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Tips and Tricks: Action Scene Basics

How to Draw Manga! Tips and Tricks: Action Scene Basics Introduction
Action scenes are a key part of any manga, whether they be a placid shoujo to a shounen mecha showdown. Action scenes are a dynamic action driven panel showing a fight or action against an inanimate object, or a passionate realisation. All of these follow a similar formula to create the action sequence.
Setting the Scene
When creating an action scene first consider the what action is being performed and how the two objects/subjects are interacting, i.e. show the force of the movement. For a person, it they are being hit, they will reaction in accordance to the force applied.A common way of achieving this is using the < shape to indicate where they are being hit. Take into consideration anatomy; if a person is being hit in the stomach they will produce a nice < shape with their head and shoulders coming forwards, whilst the hip becomes the poi
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Tips and Tricks: Pen and Ink Techniques Article

How to Draw Manga! Tips and Tricks Pen Techniques Introduction
A key part of traditional manga is the art of using pens and ink. There are so many variations and many things to try that can make a manga panel pop without even needing screentones. Whether the artist prefers technical pens or a nib and ink there are many variations and techniques to try. This article aims to cover some of the basics to start with.

Some Basic Pen Types
There are two main types of pens, muti-liners/technical pens and nibs in a holder. Multi-liners come in graduated sizes depending on your needs, from a super fine 0.03mm up to 1.0mm, then Brush types as well. Nibs come in all shapes and sizes as well, the most common being the G-Pen and Saji (or Spoon), but there are other types such as school, calligraphy range,  Maru. The following rough example shows a selection of Copic branded multi-liners a
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Prototype Puppy Plush for Tutorials by dot-DOLL Prototype Puppy Plush for Tutorials :icondot-doll:dot-DOLL 322 80 Colours of the Ice Age Horse by oxpecker Colours of the Ice Age Horse :iconoxpecker:oxpecker 560 62
History of Roman typefaces
History of Roman typefaces
Typefaces are our instruments to construct words and sentences. Of course this very article couldn’t be written without type other than writing by hand and scanning it in, but I wouldn’t know how to save the file or how to access the website to upload it to if I had no access to typefaces. Of course I don’t have to say where type can be found; it’s absolutely everywhere. However, most people don’t consider where typefaces come from. Most of my life and even the first 5 years or so of my design career I was absolutely ignorant of where typefaces came from. I mean, they were just "there" on the computer and I never considered someone actually had to make typefaces for us to use—letter by letter.  In this article I will discuss the history of Roman typefaces; how it progressed during the ages, how each style can be recognized and how to select typefaces consciously and logically r
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Tutorial - Vines by SadfaceRL Tutorial - Vines :iconsadfacerl:SadfaceRL 75 2
What Is A Copyright?
Copyrights: What Artists Ought To Know
What is a copyright?
n. Abbr. c. or cop.
The legal right granted to an author, composer, playwright, publisher, or distributor to exclusive publication, production, sale, or distribution of a literary, musical, dramatic, or artistic work. " (
As the definition states, copyrights exist to assure that the creator of the copyrighted material is the individual who gets to earn the profit from their work, and gives them the legal control over what they created. The control it grants is the right to decide when, where and how the creation is used or published within the United States and other countries.
This means that when you create something such as a Furcadian portrait, or a piece of character art, you initially hold the right to decide what to do with it upload it to a web space, let a friend use it, stick it on DeviantArt or your own website, or even to sell the piece itself. When uploading the piece to places such as
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Beneath the Mask by Mataknight Beneath the Mask :iconmataknight:Mataknight 203 22 How to pixel art - Clouds by SadfaceRL How to pixel art - Clouds :iconsadfacerl:SadfaceRL 64 0
Basic 2D animation concepts
Digital Art Week
Welcome to a tutorial on basic concepts of animation!
This tutorial will be going over some of the basic terminology and concepts for various types of animation. In today's world, almost all animation is digital in nature, but many of these concepts apply to other types, and even some other fields, like live action movies and video games.
This tutorial will not go step by step on how to create a specific animation. But if you have a tool at hand that would permit you to create one, you may be able to figure out how to make an image move on your own from the information contained here.
NOTE: Example animations may not play at their max smoothness if you are viewing this tutorial on your phone!

What is animation?
Animation is the illusion of movement created by rapid switching of many individual images.

No matter the way those image
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Roleplay by Vey-kun Roleplay :iconvey-kun:Vey-kun 451 261 Kenzell Expressions by feerikart Kenzell Expressions :iconfeerikart:feerikart 599 44
Forest Photography Tutorial
Animals, Plants, & Nature Week
Boing! Boing! Hello reader! Boing! Boing!
I am Nelleke, and I was asked to write an article about forest photography. Which is my favorite subject of photography! There is something about them that is timeless. Of course there's a reason forests get used so much as a backdrop in stories and movies... They can give you the feeling something magical is waiting just around the corner.

In this article I will discuss several points, some a bit longer than others. They are CompositionConditionsEquipment and Editing.
You might have seen a beautiful forest scene once, but noticed after taking a picture that it looks very different. A picture lacks the depth your eyes can see while walking in a forest. Which can result in a picture of just a flat bunch of trees.
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Quick Photo Manip Tips and Tricks
Photo Manipulation Week
For the last week, I've reached out to you guys to find out what kind of tutorials you would be most interested in seeing! Once I collected the topics, I reached out to as many artists that I could find that were advanced in those topics to help write a "mini" tutorial full of tips and tricks for you guys.
"Overall Painted Look"
"My techniques is pretty much simple and the soft painted look can be achieved quite easily. What I do is:
Using a spot healing brush I remove spots, if any from the skin.
Then use a mixer brush over it using the following values:
Wet: 17%, Load: 15%, Mix: 17%, Flow: 18%, which not only smoothens the skin but also softens it.
At the end of it all, I dodge and burn wherever necessary. Alternatively, I use a white brush of low opacity somewhere between 30-35% and paint over the highlights, then apply a Gaussian blur of 15-16 pixels. and for the shadows I go over them with a much lower opaci
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Tutorial - Aged Brick Wall by SadfaceRL Tutorial - Aged Brick Wall :iconsadfacerl:SadfaceRL 34 0