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Human three caballeros x reader (Part 30)
For this chapter I used the help of a friend of mine and awsome writter: mirygdo
A few weeks past as Panchito and Y/N were out of the hospital, but they were still resting as they weren't quite on the road to recovery. Senior Miguel agreed with mister Bernard that Y\N could stay in his house with Panchito for a few more weeks as an apology of all the trouble he accidentally magged to bring both of Y\N and his son as well. Panchito lied there in his bed, thinking about all that had happened a few weeks ago. He felt awful.
On the other hand, Y\N has lied to the couch of the main living room of the house while reading a book and still thinking about Panchito and his actions.      
Panchito tried his best to carefully sit up as he felt some pain twinge in his rib cage as he grabbed his phone and texted y/n from his bed. "How are you?" He typed as he sent it.
Y\N heard her phone ringing and as she opened she saw the message that Panchito had just sent her. "Good, thanks for a
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