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JackSepticEye (Sean) X Reader
“Sean, it’s a game, not a bloody cult.”
Sean looks up at (Y/N) angrily from the couch as she closes the fridge. She was smiling, his misery and fear bringing her the kind of joy only Sociopaths understand.
“You scared the crap out of me when I was playing a horror game!” He cries picking up a pillow and throwing it at her. Putting up her empty hand she swats it away.
“Then don’t be so cute when you cry.”
He pouts and looks over at the other side of the room, his determined look making it all the more entertaining. As her body comes into view he turns towards the floor, desperate not to make any sort of indication of how he really felt.
(Y/N) hands him his drink and flops down next to him, his sour look still attached to his face. Her smile never fades as she leans over to meet with his downcast eyes. She could see it, the trace of the smile she thought was dorky.
“Sean… Babe.”
He looks
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Springtrap and Deliah (Page 80) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 80) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 1,200 542
Sick!England x Reader - Bath Talk
You were greeted with the gentle, faint aroma of tea and roses once you opened the door to your English friend’s house, his spare key clutched in your hand as you peered inside.
There was nothing out of the ordinary; as usual, Arthur’s house was kept in wonderful condition, with everything clean and not a speck of dust in sight. Closing the door behind you, you quickly locked it and put the key away before sighing.
Arthur had called you earlier, requesting that you come over. He was bedridden at the moment, and he absolutely refused to bring over Alfred to take care of him since last time the American had tried to place a hamburger on his head as a way of curing him.
It was funny, yes, but Arthur had informed you that he’d rather not have ‘that greasy morsel’ – you were quoting his words – on his forehead.
“Arthur?” you called out softly, quietly climbing the stairs so you wouldn’t disturb the ill Englishman.
There was
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Watch over you (Loki x Reader) One-shot
Your heart was throbbing violently in your ears. Every inch of your body hurt and your throat had never been this dry before. You slowly opened your eyes, getting blinded by the sunlight coming through the windows in your room in Stark Tower.
You had been there several months now as an addition to the team, but mostly to keep an eye on Loki. After everything that had happened on Asgard Loki had been banished. The Asgardians had demanded his death, but his brother, Thor, had offered the God of mischief mercy, sending him back to earth to serve the very people he had so desperately tried to kill when he first arrived on earth.
When you had first learned of the real reason for your promotion you had been furious. Fury knew as well as anyone else what Loki had done to you. You could still hear his voice in your head sometimes, ordering you to kill innocent people. You had been under his spell, just like Clint, and there had been nothing you could do about it. You had been in the wrong plac
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RWBY - Enclosed [Ruby X Jaune] by IzharDraws RWBY - Enclosed [Ruby X Jaune] :iconizhardraws:IzharDraws 360 28 Undertale - Sans is Getting Bullied by octone-berri Undertale - Sans is Getting Bullied :iconoctone-berri:octone-berri 5,230 991 TMOM Issue 13 page 7 by Gigi-D TMOM Issue 13 page 7 :icongigi-d:Gigi-D 372 39
Teach me how to dance with you (Steve x Reader)
‘Just show me…’ Steve cried out to you, sighing.
‘I don’t know,’ you replied to you best friend of three years. ‘I don’t think it suits me.’ You looked at yourself in the mirror, wearing the dress you had bought a few hours earlier to wear to a party Tony Stark was hosting in Stark Tower. It hugged your body and floated around you as you walked. It was truly a beautiful dress, but you didn’t know if you were confident enough to wear it.
‘Yeah… I bet you look awful in it’, Steve sighed again. In the time you had been in your bedroom he had put on the suit Tony had given him to wear, cleaned your messy kitchen and even managed to watch the whole eight o’clock news.
You swallowed hard, looking at yourself one last time, before finally making your way back to the living room. Steve was sitting on your couch, his arms spread across the back. He was wearing a suit Tony had specially made for him and you felt
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UNDERWAY (Zootopia Story) 16 by Neytirix UNDERWAY (Zootopia Story) 16 :iconneytirix:Neytirix 3,552 122
So Cold [AU] (Cheater!Levi x Reader)
Listen to this while reading: Click Here
Her face glowed from the light source of the small screen. Tears dripped down from her cheek, creating small puddles on her phone. She felt heartbroken, betrayed, and used. All the signs were there, the way he put their relationship on a back-burner, and now with proof of his scandalous affair. Out of all the people she thought would betray her, she never thought it would be him.
He was so dependent on her, after all she was the first one to show him what love truly was. He didn't grow up in a perfect family, his father was never in the picture and his mother died when he was young. His uncle took him in, but would verbally and physically abuse him.
And then she came into the picture, her arms open wide, she rescued him from the chains of darkness and showed him the light. Her words were soft-spoken, unlike his uncle's- full of hatred and disgust. Her hands were used to embrace him
:iconroyaldere:royaldere 553 71
Safe With You (Makoto Tachibana x Reader)
    The sky rumbled with a haughty authority, the sheer power of the thunder making the ground shake. The sounds rolled in with each quick flash of red hot lightning that back lit the black clouds. Two shadowy figures fled down the streets of Iwatobi, holding each others hands as they tried to keep ahead of the rain.
    "It'll be quicker to go to my house." Makoto decided, glancing up at  street sign.
    You eagerly nodded at the chance to get out of this terrible weather. Fat drops of rain started to drip from the clouds, soon gathering in large silver sheets water. The roads seemed longer than usual in your miserable state. You both stumbled around in the blinding storm, trooping up the steep steps to Makoto's home. He somehow found his keys in his sopping bag  to let the both of you rush inside.
    "Thank goodness. I thought we were going to drown out there." You joked.
    The brunet flicked the
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Doublejeu02-10 by Tresity Doublejeu02-10 :icontresity:Tresity 159 9
Dean Winchester x Reader: Just Kiss Already!
"No, (y/n). You can't love both Pop music and Classic Rock," Dean emphasized as he walked beside her down the side walk. They, along with Sam and Cas, had just finished eating dinner at a diner and were on their way back to the hotel they checked into for the night. The city they were at currently had some incidences that pointed towards the supernatural. (y/n) knew something was wrong, and somehow managed to convince stubborn Dean to investigate. Castiel and Sam knew better than to think twice about the woman's intuitions. She was almost right every time. It baffled them that Dean didn't have complete trust in her yet, considering she started helping them a year ago. Something was off, and it bothered Sam. 
After some snooping around, he figured out why Dean acted so macho around (y/n). His brother liked her. A lot. Sam didn't bring it up to Dean, letting things run their course between the two. Castiel knew (y/n) had feelings for Dean, too, noticing how she
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Shadamy Comic : Pg 38 by Zketcherz Shadamy Comic : Pg 38 :iconzketcherz:Zketcherz 264 31
Secret [Draco Malfoy x Reader]
As the war had ended every student was sent home to their family's while Hogwarts was being repaired. Of course, you were happy, being back with your father and not needing to worry about Voldemort ever returning. Yet, even with the Dark Lord dead, you couldn't help but have worry creeping in the back of your mind. You weren't worried over the Dark Lord or the Death Eaters, after all, they deserved what they got after killing your brother Cedric. No, you were worried of one person, and one person only.
Draco Malfoy.
No matter what people thought about him, it was all because of the act he had put on. He wasn't really evil, nor did he really want to bully other students. Yes, he did believe in blood purity strongly, but it was all cue to his fathers raising methods. But even so, all his Slytherin friends were with him only for his status. Draco himself knew that too, but figured it was better like that than being alone.
And then there was you, (F/n) Diggory. A nobody Hufflepuff that no
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I got a job for you boys (Zootopia Story) 13 by Neytirix I got a job for you boys (Zootopia Story) 13 :iconneytirix:Neytirix 2,313 89 GOTF issue 17 page 12 by EvanStanley GOTF issue 17 page 12 :iconevanstanley:EvanStanley 775 187
Please, Just Hold Me (Loki x Reader)
"Loki..." You murmured, hugging the pillow like a surrogate teddy bear. "Please."
The room changed. At least the air did. You could feel him now, his heavy presence permeating the darkness.  A warm hand pressed into your back, soothing your aching body for a moment. You laid still among your bedsheets, waiting for him to crawl in after you. Loki still hovered over your being, looking concerned under a thick mask of arrogance.
"You called?" He tilted his head, rounding the room so he could face your tear filled eyes. "My love, who has hurt you?"
You tried to answer before choking back a sob, dissolving into a deeper sadness. Trying to say it aloud made the pain sharper.
"Tell me his name. Tell me so I can cut his mortal string short. I'll make him feel a pain much worse than yours." Loki spoke through gritted teeth.
"Don't." You whispered with a crack in your voice. "Could you, I, I just need you to hold me."
He finally got into the bed, his armor disappearing out of necessity. He
:iconnumbuh1000:Numbuh1000 731 96
Why? [Levi x Shy!Reader]
(A/N: According to Wikia, he is actually older than 30. But for the sake of this story, I'm making him around his late 20's! Really hope you enjoy this one shot. I made it up real fast.) 
It hadn’t been long since you were placed under Levi’s squad. To you, mostly, it was a little strange as you thought you were originally going to be placed under Hanji, whom you were more interested in with her experiments than anything else… However, Levi had volunteered to take you in. And you didn’t know why. You like the idea of being hand-picked by him, to be part of his special operation squad next to Eren, Mikasa, and Armin. But you had a knack of intelligence when science and experiments are involved, so it would make sense if you had joined Hanji’s side.
You also didn’t quite get to interact with the corporal, but judging by his venomous personality and temperament that you witnessed as he presented in in court during Eren's trial, you could say
:iconryuuichisan:Ryuuichisan 466 30
You're mine... Jeff the Killer x Reader
Your P.O.V
"Come on (y/n)!!" Your friend (f/n) shouted impatiently, tugging on the sleeve of your black hoodie. Your (e/c) eyes flashed to her, a frightened expression painted on your face. "There is n-no way in h-hell I'm going in there!" You shouted back, watching (f/n) roll her eyes at you. There's probably no one in there anyway! Come on (y/n)!!" She stated imperiously, starting to walk towards the door.
You and (f/n) were going in to snoop around the old, corrupted house of 'Jeff the Killer'... (f/n) always thought it was a load of baloney, but taking a second glance at the dead trees and grass, the shattered glass windows and the yellow police tape... Your body began to break down in shivers. "W-Wait (f/n)!" you shuddered, racing after her.
Jeff's P.O.V
"Oh? Looks like I have guests...!" I chuckled to myself, watching two girls enter my front door,. However... One of them caught my unblinking eye. Her (s/c) soft, skin shone in the moonlight, she had (h/c) supple hair which covere
:iconbloodylolipop13:BloodyLolipop13 323 223
Frustrated - Levi x Reader (LIME)
♛ Author's Note: This story contains racy foreplay and implies sex. Reader is over 18.
Captain Levi had been especially shitty to you recently. He usually treated you like the other soldiers, but lately, you noticed he'd been targeting you. All throughout training, he’d reprimand you for stupid reasons. It felt like he’d been watching you more carefully, and though the thought made you happy, you soon discovered this new-found attention wasn’t as great as you’d imagined. This meant he criticized every little thing you did and pointed out every mistake you made.
You had just gone through the morning with a pit in your stomach. You couldn't tell if the problem was physical; it came from deep inside—you felt as if you were missing something. You felt . . . empty.  And to top it off, you weren't able to put your finger on the feeling, so you had no idea how to prevent it. It made you irritable and rigid.
“(F/n).” A scrutinizi
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Pucca: WYIM Page 103 by LittleKidsin Pucca: WYIM Page 103 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 518 99