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Witch Sorceress Enchantress

by techgnotic
The Witchas Multifaceted Icon
Throughout history artists of every discipline have been fascinated, inspired and transfixed at every historical stage of the shifting perceptions of the “Witch” in any given time or society.  The seams within every page of every chapter written against or in defense of the witch have been alternatively filled with oppressive sexism, blind eyed religious bigotry, occult doctrine, fevered and forbidden lustful sexuality, misplaced fear, and reams of wide eyed superstition.
Consequently, the colors, and lines within every stroke upon every canvas and visceral depiction, carry all the burdensome weight of the long intricacies of this subject.   With respect to this much maligned, religiously and politically repurposed, perpetually misunderstood subjec
:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 1,730 1,876
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