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Stamp: I Read BANNED Books by tranimation-art Stamp: I Read BANNED Books :icontranimation-art:tranimation-art 1,866 2,439 You Vs You by StephenMcCranie You Vs You :iconstephenmccranie:StephenMcCranie 2,499 447
Crazy, psychopathic, murderer ladies
Sexy, butt-kicking girls
Crazy/random/hyper self-inserts
Depressed emo/goth/always-dresses-in-black types
Angsty/moody/hot teenagers
The brown-haired girl with no personality
The mean, popular, snobby girl
Unreasonably cruel bullies out to make life harder for the main character
The best friend (if they were a good character who *happened* to be a best friend they wouldn't have to be described as this)
Fun fact: Making victim OCs is cliche
Another fun fact: how someone dresses is NOT their personality
Yet another fun fact: People who claim to be random really are not and they know it.
Super bonus fun fact: A character's breast size need NEVER be stated. The end.
Super de duper bonus fun fact: Please, spare us the paragraphs on what the character looks like. It is a story, not a fashion show. A few sentences with mentions of hair color or other select features you find necessary to point out(KEYWORD: NECESSARY) are perfect. After all, how
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EWCOMICS89 - Essay by eddsworld EWCOMICS89 - Essay :iconeddsworld:eddsworld 1,697 272
How To Draw v1.3
Part 1: What is Drawing?
This is how I've come to understand the act of drawing. It’s best to first set the semantics (the specific meaning of the words) straight, so there are no crossed purposes.
By 'drawing' I mean loosely the act of making visually representative marks on a surface.
Anyone can draw. Anyone can attempt to recreate what they see in front of them - or a scene they imagine - by making marks on a piece of paper. If you hear someone say "I can't draw", slap them for me. As long as they have a moving part to which a pencil can be taped, they can draw.
However, "attempt" is the operative word here... because that's all anyone can ever do. They can come indefinitely close to recreating what they see or imagine, but no matter what they produce, it can always be improved upon. Bear this in mind, I’ll come back to it in a moment.
Part 2: Good and Bad
This section is very subjective, so just be aware that what I'm giving you is my opinion on how t
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Sexism in the My Little Pony Fandom: An Essay by Cuddlepug Sexism in the My Little Pony Fandom: An Essay :iconcuddlepug:Cuddlepug 1,216 1,739 The Pokemon Vs. Homework by Cat333Pokemon The Pokemon Vs. Homework :iconcat333pokemon:Cat333Pokemon 1,755 505 It's Graphic Design, Fuck Art by D-O-M-I-N-I-C It's Graphic Design, Fuck Art :icond-o-m-i-n-i-c:D-O-M-I-N-I-C 868 297
How to Write Villanelles
           Villanelles can be quite discouraging; they look simple but are actually quite difficult. However, when mastered, it becomes “technically easy” according to Conrad Geller.  Just like riding a bike, right?  The name Villanelle is derived from the Italian villa, or country house, which is where aristocrats went to “refresh” themselves.  Strangely enough, the form is originally French and only appeared in the English language in the lat 1800s (19th century).  Out of the 19 lines in a Villanelle, only two rhymes are used.  Furthermore, two lines repeat throughout the poem; usually the first and last lines of the first stanza are repeated interchangeably throughout the second, third, fourth, and fifth stanzas (starting with the first line of the first stanza) until the last stanza where both are repeated in the same stanza.
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The Problem with Self Inserts
The Problem with Self Inserts
There is nothing wrong with inserting yourself into a story. Like anything, it can be well done or... not so well done. The fact is, the majority of people who tend to write about self inserts happen to be beginners. Naturally, that causes there to be a pattern of certain, specific mistakes that are frequently found whilst reading anything on the internet. The purpose of this deviation isn't to say that self inserts are bad. I'm simply going to point out the most common mistakes that we usually encounter.
1. Making ourselves better than we really are.
Don't be fooled by the word "better." This can be replaced with mysterious, deep, dark, tragic, romantic, lovable... anything we want. Maybe a mix of a few of those things. The point is, the version of ourselves will be biased.
2. Not making anything bad happen to yourself
Let's talk about the word "bad." Does this mean something, perhaps, like... getting a disease? No. It means anything that interferes with
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Utena Tenjou by ronaldoichi Utena Tenjou :iconronaldoichi:ronaldoichi 132 17 On Avoiding Internet Distractions by StephenMcCranie On Avoiding Internet Distractions :iconstephenmccranie:StephenMcCranie 2,306 293
Essay: Accidental Predator
Accidental Predator
"Real vampires don't sparkle," is the uniting battle-cry of the anti-Twilight series movement. Long-time fans of the vampire fantasy genre all tend to agree that vampires are blood-sucking, night-stalking, sun-fearing, semi-immortal fiends of incalculable strength and power. The drop-dead-sexy definition isn't a foreign idea either. Yet when these defining items come together in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, vampire lovers all over the world have risen up in protest. The mere mention of the series seems an affront to the vampire subject in question. After over a century's worth of exposure to Dracula-stylized vampires, the introduction of this new, different vampire has divided the literary culture.  1
In an attempt to pacify those masses that harbor distaste for Twilight and the subsequent series, here is presented a solution to the controversial issue at hand: the "vampires" in Meyer's Twilight are not vampire
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The Internet by HillaryWhiteRabbit The Internet :iconhillarywhiterabbit:HillaryWhiteRabbit 204 12
Murdering Mary Sue
Murdering Mary Sue
Every aspiring writer has met her at least once, whether in his own works or in those of others. The alluring temptation of a perfect character taunts the author from one side while his muse urges him to keep writing from the other. Who wouldn't love her? She's the most beautiful, talented, fantastic woman in the universe, with not a flaw in sight. Every woman wants to be her; every man wants to marry her, so why would anyone want to kill her? Who would want to murder Mary Sue?
I would. I and many greater authors have been working hard to keep this succubus in her proper place: the trash can. Mary Sue is one of the worst enemies of good fiction, second only to poor spelling and grammar. And the seductress tempts even the most cautious writer. Her many disguises can make her difficult to spot, allowing her to weave her way into every plot twist and turn, slowly destroying the author's work. By the time she’s found, she may have done so much damage that the
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During my career as the „Perverted Art Thief Hunter” I have encountered various plagiarists. I don’t consider myself to be an uber N00B killer (Hell, it takes more than just one person to get the scum banned! So, teamwork, teamwork, teamwork!), but I’m no newbie. And I’d like to share my experience with you.
Why? Some of you may find this essay simply amusing. Some may want to use it as a tutorial. Or just to compare my stories with their own. But let’s not focus on the introduction, and cut to the chase, shall we?
TYPICAL ART THIEF LINES (and what do I think about them)
“You’re just jealous!”
Yes, I am… Of the original artist’s talent, not some low wannabe, who doesn’t even try to lift up a pencil.
“It’s not mine! My brother/sister/cousin/friend/whatever made it!”
In that case I suggest your brother/sister/cousin/friend/whatever get their own account.
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How to evade making a Mary Sue
The “Mary Sue” Guide
This guide is meant to introduce and/or inform you of this threat that is currently attacking storywritting, drawing, Original Character creation (OCs) and fandom/fanfiction in general, not to say Originality itself!
During the course of this guide, you will learn what a Mary Sue is, you’ll identify one when sighted and, most importantly, you will not create one and hopefully you will help others in the subject, so they don’t create Mary Sues too.
I) Mary Sue 101:
-What is a “Mary Sue”?
“Mary Sue” is a title given to characters in fanfiction (and sometimes original, professional work) who are simply perfect: They are beautiful, smart, friendly, always willing to help for nothing in exchange even if they can die, powerful, important in one way or get the point (I will explain on emphasis later). These characters are often created in Roleplaying forums/chatrooms or simply as OCs with a storyline
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Steampunk Fashion: Use of Color Theory and Metals by Windthin Steampunk Fashion: Use of Color Theory and Metals :iconwindthin:Windthin 743 48
Is she Mary Sue?
                                  Clarifying Mary Sue
So, I realize that everyone has heard of Mary Sue characters, but the thing that bothers me is that Mary has never really been as clarified as she could be. Girls go around crying Mary Sue at every character with long pink hair, then go and create even worse Mary Sue characters in the false illusion that they're making nonMary Sue characters (or even anti-Sues) when in fact they're doing the opposite. Allow me to explain how this seems to happen.
First of all the term "Mary Sue" desperately needs to be clarified to these people, so this brings us to the very important question: What IS a Mary Sue?
At least everyone can agree on one thing. Mary Sues are characters that are so perfect it's annoying.
But. What do they mean by perfect? Everyone has different ideas of that, naturally. Unfortunately, this is how many fanfiction (and other) writers make their biggest mistakes.
When you hear the name Mary Sue what pops up in your mind? A be
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Transformers Essay - Section 1
Section 1.1 - The Spark</b>
Perhaps the most important thing that will be discussed in this essay is the very life essence of every transformer.  It is a globe of plasma-based energy, blue and pulsating, that resides within a chamber in the chest area of every Cybertronian.  Each spark carries an individual resonating signature that makes it unique to the mech or femme it gives life to, and it plays an essential role in many things: determining one's personality, finding a potential mate, and the propagation of the species outside of the Well of All Sparks.
Introduced by Beast Wars canon and used in almost every American interpretation that followed, the spark was a retcon that was widely embraced throughout the transformers fandom.  It became a way to say, for certain, that the Cybertronians we grew up with were more than just a race of advanced AI.  They were a living species, a mechanical organism with the ability to think, feel, rea
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Transformers Essay - Section 2
Section 2.1 - The Nature of Bonding
Mentioned in the first section was "bonding."  You are probably finding yourself asking what bonding is, exactly.  Bonding is the act by which two Cybertronians literally "bond" at spark-level, merging the energies of the individuals into a single energy for a short period of time.  The act itself is called "bonding" for more reasons than the simple merging of spark energy, however.  The act of bonding creates a bond of sorts between the two who engage in it, creating a link between the two that is the psychic equivalent of what humans assign to the exchanging of rings and vows during a wedding ceremony.  Gender, in the case of a Cybertronian, is hardly an issue - especially morally speaking (and especially considering that gender isn't really something they acknowledge), and with so few femmes in existence on their world, it is almost unheard of for a mech and a femme to bond than two m
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The Many Faces of Chara: An Undertale Essay - Pt1
WARNING: THIS ESSAY CONTAINS BOTH UNDERTALE SPOILERS AND STUFF THAT MAY ANGER THE FANDOM; PARTICULARLY FANS OF GENOCIDE CHARA. Do not read unless you A. Have already played Undertale, and B. Can tolerate the contents of this post.

The Many Faces of Chara

A Comparison of Undertale Theories

Third Edition: Updated June 12, 2016
New in the Third Edition:
Added a hierarchy of fan theory evidence.Added the origins, major influences, and major arguments of each theory.Renamed Reincarnation Theory to Passive Frisk Theory, added new variations on the theory.Renamed Control Theory to Third Entity Theory, added new information.
Added a list of common Chara depictions by fans, plus links to examples.Expanded on the rise and current fall of Genocide Chara Theory, as well as the rise of Narrator/Passive Chara Theory.Added a section on what will happen if Toby Fox confirms one of the theor
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