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You've Gotta Be Kidding Me! (Avengers x Reader)

Let's say that this is post-Age of Ultron where Pietro was still alive, Bruce hadn't wonder off to who knows where, Loki is on Earth to redeem his sins, Laura Barton never exist, and Brutasha never happened.

I own nothing. Not the Avengers, not the characters, and not the pic.

When you opened your eyes, you instantly regretted it.
You shielded your eyes from the burning light. When your eyes finally adapted to the lightings, you took in your surroundings. You were in a familiar room. But you didn't think you've been there before. It just that you thought you knew this room. It was quiet, but not dead quiet. You kept looking around you in silence, until a voice startled you.
"Good morning, miss."
"Who's there?!" You immediately jumped out of the bed you'd be
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