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Fast Food Mafia, final by silentsketcher Fast Food Mafia, final :iconsilentsketcher:silentsketcher 21,757 3,341 Smug Wendy's by MeganCoffey Smug Wendy's :iconmegancoffey:MeganCoffey 2,942 181 Enzo's Wok by Brosa Enzo's Wok :iconbrosa:Brosa 9,648 496 Food Fight! (Anime Parody) by Cioccolatodorima Food Fight! (Anime Parody) :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 4,829 327 DOWNLOAD - Pizza Box by DasChui DOWNLOAD - Pizza Box :icondaschui:DasChui 1,054 44 Fast food by BattlePeach Fast food :iconbattlepeach:BattlePeach 645 191 So Finger Lickin Good I'm Lovin' it by Cioccolatodorima So Finger Lickin Good I'm Lovin' it :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 5,258 704 Starry eyes and french fries by GDBee Starry eyes and french fries :icongdbee:GDBee 966 45 Fast Food Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Fast Food Stamp :iconkezzi-rose:Kezzi-Rose 3,622 228 Fast Food Mafia by silentsketcher Fast Food Mafia :iconsilentsketcher:silentsketcher 1,686 366 Burger Thief by Cioccolatodorima Burger Thief :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 5,092 365 Com: Sick Moves Bro by DragginCat Com: Sick Moves Bro :icondraggincat:DragginCat 450 87 Spoil the Sassy Wendy by SarukaiWolf Spoil the Sassy Wendy :iconsarukaiwolf:SarukaiWolf 749 17 I happy my meal by Ice-Pandora I happy my meal :iconice-pandora:Ice-Pandora 2,407 115 polymer clay hamburger tutorial- PART II by FatalPotato polymer clay hamburger tutorial- PART II :iconfatalpotato:FatalPotato 340 48 polymer clay hamburger tutorial- PART I by FatalPotato polymer clay hamburger tutorial- PART I :iconfatalpotato:FatalPotato 401 20 Chicken or Veggie Burger Plush by kickass-peanut Chicken or Veggie Burger Plush :iconkickass-peanut:kickass-peanut 1,001 65 Burger Set Amigurumi by imuya Burger Set Amigurumi :iconimuya:imuya 183 19 Who's calling by meago Who's calling :iconmeago:meago 3,558 276 Edgar McGregor by SilentReaper Edgar McGregor :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 1,540 364 McDonaldization by BenHeine McDonaldization :iconbenheine:BenHeine 410 136 Thief by RandoWis Thief :iconrandowis:RandoWis 622 31 Cheese+Tomato Burger Plush by kickass-peanut Cheese+Tomato Burger Plush :iconkickass-peanut:kickass-peanut 408 24 Grease is the Word by thinkpastel Grease is the Word :iconthinkpastel:thinkpastel 1,357 135 Fast Food Killers by pxpxp Fast Food Killers :iconpxpxp:pxpxp 532 150 Sandwich Earrings by PetitPlat Sandwich Earrings :iconpetitplat:PetitPlat 573 68 Xolga and Mr. Toko promo art 2 by Pacthesis Xolga and Mr. Toko promo art 2 :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 1,290 174 Smug Wendy + Baconator by Cakehoarder Smug Wendy + Baconator :iconcakehoarder:Cakehoarder 1,622 92 feeding of the end part 6 by prisonsuit-rabbitman feeding of the end part 6 :iconprisonsuit-rabbitman:prisonsuit-rabbitman 571 91
Decades of leaps and bounds of scientific breakthroughs had vastly improved the lives of people around the world.  Virtually no disease, more efficient treatments and the ability to create perfectly healthy foods made life on Earth more enjoyable.
Linda was a young, ambitious scientist-to-be.  She and her friends were always downloading the newest information on all there was to know.  In fact, for the science fair, she had gotten recognized as a promising young mind.  Her project was recently featured in the latest journal.  "Perfected Dehydration".
Her demonstrations always drew a large crowd.  With a single press of a button, Linda was able to take any fruit or vegetable and dehydrate the object down to the size of a pill.  In this size, people could not only store food longer, it was easier to transport to the needy in poor countries or survivors of natural disasters.  Then, with a single drop of water,
:iconbellybabe22:BellyBabe22 270 19
The Belly Illustrated
It all started with the golden arches.
I had just turned 16 years old and gotten my driver's license.  For me, that freedom opened up the world of my food fantasies; and at that time, McDonalds was the focus of my attentions.  No more begging for a trip to McDs, depending on the goodwill of others.  Now I could drive my own car through drive-thrus, load up and eat to my heart's content.
Suddenly I was limited only by my cash flow, which was ample, and my waistbands, which soon were not.  There were five McDs within ten miles of my house, and I began to frequent each one of them.  Any time was a good time, as they say.  In that very first week of having freedom to drive my own car, every spare moment found me feasting: happily scarfing big macs and chicken nuggets and french fries - oh, the pounds of hot, salty, pleasantly greasy french fries.  In that first week I packed on ten pounds, all in the belly.  At the end of sophomore year, I had been the only girl in m
:iconobesequeen:ObeseQueen 267 37
feeding of the end part 2 by prisonsuit-rabbitman feeding of the end part 2 :iconprisonsuit-rabbitman:prisonsuit-rabbitman 557 22 that fastfood is killing you by algenpfleger that fastfood is killing you :iconalgenpfleger:algenpfleger 716 110
Rebecca in Texas part 1
“And be careful Rebecca! You watch your waistline over there! You know how prone you are to gaining weight!”
A Prim and proper housewife chimed in, to her lazy yet independent daughter.
“Alright! Mother..” Becky sighed, waving her way to the airplane.
13 hours later.
In a pink woolly sweater and a pair of pale blue denim jeans, Rebecca walked out the cabin and into the sweltering Texan heat.
Longing to change into something far more suited to the southern temperature, she hurriedly raced to the shaded shelter of the airport’s food court, absolutely famished. It didn’t take long to find.
You could have followed the signs that were put up everywhere, or the delicious smells. Or even the masses of corpulent Americans that were almost guaranteed to stop by its generously stocked buffet stands.
With a combination of all three, she rather breathlessly made it through the glass double doors and joined the queue, behind as Becky rather ominously took in were
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itsy bitsy burgers IV by FatalPotato itsy bitsy burgers IV :iconfatalpotato:FatalPotato 433 34 feeding of the end part 3 by prisonsuit-rabbitman feeding of the end part 3 :iconprisonsuit-rabbitman:prisonsuit-rabbitman 564 55 Wendy's Goods by GigaMessy Wendy's Goods :icongigamessy:GigaMessy 1,198 131 feeding of the end part 1 by prisonsuit-rabbitman feeding of the end part 1 :iconprisonsuit-rabbitman:prisonsuit-rabbitman 513 18 Grace's Taco Bell Bender by GassyJackal Grace's Taco Bell Bender :icongassyjackal:GassyJackal 344 91 Food Box by Ice-Pandora Food Box :iconice-pandora:Ice-Pandora 863 14 Bat Burgers by aleksandracupcake Bat Burgers :iconaleksandracupcake:aleksandracupcake 1,869 99 Hungry? by Bojo-Bijoux Hungry? :iconbojo-bijoux:Bojo-Bijoux 408 24 Wendy`s by Lord-Dominik Wendy`s :iconlord-dominik:Lord-Dominik 632 13 Only in America by breaking-blue Only in America :iconbreaking-blue:breaking-blue 433 16 Vixen's Cookie Problem by GassyJackal Vixen's Cookie Problem :icongassyjackal:GassyJackal 322 41 Bad Burgers by GassyJackal Bad Burgers :icongassyjackal:GassyJackal 253 68 Anna Nicole Smith's Thicc Burger Ad by TheAmericanDream Anna Nicole Smith's Thicc Burger Ad :icontheamericandream:TheAmericanDream 753 30 extra kagami by prisonsuit-rabbitman extra kagami :iconprisonsuit-rabbitman:prisonsuit-rabbitman 507 40