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South Eastbay - day map by Altegore South Eastbay - day map :iconaltegore:Altegore 35 3 South Eastbay - night map by Altegore South Eastbay - night map :iconaltegore:Altegore 17 2 Grab my Void by gabrielwoj Grab my Void :icongabrielwoj:gabrielwoj 26 10 Custom Character Sheet Commission - T'krit V'lar by BasiliskOnline Custom Character Sheet Commission - T'krit V'lar :iconbasiliskonline:BasiliskOnline 5 1 jonathan by Madradiohead jonathan :iconmadradiohead:Madradiohead 20 0 RPG characters! by Sealestial RPG characters! :iconsealestial:Sealestial 8 0 Petal Clothed by Aealacreatrananda Petal Clothed :iconaealacreatrananda:Aealacreatrananda 5 3 The Gang Goes To Jail by Mangonaid The Gang Goes To Jail :iconmangonaid:Mangonaid 5 0 VanZeil by NathanLueth VanZeil :iconnathanlueth:NathanLueth 4 0 1-11-16 Keyrym by Kait-a-tater-tot 1-11-16 Keyrym :iconkait-a-tater-tot:Kait-a-tater-tot 3 0 Murder Hobos Fin by dashfox1 Murder Hobos Fin :icondashfox1:dashfox1 3 0 Petal Chatoyance Fate Core by Aealacreatrananda Petal Chatoyance Fate Core :iconaealacreatrananda:Aealacreatrananda 2 5 Aranea evolution by BubbleJuices Aranea evolution :iconbubblejuices:BubbleJuices 3 0 Leopold [OC] by xephyrss Leopold [OC] :iconxephyrss:xephyrss 2 0 Spider fang fist -Guide line sketch- by Vyctorian Spider fang fist -Guide line sketch- :iconvyctorian:Vyctorian 1 2 Shiro Kerzna by GenghisCon Shiro Kerzna :icongenghiscon:GenghisCon 2 0 Venture City Highlights by dashfox1 Venture City Highlights :icondashfox1:dashfox1 1 0 Fate Point by Azzurayelos Fate Point :iconazzurayelos:Azzurayelos 0 0 DAMNATION by Yinnyari DAMNATION :iconyinnyari:Yinnyari 0 0 Boost Marker by Azzurayelos Boost Marker :iconazzurayelos:Azzurayelos 0 0 It. Just. Gets. Worse. by Mangonaid It. Just. Gets. Worse. :iconmangonaid:Mangonaid 0 0
Persona: Fate Core Meeting 1
Persona: Fate Core is a documented version of the tabletop RPG Persona: Fate Core that is being played with friends at college
Character Creation
Zachariah Edlund, Senior
Zachariah is a Port Victorian, glasses wearing, 17 year old. His parents own the Edlund Association, making him wealthy. A part of the Edlund Association is the department and grocery store “Edlund’s.” He once stood up to a bully who was beating his victim to a pulp.
Micah Carson, Junior
Micah Carson, known as a street artist and gang member as “M.C,” lived in Liberty City, overseas, for most of his life, living in a somewhat violent neighborhood. At age 17, he was caught vandalizing public property. His mother, wanting him to start anew, had him sent away to Port Victoria, where he attended the elite school, St. Jerome’s Academy, at a decent price, due to his uncle being an employee.
Mia Malone, Sophomore
Mia is adept with computers. Se has a website that docu
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