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GermanyxReader: Arguments
You looked at your German husband sleeping beside you and sighed. Last night you got in a fight with him about how he was always working and barely paid attention to you. Inside you knew that Ludwig was doing his best to provide for the both of you, but you couldn't help but feel lonely. Day by day it was always the same. You would wake up to find him already gone, without saying 'goodbye' or 'I love you'.
You constantly went to work upset and alone, but had to tough it out so you weren't rude the costumers or your fellow employees. Ludwig wouldn't return home until late at night and most of the time you didn't even know if he came home or not. During the weekends he usually always had to finish doing papers, so he may as well have gone to work anyways.
At the beginning you didn't mind not seeing him all the time, for it didn't bother your relationship and you still loved him strongly. But now you felt like you were barely communicating. It wasn't healthy. He never hugged you goodbye,
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