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Alexander the Great and Hephaestion.Elysian Fields by Ephaistien Alexander the Great and Hephaestion.Elysian Fields :iconephaistien:Ephaistien 256 108 Greek god- Hades by Alayna Greek god- Hades :iconalayna:Alayna 857 38 Elysian Fields by Minia4 Elysian Fields :iconminia4:Minia4 39 61 Map to the Afterlife by Shmelanna Map to the Afterlife :iconshmelanna:Shmelanna 75 31 Elysian Fields by UnicornEmpire Elysian Fields :iconunicornempire:UnicornEmpire 60 2 Rapture by GothicNarcissus Rapture :icongothicnarcissus:GothicNarcissus 25 5 Pola Elizejskie by Ardel2W Pola Elizejskie :iconardel2w:Ardel2W 79 37
Eternity, Now
Eternity, Now
"I am chromeantennae. I strive to be a brainfeeder and transmit my messages through my antennas. I want to be infinite."
I don't call myself religious because religion is a guide set by mortal men. They've written the book that you must know by heart according to most and rules to follow. However the path to total righteousness is not through the rules given to you in manuscripts and spoken by the tongues of mortal men. It is not through the heart of a pastor, or my mother or father, no one. It is through the heart of the Higher Power. And through Him, I shall prosper.
I try my very best to be spiritual, not religious, because being religious to me is going through the motions in hopes of ascension. Following orders given to you in a book and by the words of mortal men, going by their interpretation of what is good and true as opposed to what you feel in your heart of hearts, as right. I refuse to live that way. I will not live to die. I will not live for a
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 22 44
Pervert in Constraint by narcoloth Pervert in Constraint :iconnarcoloth:narcoloth 8 3
Theme Prompt - I Can't
"I... I can't... I don't.... he's alive?" Sam stammered at the empty room. He stared at the space Cas had occupied before flashing out of the room. His mind spinning, Sam stumbled up to pace. The last sentence Cas uttered chased itself around his mind, interspersed with images of Gabriel's eyes and Gabriel lying dead on the floor.
"He might be alive and we have a bond?" Sam muttered to himself as he paced. The idea didn't terrify him as it might have even a year ago. He had the feeling that Gabriel wouldn't do anything to put him in danger. And if he was completely honest with himself, Sam admitted that he was somewhat attracted to the snarky archangel.
Sitting back down on his bed, Sam ran that thought over in his mind. A small smile crossed his face as he realized he was looking forward to possibly seeing Gabriel again. The anger and pain from the Mystery Spot was still there but it was more like a phantom pain. He had forgiven the archangel that night in Elysian Fields, finally unde
:iconremanth:remanth 22 26
Les Champs Elysees by instinct191 Les Champs Elysees :iconinstinct191:instinct191 60 29 Black Magic - Hades and Persephone by BUtifulDeath Black Magic - Hades and Persephone :iconbutifuldeath:BUtifulDeath 45 2 Conquer The Heavens Just To See You Again by GothicNarcissus Conquer The Heavens Just To See You Again :icongothicnarcissus:GothicNarcissus 22 13 Elysia by Amouranth Elysia :iconamouranth:Amouranth 8 3 Blue Sky, Red Flowers by JDC-Universe Blue Sky, Red Flowers :iconjdc-universe:JDC-Universe 4 0 FMP Sarah Miller Elysian Field by MizLou FMP Sarah Miller Elysian Field :iconmizlou:MizLou 3 2 elysian fields by feldon elysian fields :iconfeldon:feldon 1 1 Unforgiven - Squire by Unforgiven-Rage Unforgiven - Squire :iconunforgiven-rage:Unforgiven-Rage 14 12 Charon at the River by Benin6man Charon at the River :iconbenin6man:Benin6man 1 0 HADES - Elysian Fields by BrunoTheFox HADES - Elysian Fields :iconbrunothefox:BrunoTheFox 3 4 Layout Dazadi by Freesong Layout Dazadi :iconfreesong:Freesong 7 3 Dantes Glade by Freesong Dantes Glade :iconfreesong:Freesong 1 0