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Boku no Hero Academia - Pretty Smile by TC-96 Boku no Hero Academia - Pretty Smile :icontc-96:TC-96 1,779 186 Bakugo and Kirishima by Fat--Cow Bakugo and Kirishima :iconfat--cow:Fat--Cow 237 33 FA My Hero Academia by XaR623 FA My Hero Academia :iconxar623:XaR623 337 24 My Overwatch Academia (Pt 2) by Goombac My Overwatch Academia (Pt 2) :icongoombac:Goombac 344 8 Eijiro Kirishima - My Hero Academia by Banana-Banshee Eijiro Kirishima - My Hero Academia :iconbanana-banshee:Banana-Banshee 849 48 new beginnings by Sofiakkuma new beginnings :iconsofiakkuma:Sofiakkuma 274 22
Transfer (Boku no Hero Academia x M!Reader) (I)

   ACT I
  Transfer Student, a Boku No Hero Academia x Male!Reader (Chapter One)  
    The students of class 1-A were rowdy as they awaited their Homeroom Teacher and Pro Hero Aizawa 'Eraserhead' Shouta. Aizawa had just returned from a meeting that consisted of the teachers of U.A. and the principal Nedzu. They were expecting a new transfer student from an Elite Hero Academy in Denmark. The student was known to be very dangerous because of his Quirk, and the School he was going to suspected that because of his background that he'd stray towards the Villain path, and with a Quirk that's incredible strong and unpredictable as the one this boy has; no one would be able to stop him.
    Aizawa slid open the door of his homeroom, use to the chaos in the room. Bakugou Katsuki was fighting with Tenya Iida, about desks. Izuku Midoriya was mumbling to himself as he wrote s
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 259 56
all for one (GIF) by Sofiakkuma all for one (GIF) :iconsofiakkuma:Sofiakkuma 223 28
Lazy Saturday (Kirishima Eijirou x Reader)
'Another week over,' you thought, satisfied. Stretching backwards, you felt your spine pop, the tension draining away. Aizawa-sensei hadn't assigned anything too difficult this week, but it was still a relief that it was over and you had the weekend to relax. First up though, you needed a shower because hero training was sweaty work.
Reaching into the shower stall, you turned the water on, undressing as you waited for it to warm up. Slipping in, you sighed as the warm water washed the dirt and sweat away.
"This feels so good!!!" Mina squealed from the stall next to yours.
"Doesn't it?" You heard Momo reply.
"Even though it's a communal bathroom, it's surprisingly nice." Ochaco this time.
"That's U.A. for you!" If it weren't for the uneven fall of the water, you would have thought Tooru's stall was empty.
"I wonder if the boys' shower is as nice as this?- ribbit."
"Probably. Eijirou hasn't told me otherwise," you replied, lathering soup through your hair, smiling unconsciously at
:iconlordsister:LordSister 110 28
BNHA - bakusquad by blakeleyborensart BNHA - bakusquad :iconblakeleyborensart:blakeleyborensart 443 14 there's nothing gay about it (1/2) by deads-on there's nothing gay about it (1/2) :icondeads-on:deads-on 317 12 Kirishima Eijiro - BNHA by SpukyCat Kirishima Eijiro - BNHA :iconspukycat:SpukyCat 288 17 KRBK Honour by Prince-Petrichor KRBK Honour :iconprince-petrichor:Prince-Petrichor 144 4 Manly bois by InsertSomthinAwesome Manly bois :iconinsertsomthinawesome:InsertSomthinAwesome 138 47 Ejiro Kirishima by artsbycarlos Ejiro Kirishima :iconartsbycarlos:artsbycarlos 859 22 My Overwatch Academia (Pt 5) by Goombac My Overwatch Academia (Pt 5) :icongoombac:Goombac 250 11
Boku No Hero Academia x Male!Reader (II)
     :.Transfer Student (Boku No Hero Academia x Male!Reader) (II)

    I heard the sound of my phone alarm blaring next to my ear. I dismissed it, and rose rom my bed, and begun my normal workout routine. 150 push ups and crunches, 120 pull ups, and mediating whilst doing yoga. I knew that I wouldn't be late to class, because I woke up two hours before class began. I sat in silence with calming aromatic candles being the only light source in my room. I listened to the melody of the crickets chirping in the early hours of the morning, singing to the moon. I listened to my own heartbeat, and I let my thoughts go blank. I heard my phone go off, making me open an single eye, looking at it as it vibrated on my bed. I sighed, closing my eye again as I lifted my leg up past my head, and I continued my focus. I was in the Owl stance when I heard my phone buzz again, making me finally walk over it and check it. One
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|FA| kiri in his crocs by cherriielle |FA| kiri in his crocs :iconcherriielle:cherriielle 212 4
Boku No Hero Academia x Male!Reader (V)
    :.Transfer Student (Boku No Hero Academia x Male!Reader) (V).:
    Todoroki Shouto
    It was the end of the week finally, Friday afternoon to be more particular. During these last couple of days, I've been observing our new transfer student, (Full Name). He was a complex character, who shut himself out, and spoke to virtually no one, except for teachers when needed, and Kirishima and Uraraka. He never started a conversation, only participated in them, with lazy responses that are usually one or two words. He hated his Quirk; Blood Manipulation. He never used it on someone, but to assist in powerful hand combat. (L/N) seemed to always be spaced out, never paying attention to what others had to say, unless it was interesting to him.
    "Um, Todoroki? Are you ok? You totally spaced out there. Are you feeling well?" I was interrupted by Midoriya, who looked at me concerned.
    "I was thinking, what
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Big Bro Kirishima by tonerukun Big Bro Kirishima :icontonerukun:tonerukun 263 10 Kiribaku by SixofClovers Kiribaku :iconsixofclovers:SixofClovers 262 15 2am Knows All Secrets by TheFoxWalker 2am Knows All Secrets :iconthefoxwalker:TheFoxWalker 140 20