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Tips and Tricks: Action Scene Basics

How to Draw Manga! Tips and Tricks: Action Scene Basics Introduction
Action scenes are a key part of any manga, whether they be a placid shoujo to a shounen mecha showdown. Action scenes are a dynamic action driven panel showing a fight or action against an inanimate object, or a passionate realisation. All of these follow a similar formula to create the action sequence.
Setting the Scene
When creating an action scene first consider the what action is being performed and how the two objects/subjects are interacting, i.e. show the force of the movement. For a person, it they are being hit, they will reaction in accordance to the force applied.A common way of achieving this is using the < shape to indicate where they are being hit. Take into consideration anatomy; if a person is being hit in the stomach they will produce a nice < shape with their head and shoulders coming forwards, whilst the hip becomes the poi
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Fox Tutorial by Culpeo-Fox Fox Tutorial :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 14,212 1,789 Tileset Tutorial - Top Down - Pixelart / Art by SadfaceRL Tileset Tutorial - Top Down - Pixelart / Art :iconsadfacerl:SadfaceRL 55 0
Photomanip Tutorials Contest
Hello everyone!
CRPhotomanipulation is happy to announce our official photomanip tutorial contest!

The idea.

All artist have their strengths, something they really good at doing. One is a master of composition building, another one is a genius of light and shadows, third one knows all about colors and their combination. Advanced artists certainly have own recognizable style, penmanship, secrets, finds, maybe even a know-how, which exactly they came up with. If you are ready to share these knowledges with others, this contest for you!

What we are looking for:
:bulletgreen: some original, unique methods

:bulletgreen: detailed tutorials, with examples, easy to understand and learn
:bulletgreen: you don’t have to create a full photomanipulation (but
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Tips and Tricks: Pen and Ink Techniques Article

How to Draw Manga! Tips and Tricks Pen Techniques Introduction
A key part of traditional manga is the art of using pens and ink. There are so many variations and many things to try that can make a manga panel pop without even needing screentones. Whether the artist prefers technical pens or a nib and ink there are many variations and techniques to try. This article aims to cover some of the basics to start with.

Some Basic Pen Types
There are two main types of pens, muti-liners/technical pens and nibs in a holder. Multi-liners come in graduated sizes depending on your needs, from a super fine 0.03mm up to 1.0mm, then Brush types as well. Nibs come in all shapes and sizes as well, the most common being the G-Pen and Saji (or Spoon), but there are other types such as school, calligraphy range,  Maru. The following rough example shows a selection of Copic branded multi-liners a
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Wrong Place Meme - BLANK by Deathinator Wrong Place Meme - BLANK :icondeathinator:Deathinator 2,259 341
Editing of infrared photographs using Photoshop
Infrared Photography
I would like to show you my way of editing infrared photographs using Photoshop CC and the NIK plugins Viveza 2 and Silver Efex Pro 2. I started about 10 years ago with infrared photography using a Fuji S3 Pro body and two Nikon lenses. Having not been satisfied with the endless exposure times, I bought a used Nikon D70 having taken lots of infrared photographs over some years. In 2013 I decided to buy a new Nikon D90 body and had it converted to 720 nm.
My newer infrared photographs are all taken with the Nikon D90 converted to 720nm by Optik-Makario, Germany. At the moment, I am using a 18-70mm and an 18-200mm lens by Nikon. I have used other lenses such as a 50mm, 105mm and even a 85mm Petzval lens too. Using anything other than the 18-70 and 18-200mm lenses make things a bit more complicated because I have to use the camera's liveview.
 Now let's talk about how I edit an Infrared photograph...
 Below is the original photograph fro
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Tips and Tricks: Hands

How to Draw Manga! Hands Introduction
Hands are a very important part of drawing any character, often in cartoons the hands are caricatured, but in anime and manga this is often not the case (except in chibi form). Understanding the anatomy of the hand can assist all animanga artists. Hand proportions are also important, lest the artwork suffer from tiny or huge 'yaoi hands'.
See also: Tips and Tricks: Feet
Hands are made up of segments, muscles and skin over the bones. Often block forms are used to get the basic shape as shown here:

Hand Tutorial by MasterSS 
Some very basic size proportions: middle finger length is the same distance as the tip of chin to tip of nose and is also the length of the palm. The whole hand (tip of middle finger to bottom of p
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Alphabet animals by chibighibli Alphabet animals :iconchibighibli:chibighibli 357 52 Dr. Who Cat aka Dr. Mew by NicholasKay Dr. Who Cat aka Dr. Mew :iconnicholaskay:NicholasKay 2,208 188 Rank Insignia of the Waffen-SS 1942-1945 by Grand-Lobster-King Rank Insignia of the Waffen-SS 1942-1945 :icongrand-lobster-king:Grand-Lobster-King 101 27
Tips and Tricks: Feet

How to Draw Manga! Feet Introduction
Like hands, feet are an important part of drawing a full body of any character. Whether the feet are in shoes or just free the basic shape of a foot can vary for any given person. The anatomy of the foot is the same, but the shape, width and length varies. Even toe length can be variable of each foot!
See Tips and Tricks: Hands
Feet, like hands are also are made up of segments, muscles and skin over the bones. Feet have a basic blockish shape that is then used to form the circle model of the shapes a little more. This is shown the in the following example, using these basic shapes help define the aspects of the foot. Toes whilst not as expressive as fingers can splay out in a similar manner and the amount of variation in individuals comes down to their toe shapes and the height of their ar
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Rijks Museum Library by michael-d-beckwith Rijks Museum Library :iconmichael-d-beckwith:michael-d-beckwith 126 13
Designing Adoptables - A tutorial
Adoptables Week
Introduction to Adoptable creator work

Adoptable creator work is a highly creative and inspirational task where designing completely new concepts of characters is usually the goal. Designing characters for peoples needs and wants by bringing new and interesting characters is what it is all about. The adoptable market is widely spread with all kinds of themes and designs. At first glance it might seem hard to just hop in, start designing and selling. There are a few good things you should take into consideration before you start designing your own adoptables.
We're starting with the statement that the work usually requires a heavy amount of creativity of those who create designs on a regular basis. Everyone has their own way to get inspired and be creative, so you must find your own way to do this part. There is not just one way to do things. I usually get creative through searching and looking at basically anything. A
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