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Time (Eleventh Doctor!Reader x Various SNK) [2]
I set the TARDIS upright again, noticing she had taken quite a beating during my regeneration.
Before I left, however, I walked through one of the many different corridors and into the massive wardrobe. Almost instantly I found the perfect new outfit for myself. Discarding my tattered shirt and trousers, I replaced them with a new shirt and tweed jacket with a red bowtie and a dark blue pencil skirt with matching suspenders, and I replaced my old red converse shoes with a pair of leather ankle boots.
Satisfied, I left the TARDIS to fix herself up. However, upon inspection of my surroundings, I noticed that I wasn’t in the spot where I was only five minutes ago. In fact I wasn’t even sure if I had actually been gone for only five minutes considering that when I left the trio it was dark and now it seemed to be about midday. Not only that, but now the TARDIS was now parked in front of a large castle.
I slowly approached the castle when suddenly I felt something cold and metal
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Time (Eleventh Doctor!Reader x Various SNK) [1]
I was falling. Or was it crashing? Either way, I wasn't in the best position. I grabbed onto the railing near the console, holding myself up as best as I could. Suddenly, we made heavy contact with the ground and I lost my grip, falling deeper into the depths of the TARDIS.
Quickly, I swam to the surface only to discover I was in the library… and the swimming pool.
Somehow I managed to find a grappling hook amongst the smoking and destroyed TARDIS, and I shot straight up, hooking on to the front door, I started pulling myself up.
I was totally soaked and for some reason I really felt like having an apple.
Once at the top, my eyes landed on a group of three kids, no older than ten years old. Each looked at me with wide eyes.
“Can I have an apple?” I asked, “All I can think about – apples. I love apples. Maybe I'm having a craving. That's new. I've never had cravings before. Look at that.”
“Uh… are you alright?” asked t
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RWBY FanArt - Rella Spring Design by ReBeatStudio RWBY FanArt - Rella Spring Design :iconrebeatstudio:ReBeatStudio 95 14
Time (Eleventh Doctor!Reader x Various SNK) [3]
I rushed back to the TARDIS with the trio, Levi, and Jean hot on my trail. I had also somehow managed to acquire a few more people. There were two brunettes; one with glasses and one without, a short blonde girl and a taller dark haired girl, and three boys – two of which had hair (blonde and dark brown). Even that blonde man from earlier joined us. Arriving in front of my infamous blue box I pulled out my key and unlocked it when –
“Hold on, what the hell is a police box?” I turned around and saw I was being glared at by Levi and stared at bewilderingly by everyone else.
“It’s a phone box!” I answered with a smile. “You know, so you can ring the police on the street!”
“What’s a phone?” the blonde girl asked confusedly, I raised a brow and tilted my head.
“Umm… what year is it?”
“You mean you don’t know?” asked the girl with the glasses.
“It’s been a l
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Anatomy Lesson (2P!ChinaXChubby?Reader) Ch 1
So I've been converted into 2P China trash by this person right here====> :iconxYourHero: <=====All their fault. But on a serious level if you aren't watching then WTH are you waiting for!? LOOK AT EVERYTHING! *whispers*  especially the 2p headcanons, I stG.... That aside Updates for this are going to be sporadic as per usual but hey I found a way to combine at least four things I love so there you go. Remember feedback is a good thing! Til next update EDIT: HERE'S THE NEXT CHAP =D 
The grounds of the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus were parched. The sun was particularly unforgiving that summer and the flat level plain the campus had been built upon only aggravated the situation. Despite the head, the row of flowering shrubs continued to bloom up the stretch of road that led up to the medical scie
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Anatomy Lesson (2p!ChinaXChubby!Reader) Ch 2
Hello friend! This is the second part of Anatomy Lesson! If you want to read the first part here's a link :).
Summary of Chapter 1. School is in session! You've made it into a new exchange medical programme. Things are slow now but let's see what the year has in store~
A new day was starting on the UWI campus. The it was only around 7:30 am, but the chill of the morning had long since been dispelled by the rising sun. The campus wasn’t quite awake yet. Solid looking clouds drifted lazily across a cerulean blue sky. The morning was perfect for taking some time for early morning studying or some introspective thinking. So serene, so fresh...
You wiped the sweat from your forehead, knowing fully well the action was futile. The Campus Shuttle Bus had long since left you and Imani at your dorm. On the other FREAKING side of the SCHOOL! The one time it doesn’t run late!
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PrussiaxReader I Will Shoot You... 5
You hummed along to your iPod as you walked towards your original shooting spot. The trees glistened in the setting evening sun, the sound of gentle rustling just audible over your music. A light breeze blew, signaling the coming cool of the night.
You adjusted your grip on your bow as you neared your shooting spot. You knew it probably wasn’t a good idea to go back to the spot as you might run into your arch nemesis, but he had agreed to leave you alone… you shrugged off your apprehension. It was your spot, period.
The forest was quickly growing dark. You had set off later than you would have normally, and the sun was almost gone now. You did a little dance in time with your music, enjoying yourself more than you had for a while. You emerged into your clearing, eyes closed as you listened to your music. It wasn’t until you opened your eyes to set down your things that you noticed you weren’t actually alone in your clearing.  
Gilbert stood there,
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Anatomy Lesson (2p! ChinaXChubby!Reader) Chapter 5
okay so I've been gone for a long while, I'll have a journal about my absence Meanwhile, here's a link to the last chapter!
Here's a link to the first one if you wanna start from the beginning =D
Special thanks to :iconNevermoremist: for proofreading! Ah rate yuh, my girl! :happybounce:
"Do you know that feeling when you're trying to study and it literally feel like a pressure in your head like your brain is telling you 'Nope, not today.' ?" you wondered aloud. Imani groaned and shlumped over in her seat.  
"My girl, it a lick mi ebbry day," she despaired. (Trans: I have this feeling every day girl,)
Kuro scowled at you over from over his notes.  
"Please keep it down, some of us are trying to study."  
With th
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{Ren x reader} Cake and kisses
((If you don't know who Ren or NU'EST is, then look them up! They are the silliest group of boys that you'll ever see! Plus, they are uber duber talented! Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this x reader! (。◝‿◜。) ))
   You sighed as you grabbed the tray of half-eaten food with one hand and held it against your hip, pushing a strand of (h/c) behind your ear with the other. You were currently working overtime at the exhaustingly busy cafe/book store. For a boring place, it was always was occupied with squealing fan-girls since it was a hot-spot for popular k-pop bands to come and visit. It seemed like a good place to work when you were searching, not knowing of its popularity, and now you were stuck dealing with wild girls that thought every hot looking male was a super star. You grumbled at the last time you had to deal with that and continued with your work.
   You pushed through a small group of girls that were rude enough t
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Sentry of SHADO - A strange story (7) by Melvlo Sentry of SHADO - A strange story (7) :iconmelvlo:Melvlo 17 0 Roy Sketch by ajbluesox Roy Sketch :iconajbluesox:ajbluesox 64 10
Sesshomaru, My Sesshomaru Ch.1
Sesshomaru, My Sesshomaru
By: Aurora Collins
Disclaimers: I do not own InuYasha or any of the characters associated with it. I'm only borrowing the characters to amuse myself and hopefully others. ^__^
Ch. 1 Shattered Dreams
The trees were coming back to life with new leaves covering the branches and an array of colorful flowers filled the fields. The sweet scent carried on the gentle breeze, casting a soothing feeling over the little village by the river. Butterflies and hummingbirds were flittering everywhere as the somber winter mood lifted from the presence of spring.  
Although the darkness of winter and the mood it casted did not leave everybody. A miko was at the riverbank, completing another load of laundry. She scrubbed at the material with cruel fingers until they felt raw. Feeling defeated, her head lulled down, holding back the apparent tears.
“Kagome,” a voice called out.
Kagome’s head shot up as she spotted Sango coming down the riverbank with her s
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Anatomy Lesson (2P!China X Chubby!Reader) Ch 4
Hey Everyone! Guess who's back? I'm so tired ans stressed and like socially exhausted beyond belief but I'm back Now This si the fourth part of Anatomy Lesson, If you wanna read the previous chapter, click here!
If you wanna start from the beginning though here is where you wanna go!
WARNING: In this particular one I go into some description for the cadavers. So be careful if you are someone who gets squeamish about those kind of things okay?
P.S. My Irl anatomy professor is exactly like that XD
Some second year students looked down at the ground floor from the one above. A girl laughed and nudged her friend.
"Were we so hype? I never remembered being so excited to go into the anatomy lab,"
The other girl shrugged and the duo watched the scene unfolding below them.
The g
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Le Orange by NevanAnxa Le Orange :iconnevananxa:NevanAnxa 80 48 Part Of The Team by PrennCooder Part Of The Team :iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 33 141 Shooting Star Keyblade by SwirleePJ Shooting Star Keyblade :iconswirleepj:SwirleePJ 16 4 TioL: episode 15 preview by PerrythePlatypusGirl TioL: episode 15 preview :iconperrytheplatypusgirl:PerrythePlatypusGirl 18 15
Beast Boy rolled out of bed around eleven, he always seemed to sleep in when it was raining. As his body fell form the top bunk he morphed into a cat and landed gracefully on to all fours. He proceeded to do his daily stretches in that form, making sure all of his limbs were cramp free. Once he was finished and back to human form he went to his closet to find a clean uniform, after smelling everything he had he be picked the one that was the least dirty. Following that daily routine he began to make his way to the kitchen.
It had been three weeks since the Titans had defeated Brother Hood of Evil. As for the Titans that ended up coming back to Titans Tower, they had all made their way home by now. Robin made sure that no one stayed for more than a few days, that is except the ones who needed more attention from a certain purple haired goth.
Beast Boy never knew that Raven had a soft spot for kids, he had often assumed that she didn't have a soft spot for anything or anyone. However as
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TMNT x reader 2/9
"Leo!!" Happy to see your friend you jump up and hug him tightly. He chuckles and repeats the gesture. shortly afterwards you let go of him and look at him.
"It's good to see you Leo."
"It's good to see you too (y/N). And without open wounds." He points to your hands and you remember your last encounter together.
"It has been two months... those kind of injuries heal fast. But... how are you?" With  a slight concern you look at the turtle.
"Everything is now okay (y/N). Thanks to the teacher I had, I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. And... and I'm sorry that I hurt you."
"It's okay Leo. I'm glad you're finally back to your old self."
"It's good to hear that. But now to the more important stuff. Have you hear anything about my brothers or Master Splinter?" The happiness that was just in his voice had vanished and replaced with concern and a slight hint of sadness. You avert your eyes and shake your head.
"No, nothing at all. I got in contact with April but she.."
"I know
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My FMA OCs by ajbluesox My FMA OCs :iconajbluesox:ajbluesox 9 28 Aileron Ch.1: Won but Lost by ShadowMagpie Aileron Ch.1: Won but Lost :iconshadowmagpie:ShadowMagpie 54 27