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Sailor Lain 13 by SenshiStock Sailor Lain 13 :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 255 26 Sailor Lain 2 by SenshiStock Sailor Lain 2 :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 233 65 Sailor Lain 7 by SenshiStock Sailor Lain 7 :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 83 7 Sailor Lain 6 by SenshiStock Sailor Lain 6 :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 207 17 Sailor Lain 1 by SenshiStock Sailor Lain 1 :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 78 31 Sailor Lain 11 by SenshiStock Sailor Lain 11 :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 133 10 Sailor Lain 8-10 by SenshiStock Sailor Lain 8-10 :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 131 39 Sailor Lain 3 by SenshiStock Sailor Lain 3 :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 190 18 Sailor Lain 14 by SenshiStock Sailor Lain 14 :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 72 10 Sailor Lain 5 by SenshiStock Sailor Lain 5 :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 167 21 Sailor Lain 12 by SenshiStock Sailor Lain 12 :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 80 4 Sailor Lain 4 by SenshiStock Sailor Lain 4 :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 53 7 Relevamp for Windows 7 FINAL by asilaydyingdl Relevamp for Windows 7 FINAL :iconasilaydyingdl:asilaydyingdl 44 43 Codex: The Computer Whiz by Stock7000 Codex: The Computer Whiz :iconstock7000:Stock7000 32 10 Fake Pokemon Game Monster Aquoth MMO RPG by MonsterMMORPG Fake Pokemon Game Monster Aquoth MMO RPG :iconmonstermmorpg:MonsterMMORPG 22 0 Network Card by pnn32 Network Card :iconpnn32:pnn32 41 43
Trollhemian Rhapsody
Trollhemian Rhapsody
Is this IRL?
Is this just online?
Caught in a shitstorm,
No escape from reality.
Open a tab,
Look up /b/ and see...
I'm just a poor troll,
I'm gonna make you BAW,
Cause you're easy prey,
Lots of tears,
Little butt,
Little Hurt,
All of your logic,
doesn't really matter to me.
Mama, just trolled a fag.
Acted retarded as I had planned,
He got mad and now I'm banned,
Mama, I had just subscribed,
But now I've gone and thrown it all away,
Maaama, oooOOoooo, didn't mean to take it far,
Its not repealed this time tomorrow,
Carry on, carry on, as if nothing really matters.
Too late, my account is banned,
Sent email confirmes my time,
As if trolling is a crime,
Goodbye, website, I've got to go,
Got to leave it all behind and face the truth,
Maaaama! OOOoooooOooo, I don't want to restart!
I sometimes wish I had never even trolled at all!
*Epic Guitar Solo*
I see a little bitty newfag crying,
Please Mods, Please Mods, will you please un-ban me!?
No messages, inte
:iconphantomtroll:phantomtroll 50 29
Digital Valkyrie 3VE by Toughset Digital Valkyrie 3VE :icontoughset:Toughset 77 6 LAN Party by ctrl-alt-delete LAN Party :iconctrl-alt-delete:ctrl-alt-delete 17 4 Xenoperil Chronicles 2: Nia and Poppi by Shaded-Seraphim Xenoperil Chronicles 2: Nia and Poppi :iconshaded-seraphim:Shaded-Seraphim 81 19 Fake Pokemon Game Monster Pyroth MMO RPG by MonsterMMORPG Fake Pokemon Game Monster Pyroth MMO RPG :iconmonstermmorpg:MonsterMMORPG 18 0