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A Guide to OCTs
Original Character Tournaments are all over deviantart and keep growing in popularity, but not everyone knows what they are or how to participate in them.  Since they're hosted by individuals and not actually affiliated with the website itself, there are no guides available to help explain how they work.  Hopefully, this FAQ will be helpful to anyone looking to get involved in OCTs.
What is an OCT?
OCTs, or "Original Character Tournaments" are contests held here on deviantart in which you can pit your original characters against other people's characters in a comic-style battle-royale.  To put it simply, it's a cross between an art competition and a storytelling contest.
OCTs can be hosted on someone's account, or they can have a tournament account of their own.  OCTs are usually open to anyone with a deviantart account, although some are invite only.  Information about who is eligible to audition will usually be clearly stated s
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PE: Polymer Clay Food Tutorials Collection
Welcome to a new polymer clay love article, specially written for projecteducate, find the program for the third Community Week here. If you missed the previous articles, please check out Introduction to Polymer Clay and Polymer Clay Secrets Revealed. This time I'm going to guide you through some of the best polymer clay food tutorials currently available in deviantART, enjoy and don't hesitate to leave a message if you have any question or suggestion for future articles.
Food. Polymer clay food. There's a strange fascination between polymer clay crafters to make food, if you ask many of us won't even be able to explain what's so addictive about making fake food. Some of it is crafted for doll houses and doll props, some people make beautiful jewelry with food, but some just make it because it's so incredibly fun.

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deviantART Customisation FAQ
Your deviantART Identity
FAQ01 - How do I change my username?
FAQ02 - How do I change my username symbol?
FAQ03 - How do I change my avatar?
FAQ04 - How do I change my profile information?
FAQ05 - How do I change my signature?
Profile Customisation
FAQ06 - How do I add widgets?
FAQ07 - How do I remove widgets?
FAQ08 - How do I change the order of my widgets?
FAQ09 - How do I edit widgets?
FAQ10 - How do I add a custom background?
FAQ11 - How do I repeat my custom background?
FAQ12 -
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My inbox is flooded with messages and I'm unable to keep up with it. So I made this simple F.A.Q. with questions that have been asked to me over and over again.
Please refrain from asking questions that are already in here. I will most likely not answer them. If you have any other questions, please send me a message or a note. It might take me a while to reply, though.
Please note that this F.A.Q. will be changed from time to time. New questions and answers will be added every now and then.
:star: [last update:  February 3, 2016]

About art requests, general requests & commissions

Could you draw my character?
No. Just no.
I don't do art requests, and I don't do art for free. If you want somebody to draw your characters, please go to the projects forum and place your request the
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FAQ button - Free to use by ElectriCookie FAQ button - Free to use :iconelectricookie:ElectriCookie 292 5 Flash Animation Tutorial by creatureart Flash Animation Tutorial :iconcreatureart:creatureart 2,901 600 Journal for FAQ by pjuk Journal for FAQ :iconpjuk:pjuk 908 158 Sewing 101 by ShadowedPorcelain Sewing 101 :iconshadowedporcelain:ShadowedPorcelain 695 24
dA: HTML Formatting
What is HTML?
HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It's used when making a website, and available to use on deviantART to customise what you are writing.
Once you memorise the HTML, it's pretty easy and fun to use.
You can find some codes on the deviantART FAQ #104, but they don't give you all of them.
You can use the codes I am about to give you in artist comments, journal entries, blog entries, profile pages, and more importantly comments!
Literature pieces have less codes available to use than what I just mentioned, but there's still a fair few you can play around with. :)
especially everyone's favourite emoticons. :giggle:
Place at the beginning of your sentence and at the end for it to appear in bold.
Example: Bold turns into Bold.
You can also use instead of .
Example: Strong turns into Strong.
Place at the beginning of your sentence and at the end for it to be underlined.
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Frequently Asked Questions
I get asked many questions and it can be hard for me to answer them all, so I have compiled a list of questions which I'm often asked in the hope it is of interest to some of you :)

--Making Art--


Where did you learn?
I've taught myself. My Secondary (High) School art teacher told me 'cartoon are not art' and so I had no interest in perusing 'art' classes any further. At about 13 I began to draw every day, less studying, more drawing what came to mind, creating characters and worlds and getting my thoughts and feeling onto paper. 
I joined deviantART at 15, and the feedback and critique I've gained through sharing my art online has helped a lot in my improvement. I wasn't born with any 'gift', unless you count functioning hands, I learned through practice. My early drawings are just as bad as everyone else's (I keep them as proof) I
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Alternative Tablet FAQ for Windows 7
If you are looking for a specific problem but don't want to read through the whole FAQ, press "Ctrl + f" in your browser. This will allow you to search for specific words (like "jitter" or "Paint Tool SAI") in the FAQ.
Got Windows 8? Head over to Jeremy's FAQ for Windows 8! (Note: A fix for Windows 8.1 is now available!) (Note 2: He's not currently troubleshooting. You can read his journal and read comments to see if he's already answered your questions though.)
Got a Tumblr account? Consider asking Morg for help at The Monoprice Messiah!
Searching for: Someone who knows Apple systems and can help Monoprice users on Mac systems!
This FAQ was originally written with Monoprice tablets in mind. Huion, Yiynov
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Ask my characters #4 by OwlCoat Ask my characters #4 :iconowlcoat:OwlCoat 422 78
Copyright for dAmmies.
UPDATE: Comments DISABLED. DISCLAIMER moved to top of page where it's more visible. My apologies for any inconvenience.

Disclaimer: Jinbae is not responsible for any content provided by external sites. 
The material in this journal should, in no way, be used as evidence in court or as a replacement for professional advice. Jinbae is not a professional copyrights lawyer.
US copyright laws and the content in this journal are subject to change with or without prior notice.

Please keep in mind that not all the material in this journal necessarily reflects my (jinbae's) thoughts and opinions about Copyright law. It is, more or less, simply a journal that answers questions concerning copyright law based on current laws.
All material in this journal is based on USA copyright laws. If you are stationed outside US jurisdiction, please check your own government's laws regarding copyright. To see if your country shares copyright r
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