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Mistwood coloured by Brian-van-Hunsel Mistwood coloured :iconbrian-van-hunsel:Brian-van-Hunsel 472 25 Andariel by Mr--Jack Andariel :iconmr--jack:Mr--Jack 1,260 179 The Gravic Swamp by Brian-van-Hunsel The Gravic Swamp :iconbrian-van-hunsel:Brian-van-Hunsel 175 21 Val Modrum village map by Brian-van-Hunsel Val Modrum village map :iconbrian-van-hunsel:Brian-van-Hunsel 221 38 Mistwood by Brian-van-Hunsel Mistwood :iconbrian-van-hunsel:Brian-van-Hunsel 156 32 Poor Shot : RPG Comic by travisJhanson Poor Shot : RPG Comic :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 337 43 into the dungeon - RPG comic by travisJhanson into the dungeon - RPG comic :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 216 15 kobolds and vorpal swords: RPG Comic by travisJhanson kobolds and vorpal swords: RPG Comic :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 207 18 Blood of The Ancients Introduction by LucasDurham Blood of The Ancients Introduction :iconlucasdurham:LucasDurham 84 8 Finn and Jake and the Endless Dungeon Crawl by RyanGiovinco Finn and Jake and the Endless Dungeon Crawl :iconryangiovinco:RyanGiovinco 290 39 The Lair by KaanaMoonshadow The Lair :iconkaanamoonshadow:KaanaMoonshadow 163 98 Behir Battle by MatesLaurentiu Behir Battle :iconmateslaurentiu:MatesLaurentiu 103 43 SK: Hostiles by SleepDepJoel SK: Hostiles :iconsleepdepjoel:SleepDepJoel 194 65 Cubed ... by travisJhanson Cubed ... :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 71 17 ThiccSkinnedClass by KernaaliTanuli ThiccSkinnedClass :iconkernaalitanuli:KernaaliTanuli 97 10 Dungeon Crawl by Mr-Sage Dungeon Crawl :iconmr-sage:Mr-Sage 35 15 RUN! by tnperkins RUN! :icontnperkins:tnperkins 84 3 One Page Dungeon 2011 by Enker One Page Dungeon 2011 :iconenker:Enker 18 12 BEWARE! by tnperkins BEWARE! :icontnperkins:tnperkins 52 8 Dungeon Crawl - Slime by mrgilder Dungeon Crawl - Slime :iconmrgilder:mrgilder 11 2
Lovecraftian Gap Cradle
There were many mysteries surrounding the youkai of borders known as Yakumo Yukari. An elder being that has existed ever since the beginning of Gensokyo’s creation and perhaps even more, Yukari has lived alongside the many denizens of the fantasy wonderland under a shroud of mystery. Enigmatic in her thought processes, there are few who can guess what she’s truly thinking (barring her long time friend, Yuyuko) . This enigma even extends further on a biological level, her anatomy being far more…complex than what many believed for the average youkai living here in Gensokyo. Those beyond the veil of where Yukari slumbered and called home were left guessing on how the gap maiden functioned, but this did not mean that all were ignorant to Yukari’s inner workings.
Ran Yakumo, the gap youkai’s trusty shikigami, was one of those select few capable of understanding Yukari on a deeper level. Ran needed this acquired knowledge to not only care of her mistress’
:icontenma-erebus:Tenma-Erebus 47 5
Dungeon Crawl fanart - gift by Noicem Dungeon Crawl fanart - gift :iconnoicem:Noicem 43 22 Derp Dungeon 1.0 by Poor-Judgment Derp Dungeon 1.0 :iconpoor-judgment:Poor-Judgment 12 14