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MMD Easter gift Neru-chan ayy by ReggieAndCheese MMD Easter gift Neru-chan ayy :iconreggieandcheese:ReggieAndCheese 361 49 I'm A Rabbit by Skia I'm A Rabbit :iconskia:Skia 11,017 933 Fishing for bunnies by DustyLeaves Fishing for bunnies :icondustyleaves:DustyLeaves 1,479 45 RotG dump by DustyLeaves RotG dump :icondustyleaves:DustyLeaves 2,350 170
E Aster BunnymundxHalf-Pooka Reader Ch9
Everything was prepared, the guests were gathered, sitting in their seats. There weren’t many.
You sat in a room off the main, looking into the mirror. You were in your Pooka form, The ribbon your mother had given you was tied around your neck in a nice boy that was off center, a simple white daisy placed by your left ear.
Your mother and father were in the room with you, pacing and chatting. Why?
Aster had yet to return.
You were calm and collected on the outside, but inside was like a volcano. You were worried sick about him! Was everything okay? Was he hurt? Where was he?
Your parents were assuring you that he’d be there, thinking more about the wedding than him. The wedding itself was supposed to start half an hour ago, and you were getting more worried by the minute.
You were about to get a glass of water for yourself when you heard a familiar voice, but not the one you expected.
“[Name]!! Where are you!” Jack called as he flew in, crash landing through the
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Easter Bunny by uotapo Easter Bunny :iconuotapo:uotapo 2,266 182 Rotg - Jack's free time by RadioMomo Rotg - Jack's free time :iconradiomomo:RadioMomo 3,346 348 Rise of the Guardians by Detkef Rise of the Guardians :icondetkef:Detkef 8,091 268 Funtime Bonnie by GamesProduction Funtime Bonnie :icongamesproduction:GamesProduction 312 57 Death Note: Easter Bunny by SilentReaper Death Note: Easter Bunny :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 10,170 840 Professor Bunny by Lime-Hael Professor Bunny :iconlime-hael:Lime-Hael 341 27
More than a Legend - Jack Frost x Reader
"Damn it, damn it." You hissed under your breath, "Why does it exist, why!?" Your whisper turned into a shout of irritation. Your arms tucked in firmly under your arm pits, your body bracing against the bitterly cold winter you head out into the white snowy terrain, into the icing topped woods. You stumble through the white woods, shivering and rattling like a child's toy, muttering under your chaffed blue lips.
Why were you out? Oh because your mother felt it would be good to get some fresh air. Just standing on the porch of your stone cottage in the middle of winter would have sufficed but no, you were shoved out the front door, with only a leather jacket. You forgot your hat, gloves and scarf and now little beads of tears leaked out the corners of your eyes from the pain of the cold. The thing is, you didn't have anything else to do. You couldn't walk or even drive into the village to see your friends because it was too damn far, at least ten miles away. Your friend Becky, w
:iconwolfworld:wolfworld 1,481 954
Masquerade Part 3 by Ka-ren Masquerade Part 3 :iconka-ren:Ka-ren 280 34 Link x 5: Happy Bunny Day by Zelbunnii Link x 5: Happy Bunny Day :iconzelbunnii:Zelbunnii 2,498 252 ROTG doodles and sketches 02 by Sardiini ROTG doodles and sketches 02 :iconsardiini:Sardiini 1,614 114 Kyman by Tamaytka Kyman :icontamaytka:Tamaytka 96 16 Congenital Carrion #  Easter Bunny by evekomix Congenital Carrion # Easter Bunny :iconevekomix:evekomix 231 23
Aster Bunnymund/Reader - Scrooge of Easter
Aster Bunnymund/Reader one-shot - Scrooge of Easter
This one-shot is dedicated to the awesome :iconLeen-chin:! Are you ready for some Bunny loving!? Here it is! :giggle:
It was that time of year again. The one you despised the most out of any other day in the year. It was Easter Day and you hated it with a passion. Why did you hate Easter? Who could possibly hate such a seemingly cutesy fun holiday? What did you hate about Easter? You had novel length reasons to those questions. You hated the stupid eggs, the pastel colors, the whiny little bratty children, the baskets, the flowers, any little thing that pertained to this horrible holiday, you hated. But most of all you hated the Easter Bunny. What a joke that giant bunny was to you! A creepy overgrown rabbit that hops around and gives children eggs? What kind of sense was in that? It was just plain creepy and y
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 184 52
Easter Day! - Jeff Sally and Sam by CamyWilliams9 Easter Day! - Jeff Sally and Sam :iconcamywilliams9:CamyWilliams9 159 30 Easter Asriel by Hedenus Easter Asriel :iconhedenus:Hedenus 110 34 RotG: SHIFT (Cover) by LivingAliveCreator RotG: SHIFT (Cover) :iconlivingalivecreator:LivingAliveCreator 899 285
Jack's Life - Chapter 2: Sickness
Jack woke up and felt that something just wasn't quite right. He didn't know how why, he just didn't feel quite up to today.  After about twenty minutes of tossing and turning, Jack decided that it would be pointless to stay in bed when he couldn't sleep.  The Guardians were all at the table when he got there; North was at the head with Bunnymund to his right and Tooth on the left.  Sand floated in his seat next to Bunnymund.  North must have just said something funny, because Tooth burst into laughter while Sandy clapped and Bunnymund even smirked.  Jack was finding it hard to concentrate.  He made it to the table and ignored all conversation.  He didn't feel at all hungry, so he just sat there poking at the bowl of cereal without much interest, eating less than half.  Not even his beloved iced coffee could perk his mood (it was a special treat that North let him have; the others thought that it was iced c
:iconjack-frost12:Jack-Frost12 296 118
Looking Dapper - RotG by NightLiight Looking Dapper - RotG :iconnightliight:NightLiight 2,132 2,907 Solid Advice by SilentReaper Solid Advice :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 1,269 78
Jack Frost x Blind Reader
Part 1
You felt the snow crunch beneath your bare feet, the cold sending delightful shivers up your spine with every step.  The crunch echoed through the sleeping forest, bouncing off the bare trees.  You expertly maneuvered your way through without hitting anything.  A cold wind blew through your thin clothes, goose bumps instantly forming.  Breathing in the crisp air, you enjoyed the fresh scent it gave off.  An owl sounded not too far from where you were.  You had been wandering like this for a couple years now.  You were born blind and your parents treated you as though you were disabled and stupid.  They fed you, bathed you, and refused to let you attend public school.  You were barely allowed outside the house.  Finally, you'd had enough of it.  You unlocked your windows and ran.  It was hard to adjust at first, but you quickly became accustomed to it.  As each season passed, you continued to wander endlessly.  Being on your own turned out to be good for you.  Yo
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Jack Frost by juliajm15 Jack Frost :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 1,916 54 ROTG - Happy Father's Day by Arcana-break ROTG - Happy Father's Day :iconarcana-break:Arcana-break 541 31 Mario: Getting Eggcited by NatSilva Mario: Getting Eggcited :iconnatsilva:NatSilva 739 113
E Aster BunnymundxHalf-Pooka Reader Ch7
Aster woke up and saw that the bathroom door was open and looked around for you. But you weren’t in the house. He walked into the kitchen and saw your note. Picking it up, he read it.
I went out to do some groceries and laundry, I’ll be back soon.
And I’d like to apologize for last night. I’d like it if we forgot about everything that happened. I didn’t mean to bring you into this problem of mine, so please, just drop it. Things should just go back to the way they were.
I’ll be back soon.

He read the note a few more times before setting it down. You wanted to forget? Was it really just the heat that had made you kiss him with such passion?
He didn’t know the answer, but he’d keep quiet, for you. But he couldn’t keep these feelings down for long. He’d have you eventually. The front door opened to reveal you carrying a couple bags of groceries. There was an awkward silence where you two just stared at each
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Bunnymund by KeysaMoguri Bunnymund :iconkeysamoguri:KeysaMoguri 473 76 Rise of the Guardians by Sashiiko-Anti Rise of the Guardians :iconsashiiko-anti:Sashiiko-Anti 1,856 173 Teeny Tiny Bunny by NailsyMo Teeny Tiny Bunny :iconnailsymo:NailsyMo 411 81
E Aster BunnymundxHalf-Pooka Reader Ch1
You sat outside, absorbing the warm spring weather. Most of the snow had melted and it was just warm enough to not wear a sweater. You laid down in the grass and smiled, things were finally going for you again.
You had recently been dumped by your human boyfriend. You had been friends for a while, and you ended up dating. You thought it was love, but he didn’t. You were definitely different for everyone else, and he had liked that about you at first, but as he got to know some more of your secrets, he fell out.
He broke it off abruptly. He wouldn’t even give you a reason why. This broke your heart, you had been holed up in your house for a few weeks. Typical behavior for you.
You were a half-Pooka.
Yeah, you had a kick ass bunny on the inside, but you didn’t want to fight anymore. The bloodshed was too horrific, you still had some nightmares. Sometimes you missed the adventure and adrenaline, but you’d decided to settle down a while ago.
Your mother had fallen i
:iconspiritstien111:SpiritStien111 315 33
Do you Believe? ~ Thirteen (Jack Frost x Reader)
You rushed about the room, panicked excitement coursing through your veins as you fumbled through your clothes and pulled on the pair of thick woollen stockings, followed by the baggy trousers, similar to the pair North wore himself, darted at the waist and clenched at the ankles. Relishing the feeling of the soft material drifting across your legs had you skipping about the room, past the fireplace yet as you gaze caught onto your reflection, you stumbled back a few paces and went onto tiptoes so as to see more of your body in the mirror hung above the mantel piece. A cringe fell upon your features as you glanced down at the sapphire jumper covering your torso, you fingertips grazing the ice-hemmed article, your thumb tracing the trails of frost across the material; you had wanted to continue wearing Jack's jumper but alas, the azure blue clashed horrifically with your burgundy trousers. With a gentle sigh, you pulled it off above your head, throwing the now inside out jumper onto the
:iconxrhirhix:xRhiRhix 87 30
Bring Your Child to Work Day[Modern!Levi Ackerman]
    "I don't know how the hell you convinced me to do this," grumbled Levi, holding the head of the bunny suit under his arm. You chuckled, giving him a kiss on the cheek.
    "Because we, unfortunately, don't have kids," you muttered, and then louder said, "President Smith deemed it a 'Bring Your Child to Work Day' as an early Easter celebration, and nobody else could fit this since they got the costume too small."
    Levi gave you a sharp glare at the mention of his height, shoved the costume head on and stalked off with you chuckling after him. What he didn't know was that Hanji purposefully ordered the costume in Levi's size just for the amusement of her colleagues and herself. Not to mention you may have slipped the idea to her in such a way that she thought it was her own.
    You really, like really really, wanted kids but Levi wasn't too keen on the idea. He hated children, so you gave
:iconkohakubutterfly:KohakuButterfly 99 6
My Light: Jack FrostXGuardian Reader Chapter VI
When they were through, (y/n) saw mountains and clouds everywhere. It was indeed a beautiful sight. But then suddenly, coming from the mountains, were herds of what looked like to be scary looking horses made up of black sand.
"What!?" North said, not expected this at all. He pulled on the reigns and tried to maneuver the sleigh to avoid clashing with the
horses. Completely forgetting his sickness, Bunny hopped to his feet. Sandy created an umbrella out of his sand and used it to shield himself from the horses. Jack examined one of the nearby horses, and noticed that it was chasing Tooth's little fairies, capturing them by swallowing them and storing them where their stomach would be.
"They're taking the tooth fairies!!" Jack exclaimed. Jack looked up and saw one fairy that was desperately trying to get away, but the horse was hot on her trail. He flew up in an attempt to rescue her. (y/n) saw that the horse was only a hair away from capturing the fairy, thus Jack might not make it in
:iconneo-chan7:neo-chan7 193 23
BJ And The Easter Bunny by Clawort-Animations BJ And The Easter Bunny :iconclawort-animations:Clawort-Animations 23 2 Rise of the Guardians by DustyLeaves Rise of the Guardians :icondustyleaves:DustyLeaves 5,522 197 Egg Shells png by mysticmorning Egg Shells png :iconmysticmorning:mysticmorning 241 40 Happy Easter by GENZOMAN Happy Easter :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 2,282 140 Get off my Lawn... by ksenosyd Get off my Lawn... :iconksenosyd:ksenosyd 17,922 2,382 Little comic - So cute, bunnymund ! by JackFrost-LCDA Little comic - So cute, bunnymund ! :iconjackfrost-lcda:JackFrost-LCDA 87 26
Do You Believe? ~ Six (Jack Frost x Reader)
Long eyelashes fluttered delicately over (e/c) orbs filled with the dreary effects of sleep and bewilderment. With a light yawn that escaped dry lips, you sat up, the thick fur blankets that covered your torso slipping down and crumpling at your waist as you took in your surroundings.
You were laying upon a large cushioned sofa in a large room with the scent of mulled wine and cranberries filling the air. From were you sat, you could see the large windows looking out on the beautiful snow filled scene on the wall straight ahead of you. To your right was a roaring fire beneath a mantel piece decorated with holly and tinsel, and in front of that was a large fur rug. You let out a small and satisfied sigh. It was warm and cosy in the strange room, beneath the thick blankets.
You frantically tried to scramble out from beneath the blankets, tumbling onto the floor as a result of your panicked actions. The blanket landed on top of you, covering your head, but before you could
:iconxrhirhix:xRhiRhix 216 54
Do You Believe? ~ Five (Jack Frost x Reader)
"Who on Earth are you? And if you don't take back what you just said, I'm going to punch your lights out."
A few chuckles went around behind you as the boy held up his hands in mock surrender, laughing nervously. "Sorry, sorry. Didn't think you were so touchy about that bird's nest on your head." He commented which earned him a thump on the head. He yelped, his hands flying up to his head, for he hadn't expected an attack to come."I warned you." You stated simply, before releasing his jumper with a frown.
"Oh, she got'cha there, mate" A voice thick with an Australian accent, sounded and you turned towards the Easter Bunny with a small arch of her brow. "You know this rude git?" You questioned, and the Bunny chuckled. "Yeah, I know him.  And you must too if you can see him."
That caused you to pause. "No. No way. That is not....You are not..." You muttered, your gaze turning back to the boy you had hit, a smirk now settled back onto his features, though he was still rubbing his head. "B
:iconxrhirhix:xRhiRhix 238 85
Easter Time At Freddy's by Pupster0071 Easter Time At Freddy's :iconpupster0071:Pupster0071 162 40 Rise of the Guardians by daekazu Rise of the Guardians :icondaekazu:daekazu 3,649 113 Easter Bunny by Cioccolatodorima Easter Bunny :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 1,129 97 Happy Easter! by RobbVision Happy Easter! :iconrobbvision:RobbVision 567 35