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Sedated - Sherlock x Reader
"I'll see you later." I say as I wave goodbye to my coworkers and begin to escape my office.
I button up my jacket and shove my hands in my into my pockets. The cold air swept across me, hitting my face. People walked by me, checking their phones or speaking to their loved ones about what has been planned for dinner that evening, or what they events they have planned. I pull out my own phone. Zero text messages and zero missed calls. That's surprising.
Usually I would have over three text messages and a few missed calls from Sherlock. They were usually for strange reasons. Some of them were demanding that I leave work to help him with something. He would usually stand outside to pick me up from work and drag me along with him to some unknown location for a case that I knew barely anything about. But now, he isn't here. There's no text messages, no phone calls, nothing.
I begin to text John. If anyone knows where Sherlock is then it is him.
Have you heard from Sherlock today?
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What was worse? The drugs? Or the emptiness that he felt deep inside his aching heart?
It was all too ironic. Here he was, a doctor that had graduated at the top of his medical school in every field possible, but he couldn't even cure his deteriorating soul. He hissed in satisfaction as the drugs began to take their effect on his nervous system. Slowly, but surely, the emptiness he felt was being filled with mindless waves of euphoria.
He would be able to go to work today.
"Doctor, we have a patient in the ER who needs a plate insertion."
"Doctor, you have a patient who is waiting for your diagnosis on his test results."
"Standby, Doctor."
"Docter, there's…laceration…anesthetics…"
You jumped a little when he cocked his head around to see you. His once-vibrant green eyes were faded and clouded with thoughts that were not of this world. He was beginning to shake uncontrollably. During surger
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Save Me ChinaxAbused!Reader
Numbness. Nothing was worse, than numbness. Excruciating pain, that could bring the strongest warrior to his knees. The ache of betrayal that sunk into your bones, and left you crumpled, and useless. Regret so strong, it ripped through time itself confining you to an eternity of watching your mistakes over and over, until your eyes bleed. Dying. Killing.  Anything, was preferable to the empty, hollowness that left a hole where your heart should have been.
It had started out with your parents; Their constant abuse verbal lashings. They were murdered by their drug dealer when you were 10. The police had showed up at your door, and told you on day. You didn't cry though, you smiled. Looking back, you had regretted, and felt bad about it your entire life. Smiling over any death, even that of people who had beat, starved, abused, and raped their own child, was wrong. But you had been so relieved, to hear the pain was all finally over, it just slipped out.
The police couldn't wait to get rid
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