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Death Battle: I Walk Alone (the fight)

UL: Alright, the adversaries are ready! The curtains are rising, and the show is about to begin!
Mettaton: It's time for DRAMA!~

UL: It's time for VIOLENCE!
Mettaton: It's time for ACTION!~


Location: An Unknown Planet
Time: Daytime
In the desert of an unknown planet, all was calm. The dust blew across the barren plains as strange wild life hid within the sand as the sun's heat beamed down on the land, the immense heat fumed out through the land. Things seemed undisturbed and untouched... Howeve
:iconmrnate2015:MrNate2015 30 47
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Wanna See the Stars? (Peter Quill x Reader)
Title: Wanna See the Stars?
Pairing: Peter Quill x Reader
Fandom: Guardians of the Galaxy
Word Count: 1,575
Slashes through the air, hitting a white canvas to make lines. Lines that would turn into shapes over time and then shapes that would change into a whole picture. This was what you did and you loved it. Whether you were using an amazing brush with all of the bristles in the right place or your hands, it was all art to you. All of it came easy to you, with such grace and elegance. Some said that you looked as if you were dancing when you were painting. Today you happened to be using both a brush and your hands when your door opened to reveal a stunning looking man.
At first glance, he looked like some of the men who came in to get their wives presents. A painting of a flower or something cute; they always came in at the last second as if you were their superhero. When you looked closer, you could see that he was a lot different. Instead of wearing the nice clothing
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The ultimate Guardian by Avielsusej The ultimate Guardian :iconavielsusej:Avielsusej 446 72 GotG - I'm hideous! :D by lackofa GotG - I'm hideous! :D :iconlackofa:lackofa 214 15