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Toga farts on Urakara by eyepet2010 Toga farts on Urakara :iconeyepet2010:eyepet2010 130 2 Myr by moofart-moof Myr :iconmoofart-moof:moofart-moof 122 2 Teaser: Samus Farts~ by SketchyAnon Teaser: Samus Farts~ :iconsketchyanon:SketchyAnon 61 43
Under Her Care (Preview)
It started so slowly.... I hardly noticed the changes at first. I was no longer in control of my life.....
I must've been 19 when it first started happening. I never really took school seriously, it just seemed like such a waste of time. Everyone knew I'd end up at a year-end job. That's not quite what I wanted, but what could I do to stop It? No one listened to me, I was worthless. I figured a high-school education would be enough to get a job that could pay the bills, and college just seemed like a waste of money to me. My mother never really weighed in on this, even she knew I was hopeless. Whatever, not like it mattered anyway.
   It was just my mum and I at home, I stayed there until I could get off my feet, although I don't think she really liked the idea. She was gorgeous, successful, and could have any man she wanted. I remember her bringing home boyfriends night after night, but lately she's been taking a break. I guess she thinks I'm
:iconyournarnia:YourNarnia 24 2
Nick Wilde's gassy prank
After a long day of work, Nick and Judy went back to their apartment to take a well deserved rest. Nick bought a box donuts on the way of donuts on the way there.
When the two arrived, the fox had already ate half the box of donuts.
"Geez Nick, this aint healthy!"
Judy told Nick
"Relax carrots, want some?"
Nick replied chuckling
"NO! I will not relax! You ate more than 30 donut boxes last week! And thats like.......360 DONUTS!"
Judy exclaimed
"Well, I always offer you some but you ALWAYS decline"
"You know what?"
Judy snatched the box of donuts and threw it at the back of a nearby garbage truck
"Judy what the hell?!"
"Eat Healthy!"
She replied before entering
Nick followed her into her room, he was a bit mad and tried to think of a way to get back at her when suddenly, his tummy gurgled loudly.
"Hnnngh, I shouldnt have eaten so many donuts...hmmmm, wait a minute....HEY JUDY!"
she looked at him, only to see Nick with no pants on
"Nick what the hell?!"
Nick didnt respond as he sat on her
:iconthunderhound9000:thunderhound9000 29 4
Mangled Mutt's Butt (FNAF)
(2nd part of A Pirate's Booty)
"2nd night, huh?", asked the phone guy. "Most don't even make it this long...", he added. You told him you quite enjoyed your job here. "That's quite the surprise. Foxy normally does them in the first night.", says the confused manager. "Well he didn't do me in.", you tell him. "I better get going, don't want to be late to dinner.", he says in a rushed voice. *click* He hung up. Your night had just began, with a coffee in one hand and the security tablet in the other, you took care to not let Foxy in again. It was starting to be almost 12:30 and there was no sign of Foxy. You had your run-ins with Bonnie and Chica, but Foxy was no where to be found. You check the camera at Pirate's Cove but the curtain hasn't been touched since you got here when you opened it up slightly to see him. You couldn't see anything though so you couldn't even tell if he was in there so you just assumed he was in the far back, resting. You got up off your chair and walked up to t
:iconyeetmeister1234:Yeetmeister1234 16 3
Anthro skunk rp
You go to a mall, and then to a shop.
Then you try to buy some stuff, but the cashier is a skunk. Then she sprays and farts at you, causing you to pass out. You are tied up in a chair. Roleplay starts here.
:iconfartyskunk:FartySkunk 13 822
The Clash: Onesie's Big Buns
It was pretty peaceful, customers were lined up at the Durr Burger food truck that was parked neatly, and uncoincidentaly next to Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit, within the plaza of Retail Road. There was nothing odd, to the naked eye that is. There was someone here who wasn't supposed to be, and that was Sun. Sun was a Pokémon trainer in his universe and was somehow thrust out of it by an unexplained (at least to him) event. "Hey Sun, we've got an order for customer number 3!", yelled Onesie, a cute, ginger girl who always wore Durr Burger pajamas, even at work. Sun ran over and grabbed the burger and quickly brought it to the table. It wasn't like anyone he'd seen before, and He's seen people ranging from the harbinger of doom himself, Ragnarok to a girl in a pink bear suit. This man, or whatever it was, wore an icy crown and dark blue armor with three sky blue markings on his chestplate. "I-is this your order s-sir?", Sun asked, his voice trembling. "Yes, but I also ordered fries.", sa
:iconyeetmeister1234:Yeetmeister1234 10 2
Fart Tourney: Black Widow vs Circe
"Ladies and Gentlemen. I will be holding a Fart Tourney to see who is worthy to challenge me for the title. The girls are as follows:
Black Widow
Ahsoka Tano
Scarlet Witch
Jyn Arso
Invisible Woman
Red She-Hulk
It'll be a rating of 0-20 on loudness, length the first 2 rounds and finally the knockout round in the final 4 and championship. First match will be Black Widow vs Circe." Darth Nox said and went back to sit on her throne and sent the judge out.
Circe was up first.  The female magician sat on Black Widow's face and unleashed her gas.
"Only a 3 for Circe. Black Widow up next."
Black Widow sat her big butt on Circe's face. Circe insantly started to cry. Black Widow's butt was huge and crushed her face.  Black Widow defintky had worked on her butt because it was huge. Circe's nose was broken in seconds. Finally Black Widow unleashed a nasty Fart.
:iconsararyder77:SaraRyder77 6 3
Fnaf fart RP
Anyone want to RP? If so, note me.
I'll be Bonnie and you can be any of the following:
Freddy, Foxy, Toy Freddy, toy Bonnie or Plushtrap
:iconthunderhound9000:thunderhound9000 6 114
Anthro skunk hypno fart rp
You wake up in a dark room, in a corner.
You see a sign on the wall that says "Human Fart Hypnosis Room"
:iconfartyskunk:FartySkunk 7 110
Fart slave RP with my OC Skunkette
It starts where you are in an elevator and Skunkette farts. All the sudden you pass out and when you wake up she’s waving her butt in your face. (Start here)
Well what are you waiting for? Try the RP!
:iconlogancool:Logancool 5 120
Mettaton NEO Farts (Updated) by ANW2004 Mettaton NEO Farts (Updated) :iconanw2004:ANW2004 4 0
Role-Play + Update
People keep asking when I'm gonna RP, but right now my schedule is messed up. I'm usually on between 1130pm - 330pm EST, it's not too flexible at the moment but if we plan in advance I'm sure I could fit you in for a live RP at anytime during the day. Just send me a message and ask if you want to RP. Sorry for any RP's I had to delay, more stories coming soon. -Narnia
:iconyournarnia:YourNarnia 2 0
Goddess Madelenie new worthless white pet part-1
This story consists of fetish content if you not aware of it please skip.
First I introduce myself  I am Kumar 25 years holding a bachelor degree and working in a well established  firm and earning lot but I not satisfied with that because I am has feeling of being alone all time and I am a orphan.
 Friends advised me to find girl of my life.
I also find that I also had bdsm kingly fetish and come I am not looking for girl I am looking for the mistress of my life.
I searched it on Google, facebook and also twitter many where fake. Finally I found a mistress in twitter
She was real ebony goddess and I invited her to the night club
Goddess name was Madeleine she is so sweet as the Madeleine cake. Goddess was wearing red thong dress and  sky blue colored slippers
I greed goddess with holding a goddess hand and kissing it goddess slapped me hard and said “bitch you can’t resist ebony perfection bitch! Look at me and know your place and now kiss my feet
:iconvarunji932:varunji932 1 0
Mettaton EX's YEAH! by ANW2004 Mettaton EX's YEAH! :iconanw2004:ANW2004 1 4
Fetish Content
For those of you looking for all the fetish related stuff, don't worry, it's on the way. I'm trying not to put out trash so it's taking me a while is all I'm saying.
But I promise I'll make it worth your time, have faith in me!
:iconmanite:manite 1 0
Mettaton EX Farts by ANW2004 Mettaton EX Farts :iconanw2004:ANW2004 1 0
Gassy Gf roleplay
I lost a bet and had to go on a date with you, the gassiest and smelliest girl in school. I actually hate the smell of farts and didn't enjoy our date very much. But it wasn't all bad since you had such a huge ass, I could almost deal with it. You find out that I was only on the date because I lost a bet and you get angry. So you punish me by farting on me as much as possible, in and out of school. You tell everyone we're still dating and in love, despite your intense gas problems. You tell them I only pretend to hate it, and actually love it. We stay in a "relationship" just so you can fart on me all the time. You live down the street from me so you come to my house often to do it too.
:iconjamesc11:JamesC11 1 12
Piplup fartsitting stunky by gassypenguin Piplup fartsitting stunky :icongassypenguin:gassypenguin 1 0
Mettaton EX's Pose Goes Wrong
"Oh oh looks like It's gonna feel like farting?" Mettaton EX said
"Ah! Whoa whoa there is nothing but I fart on me " Mettaton EX said
"That's a gassy Mettaton EX!" Me said
"Oooooooooohhhhh!!!!!!! I'm am" Mettaton EX said
"Love you baby" Mettaton EX Said
"Uuuuhhhhhh" Me Cried
And hugs at all.
:iconanw2004:ANW2004 2 0
i become a fartslave
        I become a fartslave
It was summer holidays me and my cousin merlin was playing in my desktop. i chanced him to play wwe immortal game we played he asked what is the bed i said loser needs to do whatever the winner asked to do ,loser will slave for a hour. we started to play i chose the viper randy orton and merlin chosed no daniel brayan i won the match easily i said you are my slave he said its best of three
i said if its best of three
then the loser need to be three hour slave ok for you
merlin said  ok be ready to be my slave
i should not let him the second chance but overconfident did
In round two i agian chosed randy orton he this time chosed yes daniel  
within second match was over my confident broke down he called me slave see my feet its too stink ready to clean it and laughed
i said still one round to go
yes he said
we played our final round
i again choosed randy orton he again choosed daniel brayen
ding ding ding
i start the match with
:iconvarunji932:varunji932 0 0