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Fairy Tail Erza X Reader
                            Fairy tail Erza X Reader
                          A knight to serve the queen
The power of Erza Scarlet is known through the land of fiore and being the strongest women in fairy tail, she has earned her the nickname Titania the queen of the fairies. Though she cares little for the nickname or how people see her as a mage for this red-haired warrior only care in life is her guild which she will protect with her life.
However she is not the only mage in fiore to make this their goal in life. For from the guild of Titian Nose came you. A requip magic mage much like Erza, you came to the Titian Nose guild a mage looking for your place in the kingdom and you found it here thanks to the guild master, Tina Titian.
A small middle-aged women with silver long hair and crystal blue eyes, she showed you the rope of being a mage in fiore
:iconthepokemontraveller:Thepokemontraveller 227 31
Erza Scarlet by kuroshiro05 Erza Scarlet :iconkuroshiro05:kuroshiro05 1,032 64 Erza Scarlet by Mitozhi Erza Scarlet :iconmitozhi:Mitozhi 374 16 Irene Berselion Spriggan 12| Fairy Tail 483 by Sawadatsuna-kun Irene Berselion Spriggan 12| Fairy Tail 483 :iconsawadatsuna-kun:Sawadatsuna-kun 323 95
Beautiful Thought. Erza (Fairy Tail) x Male Reader

(F/c) = Favorite Color
(H/c) = Hair Color
(H/l) = Hair Length
(E/c) = Eye Color
(F/n) = First Name
(L/n) = Last Name
(M/n) = Main Or Preferred Name
Beautiful Thought. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) x Autistic Male Reader
This was not requested. This Is a Special For Autism Awareness Month. As A Person with Asperger's that will be the spectrum of Autism I will be writing about here since it is the only spectrum I am one hundred percent familiar with. I hope you all can learn what it's kind of like by reading this. I chose Erza because she seems like she would be able to grasp the concept of it faster than the other members.
(No POV)
You were a re-equip mage that... Saw the world in a different light than most. You could hear things most would ignore... And not be able to filter them out. You could see small details on items that many would miss... Against your will. Worst of all there is no on or off switch or a filter that could let you ignore the
:iconsilver0whisp:Silver0Whisp 131 71
Erza Robe of Yuen by Nindei Erza Robe of Yuen :iconnindei:Nindei 306 16
Bickslow x Female!S-class!reader
You sprinted through the town avoiding the crowd of people who were going about their day as normal, unaware of the impending doom that was sure to befall the town due to Laxus's Thunder Palace.  Why wasn't the damn thing already Destroyed? Well that’s because Evergreen had turned Fairy Tail’s female mages to stone and forced everyone else to fight for their freedom. You got lucky, you were out on a mission before this occurred, and was just returning home when you discovered what had happened.
~Flash Back~
You were walking back to Magnolia after a month long mission. You were ready to go back to the guild, see everyone, and relax, though you were hoping to see someone in particular first. A small smile made its way to your features, you had always liked Bickslow but he was almost never around. He was always out on missio
:iconhollyleaf12:Hollyleaf12 57 11
Wallpaper Erza FULL HD by Sl4ifer Wallpaper Erza FULL HD :iconsl4ifer:Sl4ifer 331 76 Erza sexy by Facu10MagShonen Erza sexy :iconfacu10magshonen:Facu10MagShonen 322 9 Next Generation Masters by CelestialRayna Next Generation Masters :iconcelestialrayna:CelestialRayna 482 62 Erza Scarlet by RogueFull Erza Scarlet :iconroguefull:RogueFull 537 126 Jerza Summer by Mirajanee Jerza Summer :iconmirajanee:Mirajanee 273 49 Night in the alleys of cherry trees by Akemiii Night in the alleys of cherry trees :iconakemiii:Akemiii 436 65 Erza del Hessian by AtlasMaximus Erza del Hessian :iconatlasmaximus:AtlasMaximus 737 108 Erza Scarlet Tweet Hiro Mashima by kisi86 Erza Scarlet Tweet Hiro Mashima :iconkisi86:kisi86 141 17 Erza Scarlet-Rabbit-By Hiro Mashima by ahmedxadel Erza Scarlet-Rabbit-By Hiro Mashima :iconahmedxadel:ahmedxadel 310 5 Happy New Year 2018 Erza and Lucy by kisi86 Happy New Year 2018 Erza and Lucy :iconkisi86:kisi86 227 30 Fairy Tail 484 - Kagura and Erza kiss by IchigoVizard96 Fairy Tail 484 - Kagura and Erza kiss :iconichigovizard96:IchigoVizard96 246 21 praise your queen  // Erza Scarlet Wingblade armor by Mirajanee praise your queen // Erza Scarlet Wingblade armor :iconmirajanee:Mirajanee 271 16 Fanart Erza Scarlett by kisi86 Fanart Erza Scarlett :iconkisi86:kisi86 298 28 Erza Scarlet - Requip Dress-up by RancidAlice Erza Scarlet - Requip Dress-up :iconrancidalice:RancidAlice 123 61 Erza by Ephirel Erza :iconephirel:Ephirel 725 45 Erza | Fairy Tail 482 by Sawadatsuna-kun Erza | Fairy Tail 482 :iconsawadatsuna-kun:Sawadatsuna-kun 247 50