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Stay With Me (Cheater!Levi X Reader) AU by Greystream, literature

Awakening [Satoshi Isshiki x Reader] Soulmate AU by abvore, literature

War of Jealousy (Levi X Reader) by Halice042, literature

Frustrated - Levi x Reader (LIME) by TheQueenOlivia, literature

LevixAbused!Reader: Safe Comfort - |AU| by Katarinat, literature

Levi Rivaille x Reader ~Hide and Seek~ by IntrovertNarwhal, literature

The Skilled Art of Flirting: Hetalia x Fem!Reader by 16CleverTaunts, literature

A Break - Tadashi Hamada x Reader - Big Hero 6 by star4848, literature

Words [AU] (Cheater!Levi x Reader) by royaldere, literature

Erwin x Reader Until My Dying Breath (Prologue) by SilverFoxRedRose, literature

Fanfiction Fanfiction: Reunion by fireworksinthenight, literature

Come back to me Tadashi Hamada x Reader by SignlessVantas69, literature

Studying. (Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste x Reader) by xKiaraAngelx, literature

First time? Older!Hiro x Reader by shyorihamada, literature

Male!Jessica Rabbit/Reader - Laugh it Up! (2/2) by MiyuxTheNobody, literature

F**k Away the Pain (Lemon) [Aizawa x Reader] by TiredButSleepless, literature

Tell Me Everything (Bakugou Katsuki x Reader) by LordSister, literature

Father!Kuroo x Reader: Lovely Troublemakers by EternalAlice24, literature

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