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A Burglary at Baker Street 11
CHAPTER 11: Captivity
Euan's brow knit at the strange words coming out of his find, but his inquiries were interrupted by Geoff nearly barreling into him trying to get a better look at Sam. The little guy flinched, staring up at the massive new human.
"Ooh, that one's a looker," he grinned. "Almost as big as your one, in't he? And American, too! He'll feel right at home."
Euan smirked. "He may catch eyes, but as you can see he's got quite the mouth on him. We'll have to fix that." With a dark gleam in his eye, he tightened his fist around Sam to cease his infernal squirming.
"Finally, something fun might happen around here," Geoff chuckled, leaning against a table with his hands in his pockets.
Stepping toward the repository, Euan fiddled with the padlock on the top-leftmost container, just below his eye level. After he wrenched the lock off, he swung open the clear door and unceremoniously dumped Sam into it. "You can say hello to my little bird, morsel," he said, relish
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