room and place your hand inside the hat she's holding. You were going to try to identify the items, but Yuffie's impatient face made you think twice. Choosing something rather quickly instead, you lifted a thick, black feather from the hat. "A feather? Odd, I didn't know we had any bird lovers playing." You scratched the back of your head, a bit confused.
"Not quite. Perhaps, I might elaborate later." Sephiroth stood from his seat and walked over to you and Yuffie. He was wearing a mischievous grin in his face as he took your hand. "You are ready, aren't you?"
"Oh gee, here he goes. Trying to be all cool and stuff. Just get in the closet already Sephiroth." Yuffie started shoving you both. "And don't even think about trying anything funny while you're in there. I'll whoop you if you do, you know I can." She had shoved you both all the way into the closet.  "Now, I'll see you in seven minutes, don't make me come in here
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Final Fantasy Seven Minutes in Heaven Cloud
         "Heya, hurry it up, you're making every one else wait you know." Yuffie waved you over to where she was standing in the center of the room and held out a large hat for you. "Now pick something, and make it good." She pointed a finger at you.
You swirled your hand around in the hat until something pricked your thumb. "Ouch, what the heck?" Lifting the small item out of the hat you recognized it as Cloud's earring. "Hey Cloud, I got your item, lucky you huh?"
"Yeah, lucky me." Cloud stood up, sighed and walked over to you. "Lets get this over with already." He took the earring from you and placed it back on his ear.
"Come on Cloud, why do you have to be such a downer?" Yuffie tugged at his arm, leading him in the direction of the closet. "Can't you just have fun for once?" She shoved Cloud in the closet with you. "Now don't be all boring or I won't let you out. See you in seven!" She gave you both a bright smile and shut the door tight.
Flopping himself
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Don't Go Sephiroth X Reader
        You walked completely alone, back to what you now called home. The wind blew straight through your clothes, sending shivers all the way to your bones. The cold did nothing to help make this now empty city feel more inviting. Even the birds were all gone away. The trees were bare, there were no flowers, no grass. All that was left was the remnants of what used to be. You pulled open the heavy wooden door to your home and let yourself inside. It may actually be warmer outside than in. After a quick look around, you saw no sign of anyone being home. “I wonder if he left.” It was just as well, Sephiroth wasn't the most pleasant person to be around. “It's freezing in here, I'm going to freeze my toes off.” After quickly walking to the stove, you lit a fire in it and boiled some water for tea. Trying to warm yourself, you huddled close to the stove and held your hands out for heat. You heard a loud slamming noise come from upstairs, followed by the loud bangin
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Final Fantasy Seven Minutes in Heaven Intro
          "Okay, since you're all here, I'll tell you what we're doing." Yuffie jumped up on top of the coffee table and pointed at the crowd of people that had assembled together. "I think we should all play a game, and not just any game. We should play seven minutes in heaven." She did a little dance in excitement.
Cloud sighed. "I'm really not interested. I have better things I could be doing today."
"Don't be so boring Cloud. This'll be fun." Tifa nudged him. "Besides, if you were really busy you wouldn't have come."
"I think it'll be great. What's seven minutes in heaven? Never mind, I'll play, let's shut get this show on the road already." Reno pumped his fist up and down excitedly.
"You're out numbered Cloud, so you just have to deal with it." Yuffie smiled wide and hopped down from the table. "Okay, now everyone put your items into this hat, then we can start playing."
"I'm not sure why, but I have a bad feeling about this." Aerith sighed.
"Don't worry
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The Surfer and the Merman CH 1
        It was beautiful, sunny day in Cayucos, California. However, even the perfect weather couldn't improve the mood of one of the local residents as he gloomily walked across the sand. Surfboard in his hand, he stared out into the horizon, his natural blonde hair blowing in the wind. He then realized that he was the only person on the beach, which just made him feel worse. He felt so alone lately, ever since summer began. His parents had left him for a whole month to go visit relatives who lived a few states away. The poor surfer couldn't go with his parents because he had to take summer school classes.
       "Fucking Econ...." He grumbled to himself.
        The poor highschooler didn't even have any friends to help him with his loneliness. Besides his good looks and likeable personality, he was painfully shy and only had a few friends. And those few friends happened
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Decisive battle by white70WS Decisive battle :iconwhite70ws:white70WS 250 12
Kingdom Hearts Seven Minutes in Heaven Axel
        “Okay, we made a list, but, I don't know if everyone's even here yet. So, screw it.” Axel tossed the list into a nearby trash can. “So, the first person to beat me at rock, paper, scissors can go next.” He made his way around the room, playing the game with a few girls before him. “Ready?” He pounded his fist against his hand three times, then looked at your hand. “We have a winner, finally. Come on, now we can get the real game started.” You walked with Axel to the center of the room where the large bag was waiting. “Well, break a leg.”
You placed your hand inside the bag. Something flat, and round was at the top of the pile. Not wanting to take up anymore time, you chose that. “It's, a frisbee?”
“Yes it's a frisbee.” Axel snatched the toy from your hand. “What's the matter with that? These things are pretty cool.” He held the toy close to his chest defensively.
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Final Fantasy Seven Minutes in Heaven Zack
         “Let me see.” Yuffie thought for a moment, then she pointed straight at you. “I think it's your turn to play. You've been very patient, so I think I'll reward you now.” She ran up to you and pulled you to the center of the room. “Go ahead and pick an item. Good luck.”
You placed your hand inside the hat and felt around for a moment. Something soft brushed across your fingers. After lifting it out of the hat, you noticed it was a ribbon very similar to the one Aerith had in her hair. “Um, is this yours Aerith?”
“Nope, it's mine.” Zack practically launched off the couch and ran up to you. “I figured all girls like ribbons, so I put that in there as a gift to whomever picked it.” He had a huge grin on his face. “This is going to be awesome.”
“Maybe for you it will be. But I feel sorry for her. You're so hyper Zack, just try not to kill her in there okay?” Yuffie led you both to the clo
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Minor Character Sheet-OC Meme
The Minor Character Sheet: a writing aid for all fiction creators, from fantasy authors to comic writers. A helpful guideline tool for anyone who wants to create well-rounded, plot hole-free casts :)
This is the minor character sheet, full of things that might be useful to know about minor cast members. There is another, much longer sheet for main characters. These are all geared toward protagonists, but can be applied to villains too.
Text in [brackets] is just for clarification of how to answer the preceding question. Also, since I hate writing "him or her" and I will not write "they" when the subject is singular, I am assuming masculinity in my clarifications. You'll erase them when you fill it out anyway, so the sheet works for either gender.
So! without further ado!
Basic Information:
Full name: [While useful to have, the last name is not always necessary, depending on if the character will ever be addressed by a title or in full.]
Title: [If the character
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Best Night Ever :Sebastian Michaelis x Reader:
The manor lay before like something from a dream. Never in all of your life have you seen such a magnificent estate. Yet tonight you were going to party in it with loads of high class people from all around London. The Earl Phantomhive and his butler stood at the front steps.
"We welcome you, Lady [name]," the butler bowed and held out his hand to help you down from the carriage.
"Th..thank you," you blushed nervously as the handsome man took your hand. You stepped down and sheepishly let go while looking down hoping the hat you wore covered your face.
"Welcome," the Earl greeted your mother as she too stepped down with the help of his butler.
"This is such a beautiful place, isn't it, [name]?" your mother asked you.
"Oh yes, very beautiful," you looked up to see her blue eyes sparkling. Her eyes were the same as yours only she was much taller. What was amusing is the fact she was taller than the butler. This made you happy to be done growing. A man likes a woman he can hold to his che
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Final Fantasy Seven Minutes in Heaven Noctis
       Yuffie ran up to you and pointed a finger in your face. "Hey, you, think of a number between one and five. And do it quickly!” She poked you in the head and waited for your answer.
You didn't take any time to think, just picked a number at random. “Um, three?”
“Wow, you're good.” Surprised you'd been able to guess her number, she looked at you with a look of amazement on her face. “Well, that means you get to go next.” Yuffie smiled and took your hand in hers, leading you to the center of the room. “Good luck, hope you get someone awesome.”
“Me too Yuffie, me too.” You placed your hand inside the hat and began to feel around. Something tough and cold got your attention. You lifted it out of the hat to find it was a piece of leather. “I'm really not sure who this might belong to. A lot of you guys wear leather for some reason.”
“I'm quite sure it belongs to me.” Noctis st
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Changes - Part 1 (Mycroft x Reader)
(L/N) – Long Name
(S/N) – Shortened Name
(M/N) – Middle Name
(F/I) – First Initial
(Since I’ve never done a reader insert, I just wanted to make sure everyone understands my inserts)
Sherlock was lying across the green couch as usual, his icy blue eyes staring straight up at the ceiling but his body never moving an inch. John was in his own chair, flipping through a newspaper when he felt a vibration in his pocket. He retrieved his mobile from the depths of his pants pocket and read the text message that was waiting for him.
“Back in town, meet me at the coffee shop in 5 –(F/I)W”
A smile slowly formed across John’s caring face. He stood up and grabbed his coat, slipping it on and backing out the door.
“I’m going out,” he called to Sherlock before he shut the door. Sherlock paid no attention to John as he continued to lie silently on the couch.
You looked around the shop as you sat at a table near the window, wa
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Final Fantasy Seven Minutes in Heaven Genesis
       “Ladies, are you all ready to rock these boys? You had better be ready, because, because I said so.” Yuffie grabbed hold of the hat and pointed at you. “Come on up here and get ready to show your stuff.” She gave the hat a little shake. It was so full, the items inside threatened to fall out.
“Careful there Yuffie. You keep jerking that thing around, you're going to disqualify half of the guys here.” After walking up to where Yuffie was, you placed your hand inside the overly full hat and started feeling around. “Dang, who knew we had so many good looking guys around here. I guess any item will do.” The item you chose was a small heart shaped bean pillow with a X stitched through it. “Um, this, this is rather, creative.”
“It's a metaphor, I'm sure you're familiar with the play “Loveless” am I correct?” Genesis stood to his feet an waltzed over to you. “I actually created
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You're Not Alone(Slenderman x Reader) ch 1
    It has been a while since you have been back home. After spending almost the entire summer at camp, everything looks almost dreamlike from being gone for so long. You let out a long sigh as you enter your house. You certainly missed all your friends from camp; after all, your hometown friends are not as willing to listen to you and your troubles.
     “Hey, Sweetie, how was camp?” a familiar voice calls to you and captures you in a loving hug.
    “Hey Mom, I missed you. It was great—probably the best year ever, actually,” you say, grinning to her. Your stomach then speaks for you, telling your mom what you are thinking.
    “Well, I see that you haven’t changed at all since you left,” she laughs. “Go wash up; I made your favorite.”
    You stride into the kitchen and wash your hands. Look
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Time Traveling Kids of the Mane Six! Ch. 1
CHAPTER 1: Andromeda's discovery
Scattered pages and dusty old books filled the study in a cluttered mess as Andromeda Sparkle slept among the debris of her own handiwork. Unconscious after a long night of work, her mind only left dreamland when the amber beams of the rising sun shone on her face. With a groan, she slowly rose to her feet, heavy eyelids still drooping. Various loose documents clung to her face as she stood, unnoticed by her until their delicate forms slipped from her lavender cheeks and fluttered towards the blanket of weathered volumes that lay on the floor around her. Once the blur of sleep had finally faded, she turned to see the silhouette of her mom standing against the wall across the room, following a disarrayed chain of manuscripts as if casually searching for survivors.
Twilight Sparkle hadn’t turned the corner yet, but once she did, the purple mare wouldn’t be able to recognize the room. Andromeda’s expression burned from embarrassm
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Valentine Present [Levi x Reader x Erwin]
SUMMARY: You've been very naughty secretely dating both Levi and Erwin and your indecision has led you into a serious trouble.
It was late at night a and you were trying to sneek into your room that you shared with the other girls as quietly as possible to not wake them up.
"[Name]? Is it you? Where have you been?" A calm voice spoke from the dark.
"M-Mikasa? H-How come you don't sleep yet?" You asked nervously as you tried to change the theme, but Mikasa wasn't dumb, she could feel your sudden unease and your trembling voice wasn't very convincing, too.
"I've noticed that you always dissapear after dinner and then come back around this tim-" Before she could even finish the sentence, she was interrupted by another person.
"Shut up, the two of you!" Annie. She normally barely talked and you couldn't be more grateful for such a perfect timing. You absolutely weren't prepared for answe
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Final Fantasy Seven Minutes in Heaven Noel
         “First one up here's next. So run girls, run for your turn with a hot guy.” Yuffie waved everyone to her. None of the girls ran, or even walked quickly towards Yuffie. Some even stayed sitting. “Well you all seem so enthusiastic.” Though you hadn't made any effort to be first, you were. “Congratulations, you won. Go ahead and pick something from the hat. Hopefully you're a little faster at choosing than you are walking.”
“Oh hush Yuffie. You should have known no one was going to run up here.” You gave her a flat look as you began searching for an item. The small hat was filled to the brim with different objects. Afraid things would spill onto the floor of you even tried to place your hand inside, you just picked something from the top. It was a very crudely made weapon. It seemed to be made out of bone, or a tusk from a large animal. “This is actually pretty neat.”
“I made it. It's the h
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A Guide to Writing Style
Writing Style - The Bottom Line
“Words are like sunbeams.  The more they are condensed, the deeper they burn.”       - Robert Southey
“Prose is architecture, not interior decorating.”       - Ernest Hemingway
Writing style is made up of two things: cadence and variation.
Good style is clear, readable, and invisible.  Its purpose is not to attract attention to itself but to transport readers into the world of your story.  If your readers notice your style without purposefully intending to study it, your style needs to be improved and refined.  Good style, however, is transparent so that your readers simply see the characters and world of your story rather than the words you use to portray them.
To write with cadence simply means that your writing should sound natural.  If it sounds right to you, it probably is--but if it doesn’t sound right,
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TF2: Scout's Story, part 2 by SleepDepJoel TF2: Scout's Story, part 2 :iconsleepdepjoel:SleepDepJoel 375 153