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CRAZY GAME NIGHT by einlee CRAZY GAME NIGHT :iconeinlee:einlee 14,380 995 The known creatures of Kingdom Hearts by Xelku9 The known creatures of Kingdom Hearts :iconxelku9:Xelku9 1,566 282 FRAGMENTED - Mephiles Forms by Cylent-Nite FRAGMENTED - Mephiles Forms :iconcylent-nite:Cylent-Nite 704 64 F.U.S.E Corp Special: Infergaron by Dragonith F.U.S.E Corp Special: Infergaron :icondragonith:Dragonith 1,651 102 AC2013#21 Maka Albarn dress up by Hapuriainen AC2013#21 Maka Albarn dress up :iconhapuriainen:Hapuriainen 634 115 Soul Eater Cursor Set by thelifeofabinder Soul Eater Cursor Set :iconthelifeofabinder:thelifeofabinder 363 100 Soul Maker v.02 by MirukuTea Soul Maker v.02 :iconmirukutea:MirukuTea 6,220 1,483 F.U.S.E Corp Special: Doomegigas by Dragonith F.U.S.E Corp Special: Doomegigas :icondragonith:Dragonith 1,292 64 Soul Eater-Soul Maker v.01 by MirukuTea Soul Eater-Soul Maker v.01 :iconmirukutea:MirukuTea 3,921 652 Potter PNG Pack 7 by smashingdaisies Potter PNG Pack 7 :iconsmashingdaisies:smashingdaisies 124 8 Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance by suzuran Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance :iconsuzuran:suzuran 2,706 306 Point Commission Base 1 by Chao-Bases Point Commission Base 1 :iconchao-bases:Chao-Bases 1,921 203 Zerg Encroacher by Phill-Art Zerg Encroacher :iconphill-art:Phill-Art 555 140 F.U.S.E Corp Special: Dradreilier by Dragonith F.U.S.E Corp Special: Dradreilier :icondragonith:Dragonith 911 53 Undertale x Soul Eater by world-dominashunXD Undertale x Soul Eater :iconworld-dominashunxd:world-dominashunXD 939 98 :MangaStyle:Meme:Kai: by KaiSuki :MangaStyle:Meme:Kai: :iconkaisuki:KaiSuki 4,402 1,055
Attention (Death The Kid x Reader)
(Death The Kid x Reader)
You ran through the hall, laughing wildly with tears streaming out of your eyes.  Your classmates ignored you.  This wasn’t unusual in the least.  You waved as you passed by Maka and Soul.
“Cool hair,” Soul commented.
You winked.  “Thanks but apparently Kid doesn’t think so!”
          You ducked into the janitor’s closet and listened as someone came rushing by.  You had to cover your mouth with your hand to stifle your giggling.  After you were sure he was gone, you took a moment to fix your hair.  Long on one side, short on the other.  You had wanted to do it for a while but had been waiting for just the right moment so that it would freak out your symmetry obsessed bestie at a time when he wasn’t expecting you to pull one of your little stunts.  And boy had it worked!
         After a few minutes of hiding i
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Lupin's Awesomeness by theartful-dodge Lupin's Awesomeness :icontheartful-dodge:theartful-dodge 6,002 732 Manga Style Meme by simsim2212 Manga Style Meme :iconsimsim2212:simsim2212 5,173 575
Soul Eater Evans x Reader ~ She Knew ~ One-Shot
I just can't bring myself to do it.
I know, I knooow. I shouldn't be here right now. I shouldn't be eavesdropping on people when they were practicing. It totally isn't cool at all. But I just can't help myself. It's become a habit. A really bad, unshakable habit. 
"(Best friend's name), I wanna skip basics today. How do you feel about just practicing soul resonance?" 
I shifted my legs crisscross, listening to ____ and her weapon partner and best friend, (best friend's name) decide how they wanted to do practice today.
"If you want to, ____. I don't really mind." 
The biggest and most anxious grin appeared on ____'s face and my heart skipped a beat.
Yeah, yeah. Okay, she had a cute smile just now. Whatever. It's like that all the time. Not that I take note.
This was the habit. I was hidden here at the top of the hill nearly everyday that those two had practice. I honestly just couldn't help myself. There was something alluring about ____ that I couldn't decipher. I
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Death the Kid x Reader
Kid x Reader
You settled into bed, unaware of the danger lurking nearby. You were just about to turn off the lights when Kid jumped through the door, looking positively disgusted.
"They're all asymmetrical." He gasped, diving into your arms. You jumped.
"Kid. Who?" You asked, and he looked up at you, then a spot on your neck. You looked down- or tried to.
"All of them-- and now even you!" He shouted, and you sighed.
"What's wrong?" You asked, and he pointed to a red spot on your neck.
"Oh, yeah. I burned myself with my hair straightener." You said, laughing softly. He grimaced.
"It throws off your symmetry, I think I can fix it though." He said, and you immediately backed away.
"I'm not letting you burn me with my straightener again." You said, and Kid sighed.
"Well, there's three ways. The first two are painful, the third isn't." He said, and you sighed.
"Just- the third. The third one that apparently isn't painful." You said, expecting him to dive for your makeup kit. In
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doing my own meme hahaha by Go-Devil-Dante doing my own meme hahaha :icongo-devil-dante:Go-Devil-Dante 4,148 900