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Eggo's Day by verauko Eggo's Day :iconverauko:verauko 539 21 Eleven by YngveMartinussen Eleven :iconyngvemartinussen:YngveMartinussen 458 52 Strange lil Valentines by Natesquatch Strange lil Valentines :iconnatesquatch:Natesquatch 402 35 Eleven Doodle - Stranger Things by Lighane Eleven Doodle - Stranger Things :iconlighane:Lighane 702 42 Eleven by fydraws Eleven :iconfydraws:fydraws 1,406 42 Stranger Things by KaiTexel Stranger Things :iconkaitexel:KaiTexel 252 5 Waffles Pattern by verauko Waffles Pattern :iconverauko:verauko 108 5 Eleven - Stranger Things cosplay by MaryMustang01 Eleven - Stranger Things cosplay :iconmarymustang01:MaryMustang01 288 15 My Eggos Mofo! by FelonDog My Eggos Mofo! :iconfelondog:FelonDog 279 51 Doctor Strange x Stranger Things by tirmesaito Doctor Strange x Stranger Things :icontirmesaito:tirmesaito 137 22 Eggos Girl by Danger-Jazz Eggos Girl :icondanger-jazz:Danger-Jazz 96 1 Eleven Icons by TanyaTinks Eleven Icons :icontanyatinks:TanyaTinks 30 1 ACRYLIC PAINTING 23 PART 2 by beejay-artlife12 ACRYLIC PAINTING 23 PART 2 :iconbeejay-artlife12:beejay-artlife12 87 8 PAINTING 19 by beejay-artlife12 PAINTING 19 :iconbeejay-artlife12:beejay-artlife12 94 16 Happy ending (? by Jorope99 Happy ending (? :iconjorope99:Jorope99 88 14 THE OLD BRIDGE by beejay-artlife12 THE OLD BRIDGE :iconbeejay-artlife12:beejay-artlife12 107 4 Eleven by bispau Eleven :iconbispau:bispau 112 3 Eleven by TealSeaArt Eleven :icontealseaart:TealSeaArt 80 4 ACRYLIC PAINTING 22 by beejay-artlife12 ACRYLIC PAINTING 22 :iconbeejay-artlife12:beejay-artlife12 43 4 Eleven by Pupom Eleven :iconpupom:Pupom 87 9
The Act Of Courage Kurt-Blaine
Based on the hit TV series Glee
warning: slash, and lots of blushing! :3
Kurt was exhausted from his long day. Fighting off his bully proved to be harder than he thought. But, it was all thanks to Blaine that he did fight off his bully. Kurt walked accross his schools' just mowed grass and saw Blaine leaning on a tree. Kurt couldn't help but feel butterflies in his stomach when he saw Blaine. The boy was just so nicely put together. No one could rock a school uniform like Blaine, that was for sure. "Hi" Kurt smiled as he approached Blaine "What are you doing here?" Kurt asked wonderingly.
"So, you don't want me here then?" Blaine asked cocking a eyebrow, though the pain that which he felt was evident on his face.
"No! I do want you here!" Kurt blurted, suddenly flushing in the cheeks. Blaine smiled at Kurt in a way that made the butterflies in Kurt's stomach take flight again.
"I just wanted to know how standing up to your bully went?" Blaine asked smiling.
"Really good actua
:iconsuffercate11:Suffercate11 48 58
breakfast buddies base PTU OPEN by tenchibaka breakfast buddies base PTU OPEN :icontenchibaka:tenchibaka 28 13