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40 Amazing How To Train Your Dragon Fan Art Pieces

Today marks the release date of How To Train Your Dragon 2. The sequel to the 2010 DreamWorks animation received very positive reviews: an 8.8/10 on IMDb and a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes. Enjoy some of the deviantART community's tribute to the film.
Curated by madizzlee, Shyree, and me.

Astrid: Not the Face by avatarmiraiAcross the sky by Sabaku-no-hana
Hiccup and Toothless by ZipporaHiccup Cosplay How to train your dragon 2 by liui-aquino
HTTYD: Mistletoe by sharkie19How to make a smile by sorata-sNight Fury by DmitrysHTTYD - Toothless 01 by wynahiros
Toothless httyd by griffsnuff       Toothless by LukeFielding
HTTYD: The Final Showdown by AdoobibullTwin4
:icondanlev:danlev 1,010 74
Toothless is unamused by kingdomheartsdragon Toothless is unamused :iconkingdomheartsdragon:kingdomheartsdragon 2,932 230 =HTTYD= Night Fury Toothless by LeoKatana =HTTYD= Night Fury Toothless :iconleokatana:LeoKatana 1,628 65 Spirit VS Coug by DJ88 Spirit VS Coug :icondj88:DJ88 2,338 369 We Go Where No One Goes by sjsaberfan We Go Where No One Goes :iconsjsaberfan:sjsaberfan 1,104 51 Astrid - How to Train Your Dragon by Pugoffka-sama Astrid - How to Train Your Dragon :iconpugoffka-sama:Pugoffka-sama 2,318 144 The Alpha Protects Them All by sugarpoultry The Alpha Protects Them All :iconsugarpoultry:sugarpoultry 2,606 153 Concept Art - Mavis (Hotel transylvania) by Nasirgan Concept Art - Mavis (Hotel transylvania) :iconnasirgan:Nasirgan 1,833 73 Toothless Deconstruction (Night Fury Anatomy) by Christopher-Stoll Toothless Deconstruction (Night Fury Anatomy) :iconchristopher-stoll:Christopher-Stoll 410 18 Relax by Cuine Relax :iconcuine:Cuine 1,610 154 Rise Of The Guardians Movie Reviews by EspioArtwork31 Rise Of The Guardians Movie Reviews :iconespioartwork31:EspioArtwork31 650 26 Step Down, Scar. by NostalgicChills Step Down, Scar. :iconnostalgicchills:NostalgicChills 370 26 Hiccup and Toothless - HTTYD2 - Cosplay Manip by AlexanDrake89 Hiccup and Toothless - HTTYD2 - Cosplay Manip :iconalexandrake89:AlexanDrake89 160 37 Rise of the Guardians by racookie3 Rise of the Guardians :iconracookie3:racookie3 1,290 63
Last Winter [JackFrostxReader]
Never had you liked the snow when you where younger. It was too cold, too wet, and it came to cause too much trouble. That is, when it happened to snow in the state you lived in, which was hardly frequent. The wind that came with that freezing weather was your absolute enemy, blowing straight through your body and through you bones.
Yes, you still remember those two days long ago, when you were a child of eight and had to walk to school because your mother said it was the best method. The bus didn't go into that part of the city and the school was close and your mother was always too busy with work so she couldn't take you. The cold came very late in the year, but when it arrived, it came with a vengeance.
It was not during December when those two horrible days happen, but during the middle of February and it came with no warning. The previous week had been beautiful, with a bright sun, mild cool winds, and in the blink of an eye the city had been covered in snow.
It was horrible
:iconkooriakuma:KooriAkuma 247 87
Sadness - Inside Out by lashialee Sadness - Inside Out :iconlashialee:lashialee 1,084 92 How To Train Your Dragon - Hideous Zippleback by shoomlah How To Train Your Dragon - Hideous Zippleback :iconshoomlah:shoomlah 1,367 50 Dragon Dive by SpainFischer Dragon Dive :iconspainfischer:SpainFischer 2,178 93 258/365 Kung fu panda by snatti89 258/365 Kung fu panda :iconsnatti89:snatti89 636 20 swan princess. by demonic-black-cat swan princess. :icondemonic-black-cat:demonic-black-cat 1,663 132 Dancing in the street by Larocka84 Dancing in the street :iconlarocka84:Larocka84 494 97 RotG: Silent Winter by Kaira-Hiwatari RotG: Silent Winter :iconkaira-hiwatari:Kaira-Hiwatari 1,386 134 Lord Shen by AlbinaDiamond Lord Shen :iconalbinadiamond:AlbinaDiamond 1,210 154 Hijack .:. Marking What's Mine by sjsaberfan Hijack .:. Marking What's Mine :iconsjsaberfan:sjsaberfan 649 54 Hiccup and Toothless 1 by KyleMillard Hiccup and Toothless 1 :iconkylemillard:KyleMillard 455 140 257/365 Forbidden door by snatti89 257/365 Forbidden door :iconsnatti89:snatti89 702 39 RotG: Jack's Hair by Kaira-Hiwatari RotG: Jack's Hair :iconkaira-hiwatari:Kaira-Hiwatari 1,898 130 MASTER TIGRESS of KungFu Panda by johnbecaro MASTER TIGRESS of KungFu Panda :iconjohnbecaro:johnbecaro 620 38 Ginormica: Queen of the Monsters! by giantess-fan-comics Ginormica: Queen of the Monsters! :icongiantess-fan-comics:giantess-fan-comics 564 18 kung fu panda by strongstuff kung fu panda :iconstrongstuff:strongstuff 1,213 47 Toothless by Cryptid-Creations Toothless :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 904 57 RotG: ..You can see me? by Kaira-Hiwatari RotG: ..You can see me? :iconkaira-hiwatari:Kaira-Hiwatari 1,201 82 HTTYD-characters + voiceactors by rhodestwins HTTYD-characters + voiceactors :iconrhodestwins:rhodestwins 302 42 Fire cannot kill a Dragon.  (Hiccup HTTYD2) by KT-ExReplica Fire cannot kill a Dragon. (Hiccup HTTYD2) :iconkt-exreplica:KT-ExReplica 862 41 Rise of the Guardians : Chasing the Nightmares by slifertheskydragon Rise of the Guardians : Chasing the Nightmares :iconslifertheskydragon:slifertheskydragon 2,801 138 Dragons Parade! by Tenaga Dragons Parade! :icontenaga:Tenaga 992 43
Last Winter [JackFrostxReader] Pt.3
The walls were plastered with charts, graphs, and photographs. With ribbons and certificates that started from the first grade and went up to the tenth. Books were scattered throughout the room, on the tables, desk, and one or two on the floor.
To the side of the room, on the center of the wall, was a large white board with pictures, drawings, and other objects taped to it. The main picture, the one the others were attached to by a thin red marker line, was an old sketch of Jack Frost.
You had grown up to be a rather interesting girl with a fascination for knowledge. Specifically scientific knowledge. Everything that happened in this world had an explanation, and you were the person to go to if anyone needed to figure out why things occurred. But for the past years you had been more focused on that one unanswered question from you childhood.
'Who was Jack Frost?'
Taking a seat on the table in front of the board, you leaned back on your arms and stretched. Things we
:iconkooriakuma:KooriAkuma 115 91
LongShip by TavenerScholar LongShip :icontavenerscholar:TavenerScholar 167 11
Last Winter [JackFrostxReader] Pt.4
'Everything you write sounds like a scientific thesis or questionable theory. Breaking your arm and mistaking it for your wrist? How do you even make that sound like a boring lecture in anatomy class when telling a doctor? Whether I should be glad that Jack is with you, I have to say I'm not. I've told you in past mails, you can't use Guardians as guinea pigs! You'll distort the whole childhood existence!'
Jamie was of no help, as usual, when it came to your explanation on why you had needed Jack to be here. Your response would always be that he was just selfish and wanted to keep Jack to himself, though you had originally not cared much for the winter spirit.
'Childhood existence is based on superstitions of personified weather? The next thing you’re going to say is that the yetis make the Christmas toys and not the elves. That aside, Jack should at least help in some of the experimenting after he broke my arm. You should have seen him, he was absolutely viciou
:iconkooriakuma:KooriAkuma 96 47
Seeing is believing by DustyLeaves Seeing is believing :icondustyleaves:DustyLeaves 928 22 Toothless Kigurumi cosplay :3 by Aabenhuus Toothless Kigurumi cosplay :3 :iconaabenhuus:Aabenhuus 196 85 You never cease to amaze me, bud by sugarpoultry You never cease to amaze me, bud :iconsugarpoultry:sugarpoultry 836 44 The Guardians by juliajm15 The Guardians :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 1,268 38
Last Winter [JackFrostxReader] Pt.2
It was later in the night that Jack Frost would understand what had happened to him during the morning hours of the day. The room that he had gone to explore was a small one with no special decorations that would identify it as a child's bedroom. If he had to describe it in one word, Jack would say it was strange considering that it was supposed to belong to a little girl.
The walls were a neutral khaki color with no creative designs and were decorated only with posters of the Solar System, the Periodic Table of Elements, the Scientific Method, and many others that focused on the same subject. On each corner of the room, at the feet of the small bed, were two large bookshelves with a small stool tucked to the side of one of them.
Jack reached for one of the books, a large, hardcover book that looked old and worn out, but before he could pull it out fully to look at the content the front door opened and closed loudly. Peeking out of the bedroom, he watched you walk slowly into th
:iconkooriakuma:KooriAkuma 116 35
Towards The Sun by Suzamuri Towards The Sun :iconsuzamuri:Suzamuri 496 90
Last Winter [JackFrostxReader] Pt.23
Pitch Black, the Boogeyman, was someone you had never truly believed in and had hardly ever heard him mentioned. Maybe you should have paid attention when Jack had mention him, but you had disregarded him and had forgot what he had mention about such a man.
He was bad. That is what you knew; Pitch Black was what nightmares were made of, or what commanded them. Your thoughts were muddled by your nightmare, by his appearance in your reality, by your mother’s and Ruben’s reaction when you kept screaming for them to turn around and look at the threat behind them.
There was another fact that couldn’t be ignored by your analytical mind, and that was how his sole presence affected the atmosphere of the room, the attitude of those inside the room, how he was able to affect the state of your mind.
I should have paid attention,’ you thought, and the previous thoughts you had had before the nightmare were partially answered; Jack hadn’t been a fixation
:iconkooriakuma:KooriAkuma 90 52
Zen Ball Master by CanisAlbus Zen Ball Master :iconcanisalbus:CanisAlbus 1,178 47 Jack by Qwaseer Jack :iconqwaseer:Qwaseer 167 24 Confronting Hiccup by SinbadHiccup Confronting Hiccup :iconsinbadhiccup:SinbadHiccup 250 62