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Springtrap and Deliah (Page 40) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 40) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 941 249 Springtrap and Deliah (Page 42) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 42) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 927 144
l a u g h | Sousuke X Pregnant!Reader [RQ]
For the lovely 
 | l a u g h |
The urge to interrupt him before he had finished was overwhelming. You pressed your thighs together hoping it would help stave off the uncomfortable feeling in your lower abdomen. Your handsome husband remained oblivious as he faced your bump with a picture book in one hand as he read enthusiastically. Once you both found out you were expecting, Sousuke became very adamant on looking after you and your unborn child. Whether it was joining you in prenatal classes, talking to Rin about how his wife's pregnancy was like or massaging your swollen feet and ankles and much more. 
That's it. I can't take it anymore.
    "...and so, the little mermaid-"
Sousuke looks up from the story book and a chuckle escapes his lips. He watches you waddle to the ensuite with your hands already reaching towards them hem of your dress, preparing yourself for the wonders of an empty bladder. After the sound of a flush, your ears perk u
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Cuddles? (LeviXReader)
You sat on the couch, knees tucked up against your chest, your hands hugging underneath your knees, and stared.
What you were staring at was a desk.
On top of that desk were mounds of paper.
And behind that desk was a chair.
In that chair sat a certain Corporal, who also happened to be your boyfriend, with midnight locks and steely blue eyes, attempting to conquer the mountain of paperwork before him, his gaze never leaving from it.
You gave the oblivious man a scowl. He was always working, always doing more paperwork, always never having anytime to do “pointless things”, like the “pointless thing” you wanted to do now.
And boy were you tired of sitting on the couch alone. It was time to take action.
“Oh Leviiiii~,” you sang, getting up and sauntering to the front of his desk. He flicked his gaze up at you, though his pen continued to dance across his paper. He raised an eyebrow, and you decided to be blunt with him. “Stop doing your pa
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Titan!ErenxReader Massive Affection
                             Tuesday July 12,855 12:45pm
"maybe a little but don't worry ____! everything will be good!"
There stood you and hanji butting heads as eren stands there awkwardly. He scratches the back of his head; laughing nervously. Hanji wanted to experiment to see how long Eren could keep his titan form. You were against it; it would bring to much unwanted attention.
"Don't worry ____!"  Hanji said with a huge grin on her face,placing a palm in your shoulder. "I got approval by the short corporal! so everything will be fine as long as he's a distant away" Hanji pushed you and eren furthe
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Springtrap and Deliah (Page 81) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 81) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 1,032 237 Pucca: WYIM Page 103 by LittleKidsin Pucca: WYIM Page 103 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 510 99
Secret [Draco Malfoy x Reader]
As the war had ended every student was sent home to their family's while Hogwarts was being repaired. Of course, you were happy, being back with your father and not needing to worry about Voldemort ever returning. Yet, even with the Dark Lord dead, you couldn't help but have worry creeping in the back of your mind. You weren't worried over the Dark Lord or the Death Eaters, after all, they deserved what they got after killing your brother Cedric. No, you were worried of one person, and one person only.
Draco Malfoy.
No matter what people thought about him, it was all because of the act he had put on. He wasn't really evil, nor did he really want to bully other students. Yes, he did believe in blood purity strongly, but it was all cue to his fathers raising methods. But even so, all his Slytherin friends were with him only for his status. Draco himself knew that too, but figured it was better like that than being alone.
And then there was you, (F/n) Diggory. A nobody Hufflepuff that no
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Boop You Little Brat (LeviXReader)
(General warning about language because it wouldn’t be Levi without it)
Tugging the blankets fully over your head, you turned your body to the wall, attempting to ignore the voice.
“[F/n], get your ass outta bed!” The voice said, clearly getting pissed off as they were once again ignored.
The voice let out a snort of exasperation.  “Fine.  I tried, Krista.  She’s not moving, so let’s just go, I don’t need to get in trouble with shortstack again.”  The sound of stomping footsteps retreating from your little nest followed, along with the door opening and slamming shut.
Taking in a deep breath, you exhaled slowly.  Finally, now I can sleep… You thought as your body slipped back into slumber, resuming some weird-ass dream that Jean was actually half horse and Sasha had turned into a giant potato. (Im really sorry I just haD TO)
Levi narrowed his eye
:iconkokohanek:kokohanek 1,384 313
Flowey Is Not a Good Life Coach - Chap. 2, page 4 by fluffySlipper Flowey Is Not a Good Life Coach - Chap. 2, page 4 :iconfluffyslipper:fluffySlipper 229 30 Pucca: WYIM Page 133 by LittleKidsin Pucca: WYIM Page 133 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 613 103
Loki X Reader: Popcorn
(Name) sighed and got up for what seemed like the millionth time that hour. With being one of the most impressive agents S.H.E.I.L.D has, they trusted her with housing their latest criminal from another realm. Being temporarily out of service with they rebuilt Stark Tower.
And being also the youngest, Agent Fury came up with some lame excuse how he is giving her a chance to do her country a favor. (Name) knew she was really doing Fury a favor and what he really meant was, “you’re the youngest and I’m your boss. I don’t want to deal with him!”
And currently the ‘him’ in question is living with the young Agent, and making a mess of her usually tidy kitchen. She made her way to the kitchen to see Loki, as hot as ever, but also surrounded by popped popcorn and an innocent, kicked puppy dog, look on his face as if to say it wasn’t his fault. But (Name) knew better. It was totally him, God of Mischief. Stuart, her tabby cat, was making himself
:iconmomooverholt:MoMoOverholt 1,150 240
Spring Cleaning - Levi x Reader - Short Fluff
[Author's Notes]: A rather short, light-hearted, mildly fluffy piece depicting a rather ordinary, everyday interaction between the demanding Lance Corporal and an incredibly tolerant and patient Cadet.  The ending is a little humorous and unexpected, especially considering how Levi is normally portrayed in both canon and fanfiction.  Hope you enjoy.
Warnings for language.
--- Spring Cleaning --
For the dutiful and self-sacrificing soldiers of the Recon Corps, peaceful days were far and few in between.  Precious moments like these were far too rare to waste lazing about doing nothing.  As such, Lance Corporal Levi took it upon himself to include - no, force, rather - everyone residing at the old castle to participate in his favourite day-to-day activity.
Also, with the new year and the promise of an early spring, Humanity's Greatest Soldier decreed that entire castle should be dusted, scrubbed, washed and polished to a gleaming stat
:iconcherrypikkins:cherrypikkins 1,040 168
Delicate (Bucky x Pregnant! Reader)
Delicate (Bucky x Pregnant! Reader) for AstroCanine
The clock ticked away as you were lounging on the couch, walking your fingers along your swollen abdomen. Late in your third trimester, you couldn’t wait to see your baby, to hold him, cuddle him, and call him your own. A sudden thud against your fingers caused a smile to grow on your face. You called out to your husband, Bucky, who was currently drying his hands from washing the dishes.
“Bucky, honey?”
“Yes, (y/n)?” He walked out of the kitchen and sat beside you on the loveseat.
“The baby’s kicking,” you whispered, cradling your bowed middle.
“Oh,” he said sheepishly, avoiding your gaze as he shuffled away from his spot. You were confused by your husband’s strange behavior, feeling a bit hurt by his neglect. He'd been acting this way ever since you first announced that you were pregnant; avoiding contact with either you or the baby and even going as far as sleeping in
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OC Bio and Profile Template
Original Character Bio/Profile Template
Hair color:
Eye color:
Birth town:
Previous towns:
Current town:
Birth allegiance:
Previous allegiances:
Current allegiance:
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LevixAbused!Reader: Safe Comfort - |AU|
“I don’t care.”
That’s what you said that night when you jumped out your window and fled into the darkness.
But honestly, you did. You were intoxicated by never ending fear that ate you alive day by day. You would never admit that to others, though.
Fear used to stop you from leaving for the night. Now, it only crept into your soul when you thought about it.
Your favorite time of the day was when the sun would finally set and darkness would take its place. It was when your parents went to sleep, and you were a percent or two less than one hundred percent sure that they wouldn’t be seeking you till morning.
You arrived at a two story house half a mile away from yours, and you knocked on the door and waited, sitting on the welcome mat to ease the aching. You heard shuffling in the house before the door slammed open. There stood Levi wrapped in a blanket, one hand clutching the fabric, the other resting by his side in a fist.
“What the hell, it’s
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Naruto Japanese Dictionary
General Language Notes
1)    Insults.  Mostly, these come in the form of impolite pronouns.  Words like “kisama” and “yarou” aren’t technically dirty names, they’re just very impolite.  Occasionally, as is the case with school children, these can become as creative as most American insults, ranging from impugning a person’s intelligence to impugning their direct genetic makeup.
2)    Plurals.  The only way of expressing plural (aside from using numbers) is with a special noun ending.  The suffix “-tachi” is the polite way of doing this; it expresses a group of things.  For instance, “Bob-san-tachi” means Bob and whoever happens to be associated with him by context – this could mean all the people sitting at the same table with Bob, all of Bob’s closest friends, Bob’s closest coworkers, or whatever.  The suffix “-ra” is the impolite/informal way o
:iconmerianmoriarty:MerianMoriarty 817 218
Flappy Bird [Loki x Reader]
Warning! Strong language.
Loki and Tony jumped at the loud voice and turned to look at the owner who sat on the sofa curled up as a ball. ”CAN'T YOU FLY STRAIGHT?!”
”What is she doing...?” Loki questioned, not taking his eyes of off you as you continued tapping on your phone screen.
”I don't know....” Tony answered ”But I advice that you stay away from her.”
”THIS BIRD!!!” you yelled and shot up from the sofa, glaring at your phone ”WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!”
”Oh.” Tony commented as he continued to watch you yell at your phone.
”What?” Loki asked, looking over to the man of iron.
”She's playing Flappy Bird.”
”What is that?”
”A game from hell.” Tony answered darkly before he took his coffee and left the room, leaving Loki alone in the same room as the pissed off woman.
”Miss. _____?”
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Pucca: WYIM Page 101 by LittleKidsin Pucca: WYIM Page 101 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 602 106
Ciel/Reader - I'm Not That Girl
Ciel/Reader one-shot - I'm Not That Girl
Link to song --->
Hands touch, eyes meet
Sudden silence, sudden heat
Hearts leap in a giddy whirl
He could be that boy
But I'm not that girl.
Standing off to the side of the dining room like you always did. You stood there alone with your hands held in front of you as you solemnly watched the Young Master and Lady Elizabeth sitting at the long dining table eating and drinking tea together. You painfully watched the two enjoying their time together. It made you so frustrated with yourself getting so worked up over this like you always did. Whenever Lady Elizabeth came to the Phantomhive household you always fully out-right dreaded it. Because her presence would always remind you of the very thing you could never have and that was Ciel Phantomhive, the Young Master himself. 
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 511 84
Apologize (Cheater!Levi X Reader) AU
~A/N: This Is A Part Four To My Cheater!Levi Series, Parts 1-3 Are Listed In The Description Below.
Listen As You Read! ~

I'd take another chance,
Take a fall, take a shot for you, oh, oh.
I need you like a heart needs a beat,
But it's nothin' new,

If time could change, he'd do it all over again.
If life would let him, he'd do it differently.
But he can't, and he never will.
He missed you oh so dearly. His only wish was to turn back the clock and erase all of his thoughtless, idiotic and foolish crimes against such a pure and innocent soul like yours. What had you ever done to not deserve his undivided attention and devoted adoration, and instead be lied to without any pity? He now understood he that loved you. That he needed you. You were his only last hold onto life itself, keeping him from staggering into insanity, and he did nothing but take you for granted and abuse your kindness and generosity. What kind of a man wa
:icongreystream:Greystream 612 267
Nothing is wrong! - Loki x Reader
You were spread out on the sofa in your apartment, a bowl that used to be filled with ice cream on the table and the TV turned on. You let out a satisfied sigh and smiled weakly.
”It finally settled down. No more pain for a while.” you mumbled as you decided to try and sit up. ”NOPE!” you quickly flopped back down and curled into a ball as the pain shot though you.
You rocked back and forth, trying to ignore the pain. But that didn't end well since the next thing you knew you were lying on the floor in even more pain.
”What are you doing?” a voice asked from the door while you were slowly trying to turn around to lay on your stomach instead of your back. Loki stood by the door, leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed over his chest. Yes, the God of Mischief was in your apartment. Not that it was anything special since he visited pretty often considering he was your boyfriend.
”They are going to explode...” you muttered as soo
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