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How to make ButterBeer by ozymandias93 How to make ButterBeer :iconozymandias93:ozymandias93 122 32 CM3D2: Stage (Drunken Room) by Jalmod CM3D2: Stage (Drunken Room) :iconjalmod:Jalmod 133 3 Clambake Family Guy by Montygog Clambake Family Guy :iconmontygog:Montygog 3,279 188
Scotland x Reader ~Drunken Personality~
~Drunken Personality~
Allistor was mumbling something about how the stars tonight looked particularly lovely in the sky.
“They’re spinning,” he muttered as he lazily extended his arm to the front of the windshield. “Look, _____________, they’re making blurry shapes. Why is everything blurry?”
“That’s because you’re drunk, shithead,” you growled as you continued to keep your eyes on the road. This was the first time you had actually driven Allistor home. In the past, his friends or brothers would have driven him, but tonight had been a Kirkland family reunion. The other Kirklands had stayed to chat, but Allistor had work tomorrow. Seeing as how the two of you lived close to one another and knew each other fairly well, it only made sense that you would be his chauffer for the night.
“Goddammit, Allistor, if you knew you were going to work tomorrow, why the hell did you drink so much?” you asked regardless of whether
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Drunken Friday Night - Drunk!Balthazar x Reader
"Hey Cas, could you come here please? I need to talk to someone." You whispered to yourself, praying for Castiel to show up.
You'd been becoming rather close to Castiel over the past few days and right now you needed to talk to him. It was nothing serious, you just wanted to talk to someone.
Your half-empty house was making you feel lonely and depressed.
There was a sudden - and painful - thud and it sounded like it came from the outside, not too far from the back door.
You turned around and cautiously made your way to the door.
If it was Cas he knew fine well he could just show up in your house and there was no need for him to show up outside, he was welcome in your house as long as you knew he was there and didn't appear at awkward times. Like that one time when you were in the shower and he showed up in your bathroom to talk to you about Dean causing you to scream and almost call the police.
You opened the creaking back door, poking your head out a little.
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