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14 Tips for Writing an Essay
14 Tips for Writing an Essay NOT Anybody Can Write a Novel Chapter Infinite “Life Skillz” – Section 1 “Essays” So you've likely clicked on this in pure disbelief, wondering “what sort of witchery is this? Blake writes novel tutorials, not essays!” Well... mostly true. This is indeed not witchery, nor the start of a new series (we still need to finish our Novel after all); but an outline for a small public speaking event that I've got scheduled at MSU on the topic of how to write an essay. You see, when I was learning how to write, I was never taught how to write a good essay, that there was a corre
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The Many Faces of Chara: An Undertale Essay - Pt1
WARNING: THIS ESSAY CONTAINS BOTH UNDERTALE SPOILERS AND STUFF THAT MAY ANGER THE FANDOM; PARTICULARLY FANS OF GENOCIDE CHARA. Do not read unless you A. Have already played Undertale, and B. Can tolerate the contents of this post. The Many Faces of Chara A Comparison of Undertale Theories Third Edition: Updated June 12, 2016 New in the Third Edition: Added a hierarchy of fan theory evidence.Added the origins, major influences, and major arguments of each theory.Renamed Reincarnation Theory to Passive Frisk Theory, added new variations on the theory.Renamed Control Theory to Third Entity Theory, added new information. Added a list of common
An Anatomical Exploration of the Anthro Brain/Mind
An Anatomical Exploration of the Brain Anatomy and Mental Capacity of Anthropomorphic Animals By, Russell Tuller Traditional Anthro Artist/Amateur Anatomist Introduction The following is primarily an exploration of the Brain Structure and mental capacity of anthropomorphic creatures, based upon my own informal studies and anatomical knowledge. Knowledge which I use in the Creation/Design of my own Anthropomorphic Characters. Take note that the anatomy of my characters lean more towards the Human side anatomically and should only apply to creatures of similar anatomical structures. Some Parts of the following Text could be applied to other
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octosexbang - A Short Collection of Essays
.:Defeating Writer's Block:.
Hey, even if it’s rare for you, writer’s block is something anyone who has ever began a story has encountered. Let’s face it, identify when it’s happening, and work out some solutions to fix it. Writer’s block hits people in different ways. Let’s clear the misconception right now that the art of writing comes from a depressed creative person. That could not be more FALSE. Depression in itself is the apathy, the lack of motivation and the seeming inability to find it. Overall lack of motivation what results in writer’s block, but if you still want to write and just can’t seem to do it, then I hav
.:Art Coloring Tips:.
• Take these as suggestions if you find yourself at a loss of what colors to choose. Yeah some of you may not care about this as much as others. But colors are one of the most important elements of overall composition. Yeah you still might not care, but for those of you do, I'm prepared to offer up my two cents from personal experience and opinion. I hope my words can be of an encouragement to someone who’s stuck. I don’t expect people to follow these things once they’ve read them. heck, I don’t even follow all of these every time. But someone might read this and really benefit from it, and that’s what I
.:Character Introductions:.
This guide is for the intent of getting across a clear idea of the major characters in a story. Obviously minor characters aren’t usually important enough to warrant an intentionally descriptive introduction, but the important characters that the reader is supposed to give their attention to are definitely worthy of a valid description. If we’re going to keep seeing them over and over in the book, we want to know who they are, and what they look like. I’ve created this because I wanted to address something I’ve seen in some writings all over the place, not limited to a certain genre or type of text. Whether it’s
.:What Makes Quality Movie/Book/Comic Concepts:.
On a regular basis, I see people shamelessly praising movies and books that they saw or read just because other people talked about it, or because it was heavily promoted. And I’ll think to myself “WOW that movie/book was crap”, and then ask them why they liked it—because I can think of no reason possible TO like it. And typically, the answer that I find is…NEITHER CAN THEY. Bottom line, everybody—we all live in this heavily advertised world where individuality is promoted, encouraged, expected…or is it? What happens when everyone around you seems to like a movie or book, and you try to explain to th
.:About Roleplaying:.
• ME: My roleplaying hobby was short lived, only going from 2012-2013 maybe a bit into 2014 but I just can't do it anymore. Back then though, oh boy, I was bored if I didn't have 2-5 roleplays going on at one given time. They were short (for me) but a lot of them got finished that way which was what I liked. I used to roleplay at school in my notebooks with friends and we’d pass them around. I’d roleplay online here as well as on fanfiction and fictionpress. It was fun while it lasted and I’m just not into it anymore. But for those of you looking to get into roleplaying, trying to find a partner, or wondering what to i
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.:Writing OC Opinions And Viewpoints:.
• Whether the point of view is first person or third person, your writing will still highlight your main character. Either way, you’ll have to learn how to write their viewpoint. Probably one of the most important things to grasp is that when you’re writing fiction, it’s not about you at all—it’s about someone else in some other world. A lot of what I’m about to write is common sense, but I am hoping that seeing all of this text together will stimulate your interest in writing your characters’ viewpoints on matters. • Even if it’s a book about the real world, the person you write do
Kris' PokeVerse
By now, it should have become apparent that quite a bit of worldbuilding went into this little comic of mine. If not, I fail whoops. Basically, I'm trying to explain many of the things in the Pokémon world that don't make sense or that I interpret in a specific way. A hopeless endeavour, I know, but extremely fascinating. So if you're interested in any kind of behind-the-scenes information that can't be fully explored in the limited space of a comic, you might want to read this ... or at least some of it. I'll never be cool enough for not being TL;DR, I know. This database will be expanded with new facts as soon as they aren't spoilers
Senryu, and How It Differs from Haiku
Compared to other styles of poetry under the category of Haiku and Eastern, there is comparatively little published about the more aggressive senryu. Senryu, whose name means river willow, uses humor and satire to examine human society. Senryu takes on the form of haiku, but makes greater use of punctuation techniques (ellipses, exclamations, etc.) to convey its point. Senryu can use seasonal kigo, but do not rely on them. In senryu, the seasonal reference should be second in importance to the human portrayal. Contrary to popular belief, not all senryu is humorous. Many express misfortune, eroticism, political views (very important), religio
.:Art the Talent // Art the Skill:.
“Its all talent” they say, or “They were just born with it”. I really hate it when people say art is all talent, or art is all skill, and refuse to really acknowledge the existence of the other. Acknowledge that there are some with a natural talent for it and there are others who have worked their way above and beyond anything mediocre to gain incredible skill. Yes, there are many people who appear to have an innate talent for it due to their hand muscles developing a certain way, and/or their eyes being able to effectively interpret visual information and be able to translate it to a two-dimensional drawing on the pa
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.:The Controversial Critique:.
*Enters lions den* • EXPLANATION: I feel the need to make a guide about this because of all the garbage I see out there surrounding this one word: CRITIQUE. • DISCLAIMER: None of the examples used in my text are meant to refer to any specific characters and/or events. • REAL CRITIQUES: A critique is supposed to be a bit of constructive advice given by an [unbiased] person in attempt to better your process. A critique is supposed to have an overall positive effect that would encourage you in the betterment of your process. It’s not limited to artwork, writing, pottery, cosplay, or any of the creative fields. But lots